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  1. How does one map the buttons on a Controller through coding? Would it be something like A = {} function A.Pressed(_keyPressed) if _keyPressed == DPadDown then --Code end end --Or function A.Pressed(_keyPressed) if _keyPressed == "DPadDown" then --Code end end --Or is it a number? Events.OnKeyPressed.Add(A.Pressed) Edit------- Looked at PZ/media/lua/shared/JoyPad/JoyPadSertup.lua
  2. So you basically want conveyor belts and machinery that assembles stuff? Sort of like the game Factorio?
  3. Ah, I've been using https://www.loneboat.com/pzlist#attack as the reference to all the events. Thank you, I'll find the one located on the forums here then. Or is there an offical list?
  4. So say I have something like this: Players = {}; function Players.IsSplitscreen(_player) ~Code Here end Events.OnCreateIsoPlayer.Add(Players.IsSplitscreen); It gives me an error at the Events.OnCreateIsoPlayer.Add(Players.IsSplitscreen); part. And also thanks for your help!
  5. I've looked at http://lua-users.org/wiki/MetatableEvents and some other tutorial websites but can't seem to understand it. Currently I'm getting an issue that pops up as "Object table 0x1060508076 did not have __call metatable set" and cannot seem to find a solution to my issue. I know the __call event allows for the table to be used as a function but can't seem to quite understand it. If anyone has a way to explain it a bit more in-depth that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  6. Goodguy

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Anyone know if it is possible to have an Irrigation system with the mods of Hydrocraft? I know Drip Irrigation used to be a great mod, but it hasn't been updated.
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