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  1. jewelery ! now i can flex my riches on the zombies
  2. I been playing The Long Dark again because now it feels like playing Skyrim placing items in my cozy home, feels comfy as fuck mane i tried the long dark too, but its sad how death is inevitable due to limited items and somehow i die to wolves even when armed. (holding on zomboid until patches come out)
  3. if you give me a new title instead of advanced menber i promise i dont ask about npcs, thehehehe
  4. ohh, some brainless noob started a fire on steam about this game. dont mind him.
  5. Man, am I the only one that finds Lucky does nothing? I get bitten and or scratched as much as without this perk (Relatively aggressive playstyle ). I didnt find any axe in the big or small warehouse in Muldaraugh. Maybe I just had bad luck. But with the trait Lucky it shouldnt go that way.... i was really depedent on lucky trait, but the more i played this game, the more i saw i really didnt need it
  6. How about adding durability to sheet ropes? How about adding durability to sheet ropes? that, and also probability to fall depending on agility skill. also players with the obese and overweight trait should have a penalty when they use ropes.
  7. just add a 50% chance of faling of ropes and fences. now imagine people triping to their deads. ahaha AHAHAHHAAHAHHA *evil laughter*
  8. No, but sometimes the player colapses due to the weight of his heavy conscience for having a cheap anti-zombie defense, xd
  9. ahaa, apropriate place for an axe to live. how much is your carpenty skill?
  10. making a sky base is a cheap tactic, while destroying stairs is something realistic
  11. No, the jar itself should never vanish. The lids themselves, as in reality, are only one-use. ahhh, ok. im glad theres plenty of food so puting food on jar is just a luxury
  12. i used a jar to put some potatoes, but it seems to have disapeared after i opened it. do they have a use limit? (the jar and the lid)
  13. Sometimes they dont respawn, they migrate from areas that have an excess of zombies (WP Highschool) to areas that need to be filled with zombies
  14. Everything you've posted is your personal opinion, not fact and you contradict yourself. Life "inside the walls" may be easier for my survivors being able to make honey but using a katana which has stats somewhere between the baseball bat and the axe does not make things any easier when dealing with zombies. It's lack of availability or ability to repair actually makes it harder if choosing it as a primary weapon. If anything, your suggestion of a fully automatic weapon (machine-gun) would make the game easier. As I said, way to contradict yourself. Didn't your mother ever tell you, "if you
  15. i will try that , thanks Yeah, honestly, the only essential items you need from the city are a cooking pot and a kitchen knife. Since you unfortunately can't fillet a fish with a chipped stone, you need the knife. Filleting them over and over will give good cooking xp, then cook the fillets for more cooking xp, then you can make soup, salad, or stir fry with them. yeah thats true. still i like to colect things in my current world my mission is to get the book expert carpeting, my last hope is some ramdom house or the highscholl of WP (inacessible). Since you live in WP, mayby you can tell
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