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  1. The Helicopter event has changed over time. There was a time when helicopter(s) would kind of randomly fly around the map leading mobs to and fro. I swear in one build it was like the Annual Muldraugh Helicopters Race, with copters all over the map for hours and hours on end. lulz. Now, the Helicopter event targets the player. The key is to keep moving for the several hours it will take to run the event away from your outpost, then sneak back and enjoy a few days of relative zombie-free loot time. In Sandbox, you can choose to not have a Helicopter Event at all.
  2. They will put the zombies in those areas. They are making sure these updates work first. Just be patient.
  3. To find the prison- Leave Muldraugh going south, go past the first four-way intersection to the second four-way intersection. Go west, a road to the left leads to new residential/business area, but keep going west. You will see the sign warning that Hitchhikers may be escaped prisoner, just keep going. Eventually, there will be a road on the right. That road leads to a small town that includes a Fire Department and Police Station. If you go west on a road from the Police Station, it leads to the Prison.
  4. I found the new suburbs with the apartments, but where is the prison, and where are these lakes?
  5. A prison survival game. This is your sentence. This is how you served it. Battle the CO's, other inmates, politics, gangs, personal demons and depression. Try to learn new skills and stay off drugs. Build a shiv in shop class. Get a tatoo. Prisons in America suck balls, and only a few even know anything about it. Similar to my Homelessness game idea, a 'real-world' game that would have value in classrooms or other educational settings. Let's do good!
  6. I had an idea to use a fully fleshed out PZ as a sim for Homelessness. Many of the features are already there, and NPC's could be modded to live normal lives. Just drop the zombies of course. This would be a great resource for educating people about homelessness in America. With so many survival elements available, I think this would be a fantastic leaning tool. Make a challenge to just survive a week perhaps. Try to get enough to eat, find a place to sleep and avoid getting arrested. I think this would have great value educationally and could be used in schools.
  7. I am Underweight at 66 kg. One problem I am having on IWBUMS is that prepared dishes (soups, sandwiches) do not give caloric information so it is tough to gauge how much to eat. For now i am just eating all the time really, but not gaining much weight. I LOVE all the new recipes. Being able to add canned veggies to soups is freaking AWESOME!
  8. I bought this game way before Steam and I paid a paltry $5. I consider getting such a great deal as a natural benefit for being an early supporter. I have over 1100 hours on Steam alone.
  9. Wait, does this mean we will be able to sit in chairs and lie in beds?
  10. So freaking psyched about the new anims. Zombies falling over fences has been something I have wanted forever. Looking forward to finally being able to stay warm with some winter coats, hats, etc. I love this Mondoid.
  11. With the new nutrition I have become 'Underweight'. I was rarely hungry, but often peckish and was kind of hibernating using sleeping pills so I think that is how I became underweight. I am not even sure exactly what effect 'underweight' has. I have been eating like crazy for about a month and am still underweight. In the same game I have killed 3800 zombies, mostly with an axe and I have still not gained any thing like Brave. EDIT; Update. I am still Underweight, but I gained the Sturdy perk which is nice. 7 and 1/2 months in.
  12. In hundreds of game hours I have found 3 magazines on how to bake bread. One character had maxed out Cooking at level 10 and still could not back a loaf of bread. Bread, pie and cake recipes should not be nearly so rare. I have never found a hunting or herbalist magazine.
  13. As far as I know, you can't get gas from the station after power goes out.
  14. Taking 4 points of drawbacks does not make your character 'handicapped'. Its all about game balance. Also debating the relative small-arms expertise between soldiers and police officers is far more nuanced than first glance might suggest, and has to do with the job an individual has within their organization. The vast majority of soldiers are not infantrymen, and many do not carry weapons while on duty, while all cops are armed anytime they are on duty (unless they are visiting a jail/prison). Certainly SWAT and Special Forces have a much higher requirements regarding shooting skills, but th
  15. I have been looking forward to NPC's for a long time and I am eagerly anticipating their release. I think NPC's are the last major piece that will really complete this game.
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