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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLAATjciLaU why don't people make more stuff like this now?? oh right ...
  2. house, trance, psytrance and all that is the shit. dubstep can be good but thanks to lots of 8 year olds who scream "I WANNA DWOP BASS MOMMY BUY ME NEXUS" it's gone to shit mostly
  3. six hundred and forty two you are in death row, and it's your execution date. it's time for your last meal, what do you ask for?
  4. rathlord post one more time do it and we can become one also are you done meditating yet enigma
  5. i glued myself to a closet door, whoops. coke or pepsi?
  6. eh fuck it. i'd like mine to say "unce unce unce" because why not
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nabsiegyrA
  8. popper because i like the sound of popping what is your favorite cereal?
  9. banned for getting banned on your first post
  10. beautiful. i feel truly inspired by this piece before i viewed it i was a bitter man who ranted on random message boards hoping one day my life would improve, after seeing this piece of amazing art i instantly got 80 girlfriends, a giant hottub and a mansion. i am currently at 800 IQ and my life continues to improve thank you. thank you so much.
  12. another one from the old forums, ask the user below you anything, while answering the question from the post above. ex: what did the zombie say to the doctor?
  13. banned for thinking my signature is inspirational
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