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  1. vanishing corpses is also not very realistic. they are planing on making it so they also cause sickness so having them disapear is a bad idea. i do agree that rain should wash away blood outside.
  2. nice post was fun to read. 1. i agree, i don't like being forced through one entrance. they are actually working on making it so you can climb over large fences. 2. clothes is a hot topic atm 3. the saws have bugged me for awhile too would be great 4. vehicles are in the commonly suggested suggestions thread. and a general yes has been given 5. i think this has been mentioned too. i would like to see some more late game water options than just rivers, wells and rain. 6.this has also been a big discussion most people are tired of farming
  3. yes its why i made my post so we have a collective of ideas --- king jjwpenguin, do you mind if i add your stuff to my list? i will put your name in references and credit your info.
  4. Burnt flesh smells terrible even in small amounts... --- In my experience with fire it depends on the amount and intensity (heat) of the flame to how much harm it does. In another topic I mentioned in my youth I played with a bit of fire in the woods. From burning my hair on my arms, to catching on fire, to watching someone else get burned. The only time I've really seen someone get more than mildly hurt from fire is either been almost deliberate, through secondary contact with a heated object, or because the fuel for the fire (like kerosene) got onto them. yeah i know burnt flesh smells
  5. maybe fire isn't made to kill zombies but just a set up for proper corpse removal. from a few things I've been reading around, there is talk about eventually having corpses cause sickness if you don't clean them up. maybe this is a prep to that.
  6. i figured that you would. i can just make a link to it in the references.
  7. lol i have no problems with this. maybe you can doodle and make pictures to
  8. i do not think fire is too effective and many others agree atm catching a hoard of zombies on fire is a bad idea for you, your base, and smoky the bear.
  9. its a start ty. but i still think the actual game should categorize itself beter
  10. i stated that i didnt want actual nudity just a trait that says ew to clothing. causing you to chose between depression or weather. (also was just an example )
  11. i have problems with this still though. with so many items labeled as "item" i loose a lot of things. canned food, meds, nails, some tools and random junk are all labeled item. if you are a snatch and grab looter like me who just shovels things into a bag then your going to just have "items " of all shapes and sizes. a few new categories would be helpful like: -meds: all things used for first aid should have this as a category so you can easily find them in a bag of loot. -repair: all things used to repair stuff like duck tape, and glue. my problem could be just poor looting but i spend
  12. clothing is becoming a very popular topic in the past week or so i just thought i would make a thread that is about just general clothing suggestions i will also link to the other posts about clothing in this thread also. when King jjwpenguin finishes his list i can add it to here as well. going to create a spoiler list for things being suggested that revolve around clothing. 1: Uses: ways to use clothing other than fashion. 2: New Types: what slots and how the above uses can be implemented 3. Fashion: just more clothing stuff you would like to see to create a variety 4. UI change
  13. over large fences (6 ft or higher) i don't think they would be able to. to them its just a wall or a barrier they must break
  14. zombies vs the cold virus sounds like the next syfi channel original. but in all seriousness, there is more than just those 2 diseases. you also have to fight off infections (bacteria) and food poisoning. i do not think we need any other apocalyptic diseases like the black death, polio, or small pox. these things have been almost eradicated in the USA (where the game takes place). i do think there should be more minor but still very life threatening stuff like: flu (causing players heat symptoms and vomiting), disentary ( causing players to loose water very fast and malnutrition.) i could co
  15. i mentioned this in my large post. frames and bars are different. frames should only produce honey but at a faster rate where as bars produce honey combe whic can be seperated into wax and honey if the player chooses
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