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  1. I concur, winter is unplayable right now. Character wearing more than decent winter clothing, indoor, result in fast (I mean REALLY fast) hypothermia. Sleeping in your bed during winter is the new bleach Would be nice if we had any way of disabling temperature. Couldn't find a mod to do that.
  2. I don't have any problem with that, and your suggestions are welcome, I just wanted to be sure I was expressing myself clearly ^^ Again, if anyone has an idea regarding the way to remove a skill level, that would be much appreciated.
  3. I'm not sure you realize it's not a suggestion regarding game behavior, but a request for help regarding modding If you do, sorry, I just had the impression otherwise.
  4. Hi, So I've been trying to find a way to still receive XP from a skill when that particular XP is already at its max level (e.g : get woodwork XP when building wooden floor while being a lvl 10 carpenter). My original thoughts was to increase the max level, which I did, but as I suspected, that only had an effect on the GUI element (make sense considering I was modifying a GUI element/pane in the client directory, that file being /client/XpSystem/ISUIISSkillProgressBar.lua). Then I though I could simply remove the 10th skill lvl from given character. But that doesn't seem to be working. I could'nt find a way to remove XP, wether I use the various functions with a negative value or tried to set it back to a certain lvl, that simply didn't seem to work (Current script below in spoiler). If you have any idea regarding the feasibility of it, I'm all ears Cheers !
  5. Or make a very useful post, such as : "IT DOESN'T WORK ...?!!!!!" "Severe lag ! Plz fix this ASAP" "NPC ARE NOT WORKING ! I CAN NEVER SEE THEM AND I EXPLORED EVERY PART OF THE MAP !!" I think I enjoyed myself way too much on this one
  6. "En raison d'un important nombre de changements, relatifs à l'implémentation des véhicules, les sauvegardes des versions antérieures ne sont pas compatibles. <LINE> <LINE> Si vous souhaitez continuer cette partie, utilisez le build "pre-vehicles Build 38.30" grâce à Steam via l'onglet bêta. <LINE> <LINE> Version de la partie: %1 Version du jeu: %2", Second "La sauvegarde n'a pas pu être chargée. <LINE> ",
  7. AFAIK, it can be commonly found in Europe, at least, in France and UK. You can easily find some in any british pub, and it is very likely to be found in fridges in France (as often as you can find grated carrots/other salad vegetables). "Remoulade" usually is used with some celery, which is known as "celery remoulade".
  8. If you play in Sandbox, you won't loose anything except your character stats. You will be free to get all your items back (including the one you were carrying on) since the map is not regenerated and you spawn on it. Edit :argh ! grilled
  9. I may be wrong and have missed that, but will sandbox options be properly loaded for the next version ? Anyway very cool update guys, and west point <3
  10. This was an extremly intense reading...I enjoyed every single step of it. That is some part of what make PZ different from others games, you do communicate in a very fair / honnest way, and I love it, so much. You guys wrote 4K words to explain to us how you've been able to solve some of the current problems. And that deserves so many thanks. You probably don't need to hear it but thanks, congrat's, you're awesome, and I love you guys
  11. Steam version is quite stable, except if you load any previously made saved games. For that particular point, the version won't be able to deal with any old saves (at least, for me), however, I don't really consider it as a an important issue, since I can create a new game whenever I want, with some additionnal features. So, according to me, steam version is fine for the moment.
  12. En jouant j'ai remarqué le moodle "conscience réduite" (traduction basée sur awarness). Je pense que "Perception réduite" (ou diminuée) colle mieux. Même si effectivement on peut parler de conscience des choses, ça reste un terme peu usité sous cette forme, que je trouve d'ailleurs ambigüe dans ce context. Qu'en pensez-vous ? Edit : ah et on retrouve fatigué pour dormir et courir, ça serait pas mal de mettre "épuisé" ou "essouflé/ à bout de souffle" à la place pour l'exhaustion liée à la course, et laisser fatigué pour le sommeil.
  13. Un petit mot pour vous féliciter pour ces trads, merci à vous vraiment Je vais en profiter pour donner mon avis sur vos propositions : Absolument ! C'est la meilleure traduction, et on retrouve en effet les catégories tranchantes/perforantes/contondantes dans le jdr classique. Blunt devrait donc bien être "contondant" ^^ Celle-là est pas facile...Trouver une traduction litérale ou imagée n'est pas évident. J'ai beau penser à des trucs comme "amoureux de la nature" ou "randonneur", ça ne me semble toujours pas coller. Je pense aussi que les propositions de CareBear sont à considérer, personnellement bouillie bordelaise, ça ne me dit rien du tout...Et je dois pas être le seul ! Par contre fongicide tout le monde voit tout de suite. Idem insecticide c'est à la fois générique et précis, donc ça colle bien (à mon avis). Idem aussi pour les traductions sur les champignons et autres, en l'état, pas de nécessiter de différencier l'espèce, la couleur, ou je ne sais quoi d'autre. Sinon vous pouvez aussi régler le problème des genres, dans les moodles notamment, en utilisant des noms et pas des adjectifs. ("Fatigue","Peur","Horreur","Dépression","Faim", etc). C'est un peu le problème avec le français.. Encore merci à vous pour votre excellent travail
  14. Don't know if this has already been written but running the version and I no longer have low FPS. The game is perfectly fluid now.
  15. Voted (!). Running the 13 version and dealing with really low performance that may vary from1 to 30 fps while playing and encountering zombies. Got a 4 cores emulated as 8, 6gb of ram, playing in windowed mode (1024x768) and this is definelty new and did not happend when I was playing in 10, where I used to have a very very high FPS ratio (probably twice of what I currently have with 13). I suspect that this is related to the zombies moves, since it seems to be worst while they randomly walk, or try to. Edit : I almost forgot ; I do encounter invisible walls from times to times.
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