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  1. well i feel these small traits should be something that can affect gameplay, like beard hair for example. say maybe it may grow faster and it would keep you slight warmer but also maybe be harder to cool of in summer. it has a benefit but also a problem that could easily be solved. its buff is also a hindrance in cases.
  2. it could be used to draw noise somewhere else or maybe towards an enemy. swarm someones base with them or maybe use it to draw a horde away. its uses are for more than just home protection.
  3. Well sweat wouldn't carry across towns but it would increase range to probably around corners or if there is "wind" somehow the length of a good 15-20 blocks. Above all else it would just make it hard to sneak up on zombies anymore. And for the blood i have like no sense of smell but i can smell blood from a good distance away. I was able to tell a friend he had a bloody nose before he did. It worries me at times.
  4. true. but still until then discussing it may help bring in some unique ideas.
  5. But the point is to push them from the inside making it harder. If you have a zed at your door you wont just decide to run outside and try to place it there. You try to place it from the inside.
  6. I think it would be neat if you could have search __________ options. Search the couch and find a spare bag of chips rarely or a key, sometimes just pocket change. Search under a door mat for a key or notes for story. This would have a slight increase to foraging but nothing major. Search cabinets for a hidden item like a bottle of pills stashed behind a corner or a few pills stuck behind a busted spot. Search in a bed to rarely find a small fire arm or a weapon. Sometimes food stashed by some junkie. This would be neat and add depth to a home. It appears neat but searching would reveal dead animals and bugs, stashed trash and notes, or what appears to be a wreck could hold needed food or tools. Eagle eyes would help this and foraging possibly if added.
  7. Well opening a bottle is different than a can. But i have managed to open a can of beans on a hiking trip after leaving my knife and multi tool at home. I ended up just getting a rock, Dropping it on the edge and popping a corner. From there i used a stick to push it forward some more and the edge was mutilated enough i could open it up. However i did lose a few beans but it wasn't anything Major. As for the bottles that is easy since my glasses, shoes, and necklace have something to open up bottles caps.
  8. well hygiene isn't mandatory and i figured it meant as in sims like the need to feel clean or use the restroom. You could always use deodorants, not push yourself, or even just take a rinse in a shower which could also be used for benefits like waking up "like lowing tiredness." You could also use it to make you more tired or even have it where its the clothes not you. So the clothes would reek of sweat. Then the clothes would be washed in washing machines (might as well add a use for them) and also it could be used to clean blood stains, stains from other scented things like car oil or gasoline. ( to try and not combustion when near a fire...) So its still is possible.
  9. I think smell would also serve as a way to attract zed's to you and possibly use scented decoys. Say you leave a bloody rag of yours on the ground, The next day you may find a small horde of zombies surrounding it or nearby because they are looking for it. Now say you are drenched in sweat from exhaustion, Now besides being wet you also stink giving away the location of you to Zed's relatively close. Then if wind is ever added it could be carried in wind.
  10. I would like to see a system of where if X amount of zombies or force is pushing against the item it then begins to take damage and either can be moved after X damage or fall after X damage or even just break after x damage. Like a vending machine is unlikely to break but will more likely fall over if pushed with enough Zeds or people. Or using a crowbar.
  11. I would actually like to see reading a book for level 3 give you boosts to some things at level 2 because it will give a BIT more information. On top of that later on they would have a boosted further since they learned it earlier and developed a few tricks better. Then again i would also like to see if you don't use that skill in X days you lose the bonus. Still i am all for having cool book names ant it being a bit unknown what gives how much of what. A name like A dummies guide to carpentry is obviously a beginner book compared to the tips and tricks of woodworking for pro's.
  12. My thoughts are that a character with the strong trait or really strong, should be able to open it with bare hands and some time. The a survivalist character with traits like boy scout, or the occupation thief, should be able to use forks, knives, and materials to get them open sometimes at the risk of less food. It would also be interesting to see this be learned by someone doing it around them so watching and learning will provide a method of doing so yourself. Now if you do it the strong many way i feel you should be exhausted after a few tries or have a chance of failing if too weak, hungry, or tired/exhausted. Just by 2 cents.
  13. But that's not the point. The point is to be able to have it in the game without having to get mods or have everything the mods come with. And on the topic of composting, i would like to see a few things with it. Worm bins being one, A type of composting box for second requiring carpentry or finding a small bucket (building the box would yield more) And lastly natural decay. Normally natural decay wont leave much left due to animals and insects getting to it first. Adding it to the tops of a garden for much may work but it still takes time and inst as efficient. Plus later on it could effect gardening in a large way. Possibly altering PH of soil or having a smell attracting zeds if unproperly maintained. Also attracting animals is a given unless closed with a tarp or carpentry lid. Even taking a garbage can and turning that into one may work at the cost of mobility, weight, and ineffectiveness. Could work with how moving furniture does.
  14. Adding more insects and insect related things would be neat. Swarms of insect eating crops. Sleeping out you find a scorpion in a boot if you didnt check it. Spiders are on the wood and unless you use gloves you may get bit. That would be really need.
  15. I think that this would be a great way to eliminate flying fortresses by having tall buildings being more likely to be struck and set ablaze. It would also be a late game mechanic that could change a ton.
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