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  1. Good afternoon, I have a question, I created a variable with which I work on the server side, how can I pass this parameter to the client, I searched here: https://projectzomboid.com/modding/ But found nothing. To write this message, I used a translator.
  2. Thank you for responding. After three days of reading the developer scripts, I realized that ModData would help me, but unfortunately I didn’t quite figure out how to work with them, is there an instruction somewhere or something like that? I figured out how to record a file, but it doesn’t really fit me, because the file is created on the client, and my mod is designed for multiplayer.
  3. Friends, hello everyone, my name is Kirill, I am developing mods in Russia for project zomboid, I had a question, I can not figure out how I could create a global variable that would not be deleted after rebooting the server. You can prompt or throw off the instructions.
  4. this command works if the player is on the server, then the question is, how do I go to the server if the white list is enabled?
  5. the white list is disabled, but the server still does not start up, writes that the wrong login and password, what nonsense?
  6. it's all clear, I threw off the error, I should later fix the developers, is not it for the test build in the access? that we test it, and write the errors that we have.
  7. after updating the strange errors that have appeared on the server, do not tell me what might be the problem?
  8. I switched there, but the dedicated server is not updated, only the client
  9. and when will this update go to a dedicated server?
  10. one of my players had such a problem, helped complete re-installation of the game, not an update to the test branch у одного из моих игроков была такая проблема, помогла полная переустановка игры, не обновление до тестовой ветки
  11. I put the server of the test version 40.3, and zombies do not receive damage, in the logs: 1532628437842 DEBUG: GameServer.hitServer this:zombie.characters.IsoZombie@2b6856dd x:10825.85 y:10070.088 tx:10825.904 ty:10070.042 1532628438742 DEBUG: GameServer.hitServer this:zombie.characters.IsoZombie@17c1bced x:10825.179 y:10070.319 tx:10825.241 ty:10070.315 1532628440847 DEBUG: GameServer.hitServer this:zombie.characters.IsoZombie@2a65fe7c x:10824.512 y:10070.145 tx:10824.512 ty:10070.145 1532628442649 DEBUG: GameServer.hitServer this:zombie.characters.IsoZombie@3e3047e6 x:10824.461 y:10070.107 tx:10824.461 ty:10070.107 1532628447856 DEBUG: GameServer.hitServer this:zombie.characters.IsoZombie@460d0a57 x:10834.993 y:10050.222 tx:10834.993 ty:10050.222 1532628447956 DEBUG: GameServer.hitServer this:zombie.characters.IsoZombie@460d0a57 x:10834.993 y:10050.222 tx:10834.993 ty:10050.222
  12. but there is no function that would hide the names of those who are not in your faction?
  13. If you uncheck "show your name" it is hidden only from you, I thought that this option in multiplayer is needed to hide your nickname from All, or am I wrong?
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