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  1. Hey guys. So I recently created my own weird version of Roll to Dodge, it's kinda complex and stuff (so people have said) But I've had no one to actually try it with yet. Was just an open invitation to see if anyone would like to give it a go is all. Just make sure you're a good balance of silly and serious, so you can appreciate the game the most. It'd be best played on some kind of instant messaging platform but I could try and make it work on forum posts too. Here's the power point with rules etc on it. Also feel free to give me advice on how to streamline it and generally make it better. Do note it is meant for fun and not to be completely serious. I'd be the writer and you the player, but don't mind switching roles every now and again. Mainly the writer to improve my own writing abilities. Link to the Powerpoint.
  2. Just letting people know this is still open
  3. I do have a specific idea yes but happy for it to be adapted, would you mind dropping me a message if you're interested?
  4. Ahoy, So I'm making this post to inquire about an artist that would be willing to make the logo for my tiny game company (Literally just me and my mate) We are currently developing a game and my friend, Greg, is the main coder. And I am basically everything else right now. I'm no good and modelling or art so this is why I've come to ask about, We can't really afford to pay anyone for a long term thing, but I could probably pay for a logo at least? Or if you feel like helping from the goodness of your soul then let me know and I will inform you of the details of our project and see if you're still interested. We are called 'The Drifting Colossus' and it just consists of; Me, Micah, the Main ideas man, writer, level designer, public speaking guy, music and temp artist and modeller (Haven't done anything worthy of showing yet though in the art department) Greg, the Coder and the reason this is all even working right now. (We are also both British) This is the first big project we are seriously focusing on so if you can't deal with casualness and trial and error then this probably wouldn't be for you. Peace x
  5. Shields are relatively easy to make, I mean my dad casually crafted a really sturdy wooden round shield in the garage with a wooden pallet, a strap and a cabinet handle a few years back. Swords would be fantastic, although admittedly brittle and not very effective if made by a casual dude. Spears and clubs and stuff shouldn't be too bad though, sharpen a sturdy wooden staff or somehow sand down a metal rod or something, or securely fasten a knife to the end etc. I'd love shields though
  6. I hope there is a fox aha! Hahahha hello fellow ironfist my steam handle used to be ironfist56 but I've since changed it to Jarl Ironfrost hahahahha
  7. This also happens with local splitscreen multiplayer, and sometimes when creating a new character and respawning the entire screen for that player is blacked out, makes playing locally very difficult unfortunately.
  8. Languages are strange things

  9. Hello everyone, Me and my friend Greg are currently making ourselves a little indie game. Our plans are very complex and this is the first game we have ever made so it could turn into anything, but we're enjoying making it so before someone lectures me on "Your ideas are too complex you have no chance" I want you to know that whatever this turns into, it will be fun! I can assure you of that. Anyhoo here is the link to the blog - http://thesaharagame.blogspot.co.uk/ Give it a look, I hope you like the idea and sprites I have already made. We started word a couple of days ago and we are making good progress, let me know what you think! Thanks
  10. Okay can I change my title to "Feel the love" AND I SWEAR I'LL NEVER ASK AGAIN
  11. Possible death from cuteness *checks pulse* yep, I'm gone *collapses*
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