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    Hydrocraft Mod

    That means you would also be missing out on the new skill books. I can live with that. I just want the version before cars we're added lol.
  2. slimane13

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey Hydro. Really like your work but I was wondering if you have any older version of your mod available? I can't really say I like these new cars and I'd love to be able to go back to the version before them. Thanks.
  3. It's a bit out of hand right now. I set up at the north farm (just check the pz interactive map) it starts out with a huge field with no trees which is very useful to see the zombies coming. Yet i'm now 4 months in and it's become almost a complete forest. Same for the narrow passage you use to get from the farm to the city/highway. I think it's an awesome addition, makes the world feel a lot more alive and gives the sense of an apocalypse, but its overtuned right now. I checked the sandbox settings and it defaults at 100 days for 100% growth. Somehow I doubt that it takes only 100 days for a full forest of pine trees to grow from an empty field. Maybe make the default erosion more like 200/300 days for 100%? I suppose they wanted most people to at least see some parts of the erosion before they died. And not many people hit the 1 year mark.
  4. This happened to me last night. I had fortified the northern farm and was building a balcony on the second floor, I had been healing another fracture for the last 1.5 months (which I got from falling through the pitched roof, didnt know that could happen). I was half asleep and accidentally jumped over the fence next to the sheet rope. I simply lost it. After cooling down a bit I went online to search for a mod/feature that could stop this. Didn't find anything relating to jumping over the fence, but I did find this awesome mod : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14283-cheat-menu-v21/ It's a cheat menu, which I am normally 100% against. But used only for the "heal player" cheat and only for healing fractures which you got through this silly "feature", it becomes acceptable I think. A useful workaround until something better comes up.
  5. I installed per instruction from another thread. I put the green checkmark next to the mod. Looted dozens of bookcases and didnt get any of the new books. Now 1 month in. What exactly do I need to do?
  6. Thanks for the clear up. I could have sworn it was some "spawning" as I had shot a couple of bullets around my safehouse to make sure no zeds came, yet 36 hours later. My safehouse was almost overrun, I came back to every window being attacked by zombies and several small groups of zombies in the vicinity. I will adapt to these changes, the problem is I play this game in an almost OCD manner. I hate leaving any zombie alive in the area around my house. These new changes make it really hard to do so, especially if I have to do a looting trip that will take me a few days to accomplish. At the same time I agree the difficulty was all frontloaded before, once you had a decently fortified base, you could survive there forever without any worry of hordes coming down unto you. But this feels a bit gamey and I hope they tweak slightly. PS : Yes I realize there is sandbox mode. Dozens of people have noted that already, simply trying to give a bit of feedback.
  7. I always considered going in the sandbox to make things easier to be cheating, yet here I am considering increasing respawn time or decreasing number of zombies respawned per 16 hours. Which would make a lot more sense then just having every cell you haven't visited in the last 16 hours respawn almost the same number of zombies then it originaly had. Just because I decided to sleep in a house a few blocks away instead of returning to my safehouse. Anybody succesfuly tweaked this to more reasonable levels? EDIT: I'm playing around with sandbox settings, can someone explain the difference between "respawn hours" and "respawn unseen hours". Not sure what's the difference between a "cell" and a "chunk". I'm guessing the "respawn unseen hours" is the relevant number here because I was away from my base for much less then 72 hours and they had already respawned in great numbers.
  8. Yes, I know where your coming from. The zombie migration in previous build was non-existent. Gunshots and helicopters did nothing to move them if you cleared your immediate area. I often tought it would be epic if some huge horde would migrate from somehwere I hadnt cleared to give me well defended/stocked safehouse a challenge. I was very excited about this build for this precise reason. What I didnt realize is that they would respawn so fast and in THESE numbers. I would have expected them to respawn only if you hadnt visited a cell for a week or two and only have a few respawn, not entire hordes that literaly put me back to square one. Thanks for the offer but I would have loved the best of both worlds. A migrating system that makes sense AND is challenging but not something this gamey.
  9. I'm not a fan of the new zombie respawn system. I like to at least clear the immediate area around my safehouse and usually clear the way to the most important locations. My safehouse was totally safe, my method to make sure if its safe is to fire a few gunshots and see where the zombies come from. My base had passed that test, no zombies came after a few shots. I then left my hideout for less then 36 hours to do a looting run at the nearest warehouses. I came back less then 36 hours later to find the entire region I had cleared (of over 200 zombies) had simply respawned, there was several small hordes of 10-20 zombies. The dozens of corpses from the last time I cleared were still literring EVERYWHERE. Who actually plays with zombie hordes around their safehouse... one gunshot, one helicopter and it's over. I'm all for having some zombie respawns or having migrating hordes, but this system is atrocious... It's already extremely stupid to have thousands of zombies in a city of 3000, we don't need hundreds upon hundreds of them respawning the minute I leave my hideout for more then 24 hours. Rant over.
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