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  1. some foods appear to NOT have their nutritional value set yet. I have been eating stir frys made of Cabbage, Potato, Brocolli, Tomato and Rabbit meat, yet my weight is steadily decreasing. The one day I decided to make a test. I gorged myself on 4 cooked rabbits at once (each worth about 47-55 hunger), and my char is STILL losing weigth. P.S: This save is relatively old, dating back from 30.0 and being updated to the new world several times. the conversion to the IWBMSG is only the last out of several. Perhaps there is some incompatibility or data corruption.
  2. You have just highlighted what is wrong with the universal penalty to XP gains. Unnecessary difficulties to gameplay, on top of the NECESSARY ones. Encouraging to grind. Encouraging to use obvious exploits. Indeed. Earning XP in the Pre-.31 system for anything post 3 already takes long enough, assuming you do not find a skill book.
  3. Perhaps after eating Peanut Butter you could get an Empty Jar in your inventory, pretty much as when you drink wine/whiskey you get an Empty Bottle?
  4. That will just alienate (I realize that this isn´t the best word, but I can´t think of another) many of the players that prefer Single-player. Or the ones whose friends are not carpenters themselves. Or those whose friends ARE carenters but failed to get the correct Profession Books.
  5. Lemmy, what about the players that, for <insert motive here> do NOT want to have those initial points in carpentry? Their long-term survival will be, at the very least, severely impaired, and will shoehorn many, if not most players, into getting this particular carpenty trait. And what about those that, for <insert reason here>, WANT to have their skills at the highest possible level? As of now, getting any skill to lvl 4 and 5 IS a grindfest if you don´t have a profession book, and that drops based on RNG. Slowing down XP gains won´t help in that regard. Thats why I am voicing these concerns right now, before even balancing has started.
  6. I can plant cabbages with farming 0, and I can sneak past/run away from zombies. I can fight and win with Blunt/Blade 0 I can make simple meals with cooking 0. I can forage some berries with Foraging 0. I can´t make water last more without rain barrels, and that will require Carpentry 4 and more coming next update.
  7. Where exactly it was argued that carpentry= all? Why have a max level 5 for skills in the first place, then? Near-Forcing everyone to be a carpenter in order to not die of thirst due to the lack of Rain Barrels is intentional? Make Carpenters dependent on RNG for the correct Profession book for skill lvl 4 and 5 is intentional? Inserting even more grinding for skill levels 4 and 5 (if the RNG does not grace you with the correct book) is intentional? I honestly think that the dev team must rethink this paradigm. It is going to shoehorn players in one path, and it is going to add more grinding to the game. I don´t think that´s the desired outcome.
  8. and if you DON´T waste all your time grinding, you wont have your carpentry skill at a high enough level and you will die of thirst, due to the lack of rain barrels. catch 22? Your 'Must have' description is Hyperbole. IF indeed you were embarking on a difficult, single player game mode, then yes, you would indeed be wise to take carpentry, but its most certainly not mandatory and I for one would relish the challenge. Huh, no, it describes exactly how the game works. Are you implying that you can build rain barrels without Carpentry? And you are playing in "survive as much as possible mode", then yes, it IS mandatory, unless you want to hole up in the cabins in the middle of nowhere and never leave: those are the only places that have wells in Muldraugh. Also, another point that has NOT been addressed bby commenters in this thread. As of now, getting any skill to lvl 4 and 5 takes ages, requiring several months (game time), if the RNG decides to NOT give you the correct skill book.. IN fact, you will probably will a)die or b) get bored with the game long, LONG before you get a skill to lvl 5 without books. Conclusion: -Considering that your cheracter isn´t suposed to survive long; -Considering that high levels of skill (in this case, carpentry) is needed to ensure long term survival; -Considering that XP gain is already very slow if you can´t get a profession book; XP gain is in need of buffs, not penalties.
  9. No it isn´t, because you MUST HAVE carpentry in order to make Rain barrels. I urge Indiestone to re-think the decision to apply penalties to XP gain. If you can´t find the correct profession books, getting any skill to lvl 3 takes long enough already; to lvl 4 and 5 is damn near impossible. making Water barrels require carpentry 4 and 5 (small and big, respectively) will FORCE anyone to be a carpenter. And even for those who ARE carpenters, missing out the correct profession books will mean they will die of thirst long before the grinded the skill enough to make the rain barrels.
  10. Will Profession books still give you XP Boosts? Because, in my experience, without them it is almost impossible to get any skill above 3 (a mind-numbingly long grind is required. Not fun). Just take a look at the Agility and Combat skillls., compared to carpentry, Cooking and farming, and the others that have books, if you doubt me. In short, I like the new character creation system, but i hate the nerf to xp in professions. As it is envisioned right now, it will FORCE everyone to be a carpenter in order to build rain barrels before you die of thirst. Not cool.
  11. While i do think that panic never should go completely away, I agree that your character should, eventually grow "accostumed" to see zombies in the zombie apocalypse, and become less susceptible against panic. This is specially true if you, like several other players out there, kills zombies routinely for whatever reason. Kinda silly see a survivor who has destroyed hundreds (thousands?) of zombies go into a panic for seeing a pack of 6-7.
  12. West Point has a bigger zombie density, compared to Muldraugh, so its a lot harder to survive there. in one day, I spent a baseball bat in order to clear just 3 houses. In the same block I spawned.
  13. You can Barricade WALLS??? I thoough You could only barricade doors...
  14. Something strange happened. I had this character who was surviving for almost 45 days, but after this patch, when i tried to play, the game simply did NOT left the initial message (this is how you died). Even after it faded, the screen just remained black. When I finally had anough and alt+f4, but when I came back, my character had disappeared.(the game prompted me to make another). everything in the world seems to be the same. Only my char doesn´t seem to exist anymore. Also, just before starting the game, I had made a copy of my save (c:\zomboid\sandbox\[savename]) for backup purposes. But when I deleted the "corrupted" save and replaced it with the backup, the same thing happened. What is more likely to have happened? version incompatibility, or I have somehow indeed corrupted my save? Is there any way to salvage my current char? he had lots of experience points.... Thanks in advance. EDIT: It appears my char wasn´t lost after all. I just decided to wait in the black screen after the "This is how you died" opening message, and after a LONG time (5-8 minutes staring at a black screen) the game loaded. Perhaps something to take a look at? EDIT2: However, even though my char still exists, there is a strange "black space" around every single fridge (and its is about hallf a house in size) I have stored stuff into. This "black space seem to be functioning like a wall, preventing me from "entering" it, or see what should be there before.
  15. Any word on the balancing of zombie numbers/spawn rate?
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