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  1. Kevlar_29

    Limitless Sandbox Trait

    I understand where you're coming from, however, how are unlimited trait points "relevant" to the game?
  2. Kevlar_29

    Limitless Sandbox Trait

    I'm just gonna butt in here and give my two cents. Brandon, you keep saying that sandbox is a "do whatever you want mode". But I, and I think a lot people would, disagree with that view. Sandbox isn't a do whatever you want mode, by that logic the devs would implement a my little pony mod as an option to sandbox mode. Sandbox mode is to change the game to accommodate zombie lore that conflicts with the base lore. However, this still fits in with the devs base idea for the the game. A "limitless" trait that allows all positive traits to be applied has no place in the base game and in no way fits in with the base lore. As a mod, I see absolutely no problem with it, as with a MLP, to each their own. But other than that, it goes completely against the game itself. As for your "no zombies" argument. That feature is more a testing option, for scoping out map locations and bug testing without having to deal with fighting off zombies at the same time. I can't see the no zombies option being implemented into the final game; and if it is then, your argument will be valid. But until then, its just a bug squashing mode.
  3. That's the mark this forum read which is what the OP said they didn't want.
  4. Er. There is one? It's at the bottom of the page? "Mark Community Read". I'll put a pic up in a sec.
  5. Kevlar_29

    How to use your controllers with Project Zomboid

    What controller are you using?
  6. Kevlar_29


    I like the weapon suggestions in the OP, but they'd need to be extremely rare because lets face it, what's the first thing people are going to grab when something like a zombie apocalypse strikes? Weapons. As for katanas, I'm fairly sure this was discussed in depth on the old forums. The only katanas that most people have are replicas that would shatter or snap if used in any way other than aesthetics.
  7. Kevlar_29

    Hidey hole

    I really like this actually. I think it could definitely work. I think it should be more costly to build though. Like needing a door hinge and maybe a new pad-lock item or something like that just so people don't make loads of them. Your frustration is understandable but I'm fairly sure after NPC's, multiplayer is the next major feature on the to-do list. We've come a long way since those two-ish years ago (roughly when I started playing too, probably more than two years now actually, two and a few months). Now we have split-screen co-op. The wait now is a lot shorter than it was back then.
  8. Kevlar_29


    I like this idea, but in your description, I think that disadvantages outweigh the advantages to be honest. If that was the case I don't think I'd be selecting family members most games I start. It might be nice as a once or twice thing but I think there'd have to be more advantages to it or less disadvantages for it to be an every game type implementation for me.
  9. Kevlar_29

    Fix for lag

    Just to clarify, by the latest version of PZ, you mean, right? Could you check that your GFX card has the latest update by either manually updating here ( or automatically checking and updating here ( Then report back.
  10. Kevlar_29

    Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    I think XP would be a welcome addition to this mod. The first few pick attempts should be pretty much guaranteed to fail (perhaps even having a chance of breaking the screwdriver in the process) and work on from there slowly but surely gaining the ability to pick.
  11. Kevlar_29

    Spray Paint Mod v2.3a

    Great mod. Hopefully one that'll get implemented permanently. NPC's could mark houses and that and yeah. Endless possibilities.
  12. Kevlar_29

    Export system

    Great idea! I'll try it out in a bit.
  13. Kevlar_29

    Something tells me...

    This may.. have gotten out of hand..
  14. Kevlar_29

    Waffles vs Pancakes

    Nope waffles are pancakes that have mutated to something just wrong. Pancakes are the best thing ever. Id like to see you roll your waffle up into a nice edible handheld.. roll? Whatever pancakes are the shit.
  15. Kevlar_29

    Best melee weapon ingame?

    Really? Knives? Why?