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  1. well i feel these small traits should be something that can affect gameplay, like beard hair for example. say maybe it may grow faster and it would keep you slight warmer but also maybe be harder to cool of in summer. it has a benefit but also a problem that could easily be solved. its buff is also a hindrance in cases.
  2. it could be used to draw noise somewhere else or maybe towards an enemy. swarm someones base with them or maybe use it to draw a horde away. its uses are for more than just home protection.
  3. true. but still until then discussing it may help bring in some unique ideas.
  4. But the point is to push them from the inside making it harder. If you have a zed at your door you wont just decide to run outside and try to place it there. You try to place it from the inside.
  5. I would like to see a system of where if X amount of zombies or force is pushing against the item it then begins to take damage and either can be moved after X damage or fall after X damage or even just break after x damage. Like a vending machine is unlikely to break but will more likely fall over if pushed with enough Zeds or people. Or using a crowbar.
  6. But that's not the point. The point is to be able to have it in the game without having to get mods or have everything the mods come with. And on the topic of composting, i would like to see a few things with it. Worm bins being one, A type of composting box for second requiring carpentry or finding a small bucket (building the box would yield more) And lastly natural decay. Normally natural decay wont leave much left due to animals and insects getting to it first. Adding it to the tops of a garden for much may work but it still takes time and inst as efficient. Plus later on it could effect gardening in a large way. Possibly altering PH of soil or having a smell attracting zeds if unproperly maintained. Also attracting animals is a given unless closed with a tarp or carpentry lid. Even taking a garbage can and turning that into one may work at the cost of mobility, weight, and ineffectiveness. Could work with how moving furniture does.
  7. I think that this would be a great way to eliminate flying fortresses by having tall buildings being more likely to be struck and set ablaze. It would also be a late game mechanic that could change a ton.
  8. I would love to hear late game about how people outside of these contained areas are doing or about possibly that the government is hiding what has happened here. Seriously you dont think eventually someone would try and figure out whats going on or try to hide it. Plus i know that oversea broadcasts may still be going on as normal.) And then Cd's and videos could be added for even more fun weather it be to sing along and gain moral or you start slowly going mad listening to Christmas music in July, Thanks people, thanks for only saving Christmas tunes....
  9. I dont know exactly how this would work but im pretty sure you could be able to take the metal railroad spikes that hold the wood and metal down to make some cool stuff, That or even possibly cut off a piece of the rail to carry back or drive back when cars come out
  10. I would enjoy being able to dig up tiles. Get some dirt, possibly a few seeds, sticks, and worms but then being able to get in and out of it over and over.
  11. I would like to see clothes become covered with blood then when ripped becoming either dirty bandages or unsteralized ones. Same with the ones on zombies but zombie ones being labeled as infected bloody rages.
  12. We need this in our lives. Role players will be happy and my character can get fat and be lazy while my team does stuff like I deserve. I always have to be doctor and heal them every 2 minutes in real life, i deserve this.
  13. You could still make some sort of projectile even if it wasn't the best.
  14. I cant wait until they do. It could be game changing to how we play, or just another thing that is helpful at times but not used constantly.
  15. I agree and would be cool to work it with the radio's and TV's to give a heads up. Some guy warning that rain will appear from north to south, it will drizzle for a little while from here and eastward. The winds are blowing hard so random bang may be heard but it looks like the storm will pass over west point into nearby towns. I like this idea.
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