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  1. i saw it on youtube, then i got a pirated version and after playing it for 5 hour i ran to my car to get my credit card
  2. Where do I have a higher chance to find this spade? And what is it used for? I got curious about it now. Speaking of durability, I kinda feel like repair materials should come by more often... i ussually start my game with a trip to mccoy. u find 2-3 axe 2-3 spade- hammer and all the carpentry stuff u can need
  3. that seem like easy mode playing gaunti12. we want to die !!!!!!
  4. you should remove all the sheet rope... anything that make us able to stay safe from zombie by destroy stair.....
  5. alrite it worked , i had to opt out of beta
  6. i updated but my version say 27#1
  7. so did you try the spade sjane3384?
  8. for me it is the spade without a doubt, great range, dmg and swing really fast and its invisible !! unless that was changed in recent patch.
  9. it occured to me too, that somehow zombie are too easy. i was trap in the appartment over the food market with 20+ zombie and i somehow managed to run trough them and get out. I felt like they were less ``grabby`` then in singleplayer, Only reason i found was lag.
  10. also what happen when it reset do player get reset too? #1 if yes then its crazy to retrain carpentry to 4-5 every 3 day #2 if no then player will super load themselve before reset and repear in a brand new world fully loaded, which would unbalance game in soo many way.
  11. personnaly im against any kind of reset, just reseting loot would kill the game since there wouldnt be any rarity at all. We need to encourage long term gameplay. trading, building and stuff. the way i see it the job is the key to that so that everyone can be helpfull, ur a construction worker , thats nice since only them can build (insert whatever kind of thing). Ur a park ranger , you can (cultivate berrie?^plant tree) we would have course need new jjob(farmer,soldier,courrier, etc..) and some redefinition of the old one but job specialization could very fun to work with to create community and it would force player who want big stuff., to work together toward that goal.
  12. Ive been in ur safe house ``borrowed`` a trowel since ive found 2 in ur base, . Nice set up you have going, ill come drop some stuff to payback for the trowel once i finish setting up my base.
  13. Yes thank for hosting . The devs should give you a special title for being the first one ever to host a public serve on Pz .
  14. here is one that marked me, its among the big one ive personnaly seen,and it also killed me
  15. personnally im sick and tired of earing about npc or mp. Now when i see those tread i feel an uneasy feeling of acharnement against the devs. LET IT GO guys. lets talk about something else. ur safehouse?, how long u survive ? you found any cool trick? anyway thats just my personnal opinion but seing 3-5 new tread and often with the same people repeating the same thing piss me. (clyde)CHeers
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