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  1. @Kuren *puts on tinfoil hat* i can highly agree with this. well said.
  2. if youve read WWZ,youll see how tanks are essentially useless along with conventional arms,antipersonnel(mainly shrapnel based) explosives wont do much against a horde of zed,all but the very closest zeds will be unharmed,shielded from the blast by the hundreds of other zeds,all packed together nearly shoulder to shoulder.you can run em down,may not kill,but will incapacitate any that go under the treads.but then ya gotta worry about fuel and hope the treads dont get gummed up with dedzed.
  3. well in cities there will be waaay more than a thousand zeds,so to get the like 10'000 zeds on screen(gunshot in city center) without bad lag they could just merge the ai for large groups of zed into one super ai controlling several hundred zed as one sort of hive mind.that way you will see tens of thousands of active zombies,but the game is only running a few hundred ais(much less cpu intensive)
  4. maybe when the zeds get up into the thousands they start merging the ai for them into 10,50,100,so instead of 100000 active ai,s in one area,its more like 5 or 6 hundred. much more manageable,since we can already have like over a thousand zed on screen right now.
  5. the last mondoid said that they will be adding a new part of the map to "the south". and this has me VERY excited, its been getting stale with only two towns and like nothing worth exploring in the back roads.so i always welcome a new addition to the game world,but south is fort knoxx,not exactly a residential area,like they said. what do you guys think theyll be adding? im hoping radcliff,maybe they got in touch with the dude making the custom map,and theyre adding it to the main map since its actually kinda close,and to the south of mul. ideas and conspiracy theorys are welcome
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