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  1. Hello, I have some weird bug with temperature on versions 41.33 and 41.34. My digital watch always shows me the same temperature value (Celsius - 22; Fahrenheit - 71.6) inside every building. No matter how cold or hot outside, no matter day or night, first or second floor etc. But the only exception is burning heat sources like BBQ's and fireplaces inside building - then the temperature will increase or decrease. The outdoor temperature and temperature inside the cars works pretty fine, like it should be. I also found that in versions like 41.27 and 41.28 ("zoom" and "zombiefpstest"
  2. It's a really good idea, especially food expiration mechanic. I would be very glad to see the opportunity of determining the expiration date in game or something like that. Food like milk, ice cream, eggs ( in box ), mayonnaise and remoulade already can jump into this mechanic and many another food items can jump later with your good '''packaged food'' suggestion. Fruits and vegetables ( also bread, meat and more another pre-made food) can be packed in plastic packages and boxes ( or another material) and can be found can be found in a variety of places ( food markets, fridges or freezer
  3. It's just my mistake with my editing of this post. Two first my screenshots are showing some bugs and last - this is night temperature in June, 1 which I discovered exactly in previous weather beta version 39.68 ( standart weather settings ). I wanted to say that weather now really unpredictable and farming can be really hard ( especially in autumn). I'm sure that I saw mention about reworking of farming system in some of previous Thursdoids, would be great to see different farming.
  4. The current weather beta version looks pretty good, but there is still some bugs 1. Missing floor tiles on 2nd floor in this building ( Riverside) -https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5529902847673417,0.0899333071994897,1305.3977172958737 2. When I died, my corpse became invisible ( Maybe because of grass and erosion aroud, met this before with zombies corpses in 39.67.5) And about optimization - maybe there will be any optimizations of weather effects or something ? I played without zombies and 12 months erosion and FPS are much lower than in 39.67.5 ( before I get around 50 FPS
  5. The newest update of this branch with improved temperature impact are interested me, so I decided to give some feedback about some features: 1. Player modifiers- I don't know them very well yet, but they definitely impact on player body temperature. As I noticed, combination of values "Hunger"," Thirst" and "Tired" modifiers gave me some negative boost to my body temperature in summer ( increase temperature) and in winter ( reduce temperature). Unfortunately, I don't know about others modifiers like "wetness" or "sickness", but guess that they also have some kind of negative or po
  6. Thanks for tips, at this time I definitely finished my work with this hideout- fog displayed normally inside and all roof tiles and doors with windows in place now: But I think that there is some issues with walls displaying And also I got new bug- when I quit from game, fog disappears. Yesterday I quit from game when stayed inside my unfinished hideout and today I discovered that fog around me is gone ( just now got the same bug when quit in main menu and load my save 3 times) and even 3 planks on my window frame disappeared too.
  7. - Game experience is much better for me now. With new shaders combined with snow and other new or improved weather effects the game finally looks like it really has different seasons. Fog, as I understand, can become a serious trouble to the player, and falling snow looks really amazing! PZ runs little slower now, but still enough for comfortable game. About general and serious bugs- there is much quiter sound when I open or close doors and windows compared with stable build. Don't find any problems with zombies, loot spawn or cars at this moment. - Don't play enough, but can say
  8. Found new bug with water tiles just now - in winter they are covered with snow. Saw this bug when played in sandbox with the same default survival options, but only changed the game date to "January, 10''. At first I thought that it was ice- but no, then I was able to drink and fill a cooking pot with water, so it definitely not ice
  9. This looks really awesome, I like to see such large-scale buildings and cities in PZ, hope you once will end your project Your work reminded me of Louisville, I'm really waiting for cities like Louisville , hope that game optimization and FPS will be good in this places and we all can get a really amazing game experience.
  10. Dont know much about it, but it really make sence. It might be some kind of irritation or alergic reaction. Would be nice to see more things like this in medical system in future builds. Anyway, at this time glass shards in wounds are much dangerous that any infection on them. Excluding zombiefication,of course.
  11. Yes, dirty clothes don't have much influence on gameplay and soap now are pretty common, it's just strange that all my clothes in survival and sandbox( with default clothes options) mode became dirty in 2 game hours and once I even don't kill any zombie,just ran around the town. I did not see this thing in previous builds. About cologne - seems that I get wrong. Before I play with some mods, and maybe this feature with cologne isn't in game now,I don't remember exactly. But if cologne in game is not alcohol-free - it might be usefull feature and alternative to disinfectant. If whiskey
  12. This time game runs better than yesterday. Recipe magazines now pretty common (checked in all 4 towns), and in bookstores in WestPoint& Riverside I even find 2 generator manuals in each store without lucky trait.Also glad to see more metalworking magazines in mailboxes. No issues with music today, music play almost every time when I just start new game and some time later. Game not crashed today, but FPS is pretty low for 1-2 minutes when I first enter in game and start a new survival. Today I also find bug with clothes- it becomes dirty very fast: And I can't use col
  13. Yes, Windows 10 64 bit Home version
  14. I just checked the game files- there is no missing or corrupted files. Also there is no troubles with my PC and drivers. Maybe I made a mistake when wrote about game version,so i want to slightly clarify my words - my current version is IWBUMS 39.64, the same issue with music what I mentioned today I have seen in previous "vehicle" test branch before it goes into current "IWBUMS", then build with music and some sound issues was called "Vehicle test 39" or something, it was released in March 15. Anyway, I'll try to play again and find other bugs or issues in next days, maybe I can ge
  15. Seems that build have some serious issues- at first quick game at Rosewood in Survival mode I again checked 14 mailboxes and only find 1 electronic and 1 auto manual. (For example- in West Point in 39.58 I find Herbalist in 5ft mailbox and 1 engineer and 1 fisher magazines in 7th.) But more important thing- in this time I again found strange bug with music- it only play when I started the game, later I survived almost the whole day and didn't hear any music. In main menu after this game there was no main theme, only silence (I've seen this bug in the Vehicle test build 39 ). And the most
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