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  1. Looking into it with my server host now.
  2. Hopefully it'll work now. Fixed a lot of things.
  3. How do I find out the mod id? And wouldn't uploading the map files disallow them from updating to the latest workshop version?
  4. Sorry if this is a silly question, but how would one get mods like maps to work on the server? ORGM mod is working, however Immersive Overlays isn't. Do I need to FTP them to the server?
  5. Project Exodus [24/7 US East][PVE+PVP] Website: http://savior21221.wix.com/project-exodus-pz Disturbances (Events) Ongoing: Saga: 12 Years Later ‚Äč"I'm not sure who's left out there, but they probably stick to themselves.. I gotta make a name for myself, settle down somewhere. I heard there was business in New Denver or West Point.. Let's see if I can make it. It's shoot or be shot." (Various events will conduct on certain days of the server) Project Exodus was created by one of the staff members from Zeeks Haven, RichCoconut. I simply wanted to make a ser
  6. I've selected every file inside every folder and replaced every file inside the according folder
  7. Uninstall all mods, then restart the PZ Client and when prompted for them to download upon connecting, download them again.
  8. When you stop sucking at the game. Come on back. Enjoy playing house on the New Dawn server. You can do all the things you requested on Zeeks. You just have to be good and pick and choose who you trust to team up with. Then realize the risks you take every time you make a supply run or trade. Then act accordingly and you'll survive....longer. Don't ever advertise on our page again. Thank you. This botheres me so much that it'd be nice if a moderator deleted his post of advertising his server on our servers, as that is rude, lying because you can't do everything on Zeeks as you c
  9. No difference in semi or full auto with any weapons in terms of accuracy or damage, what would be the best assault rifle, stat wise? Or are they all just more or less the same?
  10. I see no models. On 32.30 using 32.30 download on Mac OS X. EDIT: Fixed by manually replacing each individual file.
  11. What's up with servers not responding in multiplayer? Zeeks Haven is down randomly because it suddenly crashed for no reason. It runs, but can't connect/not responding.
  12. Like the look of this, but it won't work for me. I'm guessing this is because it was made for a build older than the current 31.10? if this is the case, is there a version of this that works with the current build? I just launched the game with it, so it does work, i'm currently just trying out various things, but it appears to be working. Can someone fix the spawns on this version of Admin Tools please? I'm trying and it's giving me a headache because they don't show in the menu anymore. Which spawns are bugged exactly? All the POI's.. Like I would love to use this, along
  13. If you did it last week and have been away, chances are someone took over your base. We haven't done a hard wipe yet. I don't recommend making your base a POI, because honestly, it sticks out like a sore thumb and people will go and investigate it to raid. As Zac likes to put it; "If it's in town, it's going' down." and I agree. Be more secretive & goodluck in the future!
  14. This is the things we're trying to do here. For everyone apart of our community - both in games, here, and on our forums - thank you for being so awesome to hang with. We want to ensure everyone that we care about our community, working around the clock, and we are deeply moved by hearing such words that give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thank YOU for being so awesome, and hope to see you many more days to come.
  15. Weird - zombies seem perfect for Zeeks Haven server. Haven't had any issues since the initial release of Build 32 IWBUMS. (Sandbox)
  16. I think the idea of a special blend of zombies, or having the option, would add surprise and jump scares and give all zombies a bit more of a unique personality - even if its randomly generated. Each zombie on the map would have a randomly generated set of variables set to them from the drop-down list when editing zombies. Some will have bloodhound in terms of smell, while others would have normal or very weak smell - others would be fast shambles while a small group could be sprinters. (for lag/management reasons) I believe this would add variety, make scenes and encounters more dramatic
  17. Eh, this had some jumpscare potential. Seeing a random dead corpse, walking to it to loot and having it be one of the accursed ankle biters. Unless it's a different kind of fake dead zombies we're talking about :S I agree, like jump scares like that. Hopefully it isn't what got fixed Awesome bug crushing, though. Knockin' them out!
  18. The art style and gameplay looks breath-taking
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