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  1. bassair

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hm. I'm having an odd bug where half the hydrocraft bits and bobs are missing. Christmas stuff isn't spawning, trees won't craft, and I don't have a Ranching tab anymore, or Leisure. I've got it off the workshop, and my game is legit on steam, I swear. I've taken all my other mods out, too. It still does it. Any ideas why this is happening?
  2. bassair

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I love this mod so much and I was excited to find the Christmas stuff, but I can't seem to? Is it still in the mod? I can't find the leisure tab either
  3. bassair

    Large Maps.

    Could you put multiple maps together? (Example being you can put Bedford down one end with one mod and Phoenix another end with another) I haven't experimented, but I thought it'd be worth it to suggest even if it doesn't work?
  4. Okay guys, I got mine to work it just took some wrangling What I did was I opened the Bedford Falls, Rebuild, Phoenix etc mods and I went inside to media/maps/[map] and in that there are .lotpack, .lotheader and .bin files I took those and I pasted them into both my common/ProjectZomboid's media/maps/Muldraugh, KY folder, overwriting the .lotpack, .lotheader and .bin files already there, and I copied them into my pzserver folder's media/maps/Muldraugh, KY folder too (overwriting, again) My friend also did this in her Muldraugh folder and when we booted the server it all worked! (Except Rebuild, idk why) I also combined the objects.lua files into one objects.lua file, for foraging, but I haven't tested to see if that works If you do this: DO NOT FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR MAPS FOLDER BEFORE YOU OVERWRITE *ANYTHING*. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU I wish there was an easier way of doing this, though, and I haven't tested whether my friend (or I) could connect to the server by using the BedfordFalls mod on client and just overwriting the server files, I'll have to do some experimentation. I hope this helps you guys! Especially you, 2Girls1Chuck, it sounds like this might solve your issue maybe.
  5. I'm loving Bedford Falls right now, but I thought you'd like a bug report that http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=BedfordFallsL0#0.3327842015895814,0.32237181155409667,61.628086298345465 here, upstairs? There's no way into the little upstairs right apartment on level 1 unless you have a sledgehammer!
  6. Okay, I changed serverfile to file and now the spawn points (well, the Drayton spawn points) are offered but the map itself still doesn't spawn... I was hoping Drayton, Downtown, Bedford etc would - or could - all spawn on the same map but right now Drayton doesn't seem to spawn at all...
  7. Can someone please treat me like the idiot I am and give me a rundown of how to make it work? My friend and I have a private server (several we cycle through) we share. Mods like Hydrocraft work GREAT, but I can't make it have other locations show up for this example, I'm going to use this one https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=500222958 which I'm pretty fond of even though I don't THINK it has foraging working yet What I want is to be able to spawn in Drayton if I wish, but mostly to be able to hike up there from Muldraugh if I want to but I can't seem to make it work I've tried adding Rebuild under Mods= in the server ini file, and I've changed my spawn regions to: function SpawnRegions() return { { name = "Muldraugh, KY", file = "media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/spawnpoints.lua" }, { name = "West Point, KY", file = "media/maps/West Point, KY/spawnpoints.lua" }, { name = "Drayton Rebuild", serverfile = "media/maps/Rebuild/spawnpoints.lua" }, { name = "Downtown", serverfile = "media/maps/Downtown/spawnpoints.lua" }, }endbut it still doesn't show up in game, or give me the option to spawn there. So basically I'm hoping someone will break it down for me because I'm obviously missing SOMETHING, I'm just not sure... what. I'd like to be able to have Rebuild, Downtown, Bedford etc all accessible on the same server if I can...
  8. I used to - a few builds back - know how to "if has trait Chronic Fatigue/Pain" make fatigue/pain + however much made them tired all the time. I was hoping to replicate that, but things have changed and I'm honestly not sure how to now. Can someone point me in the right direction? As for the main purpose of this post, I nosed open the "Additional Hair Colors" mod that I adore in hopes of making my own mini "additional skin colors" mod (lighter brown, darker brown, yellow-y, blue, pink, white for when I feel like playing an alien) but my initial attempt didn't work, which was: BaseGameCharacterDetails.DoSkinColorNew = function() SurvivorDesc.addSkinColor(ColorInfo.new(0.60000000000000000,0.33000000000000000,0.66000000000000000, 1))endwhen I nosed the javadocs, I found... no sign of anything like this for skin, which brings me to think it's more complicated to add skin colours than hair colours?
  9. I adjusted that in my code and it boots now! The traits don't actually inflict pain or fatigue, but I can work on that. Thank you!
  10. I'm running the server the same as I've been doing for a few weeks now. Before, it just let me on (I use a general username and password since my friend and I have many RP servers) but now it's telling me Invalid Username/Password. I tried using my steam login but that didn't work either. My bat file: My ini file: Am I doing something new wrong? Nevermind, I got it. Had to delete the whitelist, I'd already used the username but a different password. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sorry!
  11. So, what I have is... require('NPCs/MainCreationMethods');local function initPersonalTraits() local chronicfatigue = TraitFactory.addTrait("ChronicFatigue", getText("UI_trait_ChronicFatigue"), -5, getText("UI_trait_ChronicFatiguedesc"), false, false); endPersonalTraits.EveryTenMinutes = function() if getSpecificPlayer(0):HasTrait("ChronicFatigue") then getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():setFatigue(getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():getFatigue()-0.015); else getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():setFatigue(getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():getFatigue()+0.015); end end PersonalTraits.OnGameStart = function()endEvents.OnGameBoot.Add(initPersonalTraits);Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(PersonalTraits.EveryTenMinutes);Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(PersonalTraits.OnPlayerUpdate);Events.OnGameStart.Add(PersonalTraits.OnGameStart);but it doesn't. If I take PersonalTraits.EveryTenMinutes = function() if getSpecificPlayer(0):HasTrait("ChronicFatigue") then getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():setFatigue(getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():getFatigue()-0.015); else getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():setFatigue(getSpecificPlayer(0):getStats():getFatigue()+0.015); end end PersonalTraits.OnGameStart = function()endout the trait will show up! But what I want it to do is make you get hella tired and need to sleep/rest a lot. What am I doing wrong? D: (Also I tried it without the else first. I want it to JUST make you tired until you rest, really, but I was just... trying to make it work o-o)
  12. Hi, I see a few posts back that cheaterman was disabled for servers, how do you reenable it, please? My friend and I want to use it privately. ETA: Oh! I got it working myself. I love your mods, thanks so much for sharing them!
  13. Thank you! That at least lets me pull the exact workshop mods currently used from that folder to host with :3 Thanks for the swift response!
  14. I wanted to host a server using the mods I downloaded from the workshop (primarily Wooden Dowels) but not only can I not find the workshop mods anywhere (where do they download to?) but I have no idea how to point the server to those... Is there a way?
  15. I like to keep a copy of the chats that go on on my servers. With Terraria I copy the text from the console, with Starbound and Minecraft chat goes directly into the server.log file (or similar). I've nosed around and I've found the actions log, but is there a way to tell it to log chat (global preferably but local would be fine too) into the log files? Or even just into the console would work...
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