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  1. It's an interesting idea. I can't say if it would be workable because I haven't yet looked at the code changes under Build 32. I had previously done some research toward making a well item one could build for a better water supply than rain barrels. I may be able to adapt that. I'll add the idea of a water storage tank type object to my notes, but absolutely no promises.
  2. Honestly, trying to keep a mod updated to the frequently changed IWBMS builds would be more work than I'm willing to put in. I would have to spend time playing those builds to get a feel for them and for making sure the mod works; right now, I'm having trouble finding time to even get a chance to play the official Build 32 that just came out.
  3. Current Status of Extended Building Options: Build 32 of Project Zomboid released just recently. I have not had a chance to even load that up yet. I have not tested this mod against that version of the game. I won't even hope that everything works properly because Murphy's Law says that is just not possible. For right now, use the mod at your own risk. Some things may not build properly. I'm neck-deep in some client projects, so I don't know when I will get to start testing, or even playing for that matter. I don't want to give an ETA and then not be able to hit it. If anyone is using the mod with Build 32 and runs into any problems, please post them in the thread of send me a forum message as those issues are likely to give me a good place to start testing and debugging for the new build.
  4. Glad you're enjoying the mod. I have not tested the mod yet under Build 32, so that may be what is causing your issue with the log wall corner posts. I tested it when I put it in, but haven't built one of those corners since. Glass windows are a whole other beast. They are a completely separate object and it involves more interfacing with the Java portions of Project Zomboid. Unless something has changed in Build 32, I do not expect to add glass windows. I wanted them for my own building, but ultimately decided they were too much coding work to get implemented. I do not have a problem with this. As stated in the original post, "Credit where credit is due" is how this mod is published.
  5. I just fired up the game and tested with both a baking pan and a roasting pan twice. I had no trouble transferring the metal or the pans from the oven to my inventory. Make sure you are using the most recent version of the mod, which is version 1.4. If you are running other mods, it is possible they may be causing the issue.
  6. The barricading windows may be generating a fraction of a point. In doing some testing on my mod, I realized that with certain recipes I would gain a skill point only every X number of creations. I have not looked up the specific code about barricading, but if for example it were giving only 1 skill point per board and you were running at a 50% gain due to to not having any starting Carpentry, you'd gain 1 point every other board you attach to a window. (Or every third or fourth or whatever it is.)
  7. You do not gain skill points from reading skill books. Skill books multiple the rate at which you gain experience in that skill at the levels covered by the skill book. You can build a log wall right away, plus you can board up windows. Then you can start building things like floors at the next point of carpentry. Plank walls are do require some skill gain. If you are going to be playing a solo game and want to be doing all your own building, you want to take a profession or hobby that gives you at least a +1 in Carpentry to start anyway because otherwise you end up with a penalty to skill gain. The chart was posted here on the forums somewhere. It's also on the wiki.
  8. The list of files is what is in your directories. What files there are can and will change between versions of Project Zomboid. The game is still under development. Until the development is final, I do not expect to see any kind of an API for modding. This is to be expected. Ultimately, we have to learn for ourselves and study what other modders have done. Like a lot of programming, getting a mod to work will generally involve hunting down the answers you need. In this case, it's partially about hunting through the provided code.
  9. A lot of what you are asking is not "little", if for no other reason than it is spread all over the place in code. I'll give you a starting point. You want to change how long actions take, so do a search in your Project Zomboid directory for "*action.lua". That will give you quite a few of the actions. (Probably "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid" or something similar.) For instance, "ISChopTreeAction.lua" sets the time for how long it takes in "ISChopTreeAction:start()".
  10. Update: Extended Building Options v1.4 April 9, 2015: Extended Building Options mod version 1.4 for Project Zomboid version 31.10. Updated the mod to work with the underlying recipe code changes in Project Zomboid v31, which had caused some of this mod's recipes to not work properly. Adjusted brick shaping and un-shaping so that crafting experience is not gained. Adjusted putting pieces of metal into a pan and taking them out again so that crafting experience is not gained. Adjusted sawing branches into twigs so that this generates the same experience as sawing logs for planks. Sorry this update took so long. There were some changes made to the code that handles recipes and crafting in Project Zomboid v31 that had a much greater effect than I had originally realized. I ended up banging my head on a few things until I found the pattern that worked. For those of you who mod, it boiled down to: 1) Having to move all the items and recipes for this mod into Base; and 2) Changing references like ReplaceOnCooked to include the module name, even for Base items which previously did not need a module reference. I cannot tell you why this change needed to happen; I just know this is what ended up working. With this version of Extended Building Options, I was able to bang out metal pieces and sheets of metal, bake pieces into a sheets of metal, open cans of food and turn those cans into metal bits, dig up clay, shape and bake bricks, saw some branches into twigs, and plant a little garden. Fingers crossed, I believe everything is working properly now. I do not have a server set up, so I have not tested this in multiplayer. However, since the issues people were having in multiplayer were also being seen by me in single mode, I am hoping that everything will be working smoothly once you update your client and server with these changes. Let me know if there are any issues there. The listed experience removal on bricks and filling pans was done because I discovered you could make a brick, squish it back to clay, make a brick... repeat for infinite experience. Since Indie Stone was kind enough to provide a way to control experience for the recipes you craft in your inventory, I thought I'd plug this exploit. It's like they knew I was going to need it.
  11. I now seem to have the recipes working for crafting. I tried something somewhat random out of frustration and it worked for fixing the crafting recipes. I need to do some more testing to make sure everything is working properly, though, including the baking of metal down. I don't want to break something else. I'm also irked that I can't figure out what changed in the most recent PZ that would make it so what I did was the solution. Sorry this has taken so long. I have multiple projects coming due or wrapping up, including this past Thursday and this coming Monday. I know as a player it's always frustrating to be waiting for a mod to update. I feel bad about being the one on the other side of the frustration this time.
  12. I am going to do some further testing on the mod this evening.
  13. I asked another player who uses this mod in multiplayer. You need to install the mod both on your own copy of Project Zomboid and on the server itself. If you are still having problems at that point, since it is working in multiplayer for someone else, my first thought would be for you to test it out with no other mods installed on your server or client. Maybe another mod is interfering.
  14. I do not play on multiplayer and do not know anything about how mods function under multiplayer. Based on other games I have played with multiplayer and modding, my first question would be whether the mod has to be installed on the server, on the client, or on both? I am guessing on both.
  15. In the short term, no. My current workload is such that adding to the mod has taken a lower priority than playing for a bit. Plus, when I go back and forth between PZ's LUA and the C# work I'm doing currently, my head hurts. In the longer term, there are a few objects I want to add. After that, I had started down the rabbit hole of trying to get shelves to work where they show generic items on them when filled, like shop shelves do in the base game, so that is likely where I will start back up. After that... I'm not sure. It will really depend on what I feel the game is missing out on. If someone else beats me to working refrigerators and/or working stoves, I won't have to worry about adding them.
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