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  1. yes, and a light weight character could move and turn around faster and be sneakier than an heavy weight character, for really strong character I would also add the ability to push several zombies at once and have a higher chance to make them fall down. The idea would be to choose between a more agile character or a more strong one, instead of everyone going for a strong one.
  2. it is possible but it depends on what you want to change, for example if you want to make loot rarer it won't change in places you already visited because loot already spawned, but if you want to make zombies stronger for example you can. All you have to do is making a new game with the settings you want, then you go to your Zomboid folder which is usually located there: C:\Users\your name\Zomboid\ then Saves then the name of your new game, you go in there and copy the map_sand.bin then paste it in your main game save folder to replace it. I've done it several times and never had an issue, but to be sure you should make a copy of your save first. Still this is clearly not a viable solution for everyone, I agree with your idea and would like this option too, doesn't seem hard to implement either.
  3. Great idea, I was really disappointed by the sound radius of noise makers when I used one for the first time and never used it again since it's mostly useless
  4. Shit, dude broke his neck while sleeping lol
  5. At lvl 0 in farming I have all the information I need, I know if my plants have enough water, I know when they can be harvested and are seed bearing, I know their health status and I know which diseases they have, better yields doesn't really interest me, with 4 crops I already have enough food anyway.
  6. Hi, sorry to disappoint you but this idea has been already suggested many times and devs don't want this mechanic in the game, a mod for this exists though List of commonly suggested ideas:
  7. Axezombie

    Farm of Fear

    That's why we need greenhouses
  8. Axezombie

    Farm of Fear

    Ah finally farming being reworked! I guess we'll need sunlight to make them grow now. So much more can be done, like building a greenhouse, using water sprinklers, hoses, scarecrows, removing weeds... and I hope this skill will become useful to up because right now, a newbie in farming (lvl 0) knows how much water a plant needs, knows how healthy the plant is, what kind of disease it has, when it is seed-bearing... Sorry I'm getting a bit too enthusiastic.
  9. I noticed it too, even by eating 8 birds each day I'm still losing weight, I'm pretty sure it wasn't like that before
  10. I don't agree with everything you said but agree with the general message. There is a lot of stuff they started working on and "gave up" on it, at least it seems like that. For example the car modifications, the creative mode, blacksmith skill... And some things that definitely need improvements, like farming and first aid skills being almost useless to lvl up. Anyway I don't think they add stuff just to add stuff, sure it's to please players because some will complain if nothing is added, the typical: "they add nothing, development is dead" but it's mostly because of their priority list, they have a looooot of work to do and they can't do everything so some things are more urgent than others. They would love to do what you're asking for and most of it is probably planned but most people want new content especially NPCs which are awaited for nearly a decade now so they work on that first.
  11. Agree, also having a way to not update the game so you can still play on servers running old versions would be pretty nice, or at least roll back to a previous version
  12. Did you enable "sleep events"? This event spawns 1-3 zombies inside or next to the place you're sleeping in even if it would be impossible for them to get there normally. That's why this event is disabled by default.
  13. Double fridges on second floor : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#13022x1470x10820 Chair in desk on first floor : https://map.projectzomboid.com/#12884x1594x4348 Can't get behind stairs because of furniture, they're blocking the way to the bookshelves. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#12846x1580x10820 AND here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#12843x1516x10820 Same issue here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#12830x1580x10820 AND here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#12831x1519x10820 Finally, not really an issue, but it feels weird to have a totally empty room here and I wonder if it is intentional or not: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#12842x1473x10820
  14. talking about new weapons, do you still plan to add chainsaws?
  15. Build 41.77.9 singleplayer no mod small wired fences can't be disassembled, yes I do have a propane torch with propane in it and a welding mask in my main inventory. I can disassemble tall wired fences but not small ones and it's not related to where I click because I can disassemble small wooden fences easily, I guess you just forgot to add the variable/value to make it possible.
  16. Axezombie

    The Good Life

    Will we need first aid to take care of animals? They can have a lot of health issues and I feel like first aid would be needed to identify which health issues they have and how to treat them.
  17. March Ridge was built after it was added to PZ, they built it by being inspired by PZ's March Ridge
  18. same issue with climbing furniture, you climb over a window, you see a zombie inside but it's too late your character keeps going forward on the kitchen counter to hug the zombie
  19. Axezombie

    Camp GigaMart

    why do we need a compass? The map can't be rotated so we always know where is north, south etc without a compass
  20. Axezombie

    Garbage Train

    https://projectzomboid.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/website-example-768x661.jpg doesn't exist.
  21. Nice idea, and add to them empty cans if you want to make an alarm.
  22. Axezombie

    Liquid Zedball

    I hope you're right but I don't think they wasted time coding something they'll replace entirely after. I don't think modders could do better, we're not just talking about some graphics here to change or new actions to add, it's about the animal's IA and to assign them to go to a building (more specifically, a room) when night is coming, I'm not a modder but I don't see how they could make it. Anyway, what they made does the job but I expected more from TIS.
  23. Axezombie

    Liquid Zedball

    The liquid system is amazing but that way to manage the coop is disappointing, I would've expected a real place to build with carpentry and see your chicken in it, making their nests etc not some kind of item you place and manage with a window, I understand that it's wayyy easier to code it this way but it looks more like a mod than what you guys could make.
  24. Good point, clothes deteriorate so why not bags? You could repair them with tailoring, making it more worth it to up this skill, zombies attacks could deteriorate them too of course.
  25. what if you just want to run in a building and by mistake you face a window?
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