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  1. I think it would be really nice if we could have metal barrels serving as both a water and gas storage, depending on what you choose to put into them. The water dispensers, while functional, can look a bit out of place when you want to do something like transport bulk water from a river to your base, for instance.
  2. That is... incredibly stupid... What possible reason would there be to not just use the already common normal barrel? What's the point of making some whole new barrel type that isn't even in the game?
  3. UPDATE: I was able to get the oven placeable by exiting and fully restarting, However, the metal barrels still do not work for water storage.
  4. In 41.54 I've found I'm not able to place an antique oven, it just gives me a red box in the corner. Also, the new addition of metal barrels holding water doesn't appear to work, with right clicking on them with water doing nothing and giving no options to add or take water.
  5. Game is not allowing me to put water in the metal barrels, what am i doing wrong?
  6. I definitely think that there should be a rapid way to place an item in the world, perhaps right-click-dragging out of your inventory automatically opening it? As is having to right click on an item every stingle time is very tedious if i wanna place lots of items around.
  7. I've been paying attention to Thursdoids and how single player functions are being added, and I had a nice idea to contribute... So, a common issue I run into when I'm going about my later-game survival is the issue of preserving food. Currently, the only way to keep food cold is to put it in a refrigerator with power; but this heavily limits what you can do. While coolers are in the game as is, they hold a tiny amount of items and don't actually function, which is fairly disappointing. I think a nice feature would be to add some way to freeze ice, that could be placed into coolers (who should then have their capacity buffed to about 20 but weight reduction cut severely) that would enable you to keep food cold for several days (no less than 3) without electricity. It'd enable you to accomplish far more things such as transporting your food supply to and from your fridge, taking fresh food with you on a trip without it rotting, and even conserving electricity, only turning it on to freeze ice for your cooler, enabling you to minimize gas usage in a pinch. If implemented i'd highly recommend allowing these coolers to be accessed while in a car-seat or trunk, so you are able to load up or get out food while you are on a trip, effectively a portable food cooling method that meshes well with existing systems. If this change is implemented, which i feel it would be a relatively easier system to do, i feel like it'd be a great addition and feel right at home in the game, thanks for reading!
  8. The church pews and several other pieces of furniture in the rosewood courthouse (Specifically the more south courtroom) are unable to be disassembled, the context option simply does not appear. Tested on build 40 and again on 41, same result. They're very valuable for carpentry XP so them being impossible to destroy like that is a tad disappointing.
  9. In the recent build 41, which is pretty nice might i add, i and many others have noticed that the amount of zombies in non-urban areas has frankly Skyrocketed post update, to a point where i can fairly confidently say there are far more zombies in the rural areas of the map than downtown cities. I know lots of stuff is fit to change, so i'm here to ask that their spawn rate be decreased to a number more similar to that of build 40 in non-urban areas. I feel it kind of defeats the purpose of the default sandbox option (and that of the presets) being Urban Focused if in reality it's far closer to the old uniform instead. It makes driving between cities a living hell, and trying to live out away from the hordes impossible. I truly feel safer within a city than in the woods because despite there being at least compatible numbers of hordes in both, i can see them coming in the city. If it's desired, a Reversed population option could be in order, with more zombies in the country and abandoned cities ala 28 days later, perhaps the hordes followed fleeing evacuating survivors into the country and hence the towns are empty? All in all, it being reduced down once more would be a nice quality of life change for playing the build and offering the off-grid playstyle it's primary defining attribute back.
  10. So, you know when your base is surrounded by bodies and it feels like it will take hours to load them all up into graves? what if, right, we could select multiple bodies at once and then select multiple graves and use time accelerate to have your character automatically do it rapidly, saving the player an ungodly amount of time. If you wanted, you could additionally build off of this into stacking multiple tasks atop each other ala the sims, doing one task then the next from right clicking. To add to this, i think the new time accelerate zombie range is way too large, and it doesn't let you accelerate even when there are no zombies really near you at all. Overall, i feel it'd be a massive quality of life improvement for people who protect their bases or just generally don't like spending way too long burying stuff.
  11. Untying your hair makes it vanish and turns you bald
  12. Just because a zombie would be able to faintly hear a car doesn't mean they should know where it is exactly. It shouldn't be some hard value like it is, rather, the closer a zombie is, the higher chance it'll be willing to investigate the general direction of the sound, and the more accurate the location it goes to is. Do this with gunshots too, as a zombie a block away shouldn't know the exact room where a shotgun is fired.
  13. Yeah, It's downright unplayable on my rig, and it's not too shabby. It's a GTX 960 with an i3 4170, 8 gigs of DDR3 ram. The game's ran perfectly outside of this branch (Other than having 3D models set to all, which bewilders how the animations will work if the game can't handle all 3D models on many rigs, but that's besides the point) These vehicles look cool, they really do! But not being able to run the game properly sort of defeats the point of adding in cool stuff :/
  14. Do you think you could add some sort of craftable gun? One that uses the pre-existing ammunition Like some sort of crude pipe weapon or double-barreled shotgun/rifle/pistol? It kind of sucks being able to manufacture ammo but not guns, because once your guns break, well, it's back to bows and arrows. Or, perhaps a way to produce some of the actual baseline guns?
  15. I feel it'd be pretty neat if you added a sandbox option that when toggled, made the zombies alive. As in, such as the likes of 28 days later and the like, they will have human-like health but be immune to pain. If you stab or shoot them, they will begin to bleed and you can wait them out until they bleed out, slowing and weakening as they do. It would really give the sandbox mode a true feel of authenticity, as instead of having sprinting corpses, you can properly emulate media in many ways and have that breakneck terror as madmen chase you and desperately try killing you. This could also open the doorway for alternate modes of game play as suddenly you don't have to keep beating one to kill it, one good slash and it's good as dead, but not instantly. I don't know much about the zombie code so i'm trying to keep this suggestion from being too off the wall :/ Thoughts?
  16. I think it'd be neat if there was a helicopter that came around that has a chance of either dropping aid supplies such as food, water purification tablets, medical supplies, Ammo, etc. ... Or.... A bomb. flat on your head. Boom. Either or, on a dice roll. Lucky/ unlucky would effect it, but it'd be optional. Say, the army on the radio tells any survivors in the zone to go to (insert location) at (Insert time) and when you do, a chopper comes and the dice roll happens. It'd be random chance which on every game so i feel it would be pretty balanced to see if someone is willing to take the risk not knowing what the military had decided in foresight.
  17. Actually, having access to tanks, bombs and high caliber weapons seems fairly reasonable when you realize there's like 80,000 zombies in one city alone and like one shotgun shell can bring half of them descending upon you. The only good thing i could see is if the military sprouts a brain and equips you with a suppressor.
  18. I wonder if the Active duty soldier professions means you'll actually start off as a soldier guarding the event line... eh, a man can dream.
  19. How will they do this though? The radio says in the start Louisville is not in the event zone, and that the army is blockaded in between you and there. Will there just be a line where they shoot at you and zombies until it collapses and is pushed further back?
  20. Well, the only issue i can see, is that when the game tries to reload the lua, or exit a save, it locks up and must be closed and reopened. That's all i see so far. In the IWBUMS thread very recently others have reproduced this issue.
  21. Okay, first off, does this work with the current IWBUMS build? And also, Is there a way to turn off or severely limit MRE spawns? I used to find like 7 large pallets of the bitches and would never again have to search for food. Sucked all the survival aspect out of things and made me have to ignore them to have any challenge to source food.
  22. Are the metal barricades for doors and windows in? I cant seem to find out how to make them
  23. Hammers seemed to have their spawn rate WAY too high. I've found like 20 hammers and not an axe or a saw to speak of. Every house i've looted has had at least 1 hammer in it so far. Also kitchen knives seem to be really rare as well.
  24. Spiked planks are not doing knockback, by not, i mean not at all.
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