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  1. I think the character movement feels like driving a boat. It's very irritating to play and seems broken. It's looks more fluid but it is less playable than before. Trying to turn you character is MUCH too slow also. I really enjoy this game and I've played many hours please change this movement and response time issue. Also, aiming closely for realism of movement is not needful, it needs to be enjoyable. Realism is not always the best thing. The graphics area not trying to nail down realism and movement doesn't need to be all scientifically accurate. Just looks nice and is fun to play is (golden).
  2. My character is Solomon & Ive been on the server for several months. It was last week sometime.
  3. Create a chance that players can be beaten unconscious with melee weapons & then captured using rope or duct tape & blindfolded with ripped sheets ect. Idk how to make it not unfair, but maybe you can think something up. Perhaps a player can try to break free somehow. Captured players can be imprisoned & or killed for meat. Captured players corpses could be impaled at your base & an option to severe the heads & display them on poles as warnings or as trophies at your base. Resorting to cannibalism. Maybe add an attribute of Lunatic would help you get enjoyment from eating your victims reducing boredom? Idk you flesh it out...
  4. Cannot log on. I've uninstalled local files then deleted all remaining files, reinstalled game, activated the IWBUM branch, activated the bedford & brutalkey 1.7 mods, when I try to log on it says return code 0, ID_CONNECTION_ATTEMPT_FAILED. So what now ? Do not post the IWBUMS password
  5. Spent my one day off this weekend playing on this server. Alot of exploring awesome places, got ambushed by a cult of bandits & barely survived, made some friends. I also singled handedly raided a base at night & completely destroyed it bringing an army of zombies following after me for a massive distraction while I looted the goods. Afterwards I brought some freshly spawned noobs to enjoy the dragons lair loot left in the aftermath of the devastation.
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