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    Ranged Weapons/throwing knives

    Well first of all you underestimate the intimidation someone wielding a knife is. Secondly, that is why I proposed the ranged skill, because your accuracy would be a major hindrance against incoming targets Thirdly, It can be used as a way to SLOW DOWN enemies, not just kill them. When you throw a blade large enough, such as one on a 7 inch blade, it can lacerate a leg muscle, causing a zombie to fall to the ground, unable to use the leg anymore.
  2. TicklemeTommy

    Ranged Weapons/throwing knives

    Recently I have taken up knife throwing as a hobby which has led me to thinking about how convenient it would be to throw certain weapons in project zomboid. A new skill could be added: Ranged. This skill would pertain to the accuracy of thrown weapons and also the accuracy of archery (which I saw in the plans for the future) Certain weapons you would be able to throw, some as a last resort in a desperate attempt to escape some zeds: Kitchen Knife Hunting Knife Butter Knife (doesn't do much damage even with a successful hit) Screwdriver (requires more accuracy) Axe (requires more strength) Spears Hammer *Edit* Rocks And a new weapon I will also propose is the hatchet. It is like an axe but is more lightweight able to be thrown. The damage is less than the axe but more than the hammer. Thanks!
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    Of doors and crowbars

    I would support this movement ;P
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    Famous Last Words

    "WHY DID YOU IGNITE IT IN THE HOUSE" -Me when my friend used an incendiary explosive inside my room 3 floors up