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  1. Hi all. Just a quick question about the worlds when playinf multiplayer. I have notices very different behavior of zombies when on a private server with a frend. There are a LOT of zombie groups of 8-10 all around the map and only a very few single or pairs of zeds. The options for the server were supposedly set to default so is there a difference between a solo game and a multiplayer server regarding zombie spawning and gathering?
  2. Yeah it's very fast indeed but is that a bug or a feature? I find it a bit riddicculous that you can't dig the ground with a spade...
  3. I tried searching for a topic regarding the lag issue but couldn't find one so I'll ask here... Are a lot of players experiencing high pings during MP? Is it something that can easily be fixed by joining a server close to your own location or is it something that is noted and under development? Just yesterday I tried multiplayer and it shot my ping up after few minutes all the way to 800ms and some player told me that it happens "all the time" and the solution is to re-log an it should fix the problem for a while. Do you think this is because the too long distance between the players - servers
  4. Dogs have a fine rule of life: "If you can't eat it or screw it, you can still always piss on it"
  5. What exactly are the default options in survival mode? Or are they the same as in when you open the sandbox window for the first time?
  6. Talked about this MANY times in this thread already, I'm not asking for "how to respawn zombie" feedback, but does it work correctly atm (enough zombies, not too much, weird migration location, etc.) So give feedback once you tested it, no point in saying "it's baaaad" without even tried it You wanted feedback. There's a shitload of ways and things you can be given feedback about even if it's a single thing, so you might want to make it clear beforehand that you want feedback on how it works. And yeah I'll be sure to read all of the threads and whatnot before I say or ask anything from now o
  7. Without even trying it out, I don't like this about the upcoming build 28: "Added experimental population management: after an area is abandoned by the player, new zombies will migraite slowly from this point. I’ll need feedback on it." You want feedback? I'll give ya feedback! If that's only regarding MP but you just forgot to type it, then don't waste your time reading the shananigans below... "Slowly FROM this point"...meaning that they spawn into that area and migrate from there? The whole conscept of zombie spawning is a no no for me. How exactly does it work at the moment? Do the ze
  8. Well a glock also has holes in the mag for bullet counting. I'd do away with the complexity of it though and bring it to a generic 'check-ammo-button' where the guy would check the mag and say something like "Looks like a few left" or "Looks like half" or "Seems kinda full". And the accuracy of the statement is based off of reloading skill. My thoughts exactly.
  9. Well some clips have small holes on the side to indicate an approximate amount of ammo in them. For example in the clip of RK62 assault rifle there's two holes in the clip of 30 rounds: one at the marker of 20 and the other one at 10 rounds...or something like that. That way you only have to tilt the gun in order to see from the back of the clip how much ammo you have left. Of course the amount is at least 10 or at least 20 or so.
  10. This is a good idea but without the "recently inhabited cells". That way it's totally random as it should be and you get the threat of random kicking your ass. For me, random is more of a threat than any zombie ever will be. If the zed would be on the move all the time albeit slowly....now THAT would make it challenging...challenngngn...harder.
  11. Sometimes the grabbing happens incognito which means that when you get close enough they are slowing you down regardless if they have their hands pointed at you...IMO. They've caught me by surprise plenty of times and I'm a very careful player...I'm still not sure if the zed spawn randomly or randomly near hordes in build 27 or do they just appear on the edge of the map and go from there... This is true. I find it odd that the zed are just standing there..rarely moving maybe 2 or 3 feet. I would like to see them shambling 200 or 300 feet every now and then. The game lacks the distraction
  12. NOTD? Some people seem to take this shit way too seriously...was I supposed to know that there's a certain pattern to follow in the discussion? "If I'm talking abouth something you can't talk about something"
  13. Yes, wasn't a fan of the parking lot scene where they ran after the truck. Though, if you listen to commentary, it wasn't exactly the director's intention. Heh...and I thought that was a nice scene. Of course zed running like Usain Bolt (heh) is a bit excentric but I somehow liked it. The main thing for me in this field is consistency. That's why I cant stand it when first they just shamble and then suddenly they pick up stuff or turn a door knob etc etc. All zed in a movie, comic or series should behave the same through out the whole thing. Although there are "lurkers" and "shamblers?" in
  14. Well friend, they know how to eat. And NO, im not talking about TWD because i hate it ''You just don't do that if you have any respect for the genre'' What? have you ever seen a Night of The Living dead movie? lol Yeah I guess I didn't think the word genre all the way through there. But still, what capacity of understanding do the zed in 2003 version of the Dawn of the dead have? Isn't that also written by Romero...or was just the first one...? Either way I've grown accustomed to the brainless twats hanging around...it's still something "new". If you look at Resident Evil and the similar
  15. No. Just NO. If you want zed running around using whatever tools/weapons/etc then choose another game that has that implemented already. I despise the tv series Walking Dead for it's sentimental bullcrap that they used for that little 4y old zedkid who picked up the doll at the gas station AND also the zombie who held a huge rock in both of its hands smashing through the window in the downstairs store in Atlanta in episode 2 of season 1. You just don't do that if you have any respect for the genre. Resident evil was just fine until the second movie... They are mindless, braindead cannibal
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