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  1. In my country, children who have completed 15 years can make smoke bombs when i want to make the game harder I set the option " insane " amount of zombies
  2. Scientific magazines are a so rare. I played on the settings " very often " and magazines found only in West Point garages.... Not to mention there was no there were things in LIBARY and POST OFFICE .. If i wants to turn on the generator I have to be an electrician ? Really? If i want to make molotov cocktail while using gasoline instead of whiskey I have to be an engineer? Really? This build is shit only new zombie respawning option is good.
  3. Molotova Cocktail now works. Who want make simple mod to create him?
  4. This is the best disco polo band in Poland !
  5. Yes, you are right but some of the events happening before the "total apocalypse " and should be visible in the game. ( 27:40 ) I would like to see more of these ideas in the game
  6. Looking at West Point and Muldraugh I wonder. It is the city after zombie apocalypse or amusement park ? This game needs a climate of the Zombie apocalypse ! -Broken windows -Burned houses -Burned bodies -Robbed stores -Tents in forest -Dead people and storylines (suicide, last battles, etc) One sentence: game must look like multiplayer!
  7. I installed some maps to my West Point KY and Muldraugh KY folders. Who can upload these folders in original size? (If I wrote in the wrong section , im sorry)
  8. Polish presentation Drayton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVOvkucOj_0
  9. Polish presentation this mod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBd3_Yq6rzQ&feature=youtu.be
  10. Hello, this is my sugesstions: ZOMBIE LORE: (new) Zombie horde mode: on/of -will sometimes attack a group of zombies, which over time will become very big Speed: Zombie mix: (10% are sprinters 70% fast Shamblers 20% shamblers) (you can also mix other features zombie creating poor sprinters And crawling Up Strong etc.) Transmission: - Only blood - Only saliva - Infected meat (see below) Infection Mortality : 2-3 days (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 2-3 days (You can survive if 'll survive 2-3 days) 1-2 weeks (You have a 20-30% chance to survive) 1-2 weeks (You can survive if 'll survive 1-2 weeks) ( can also be given antibiotics to cure zombification which are very rare) Infected meat: When you use " forage " in the forest you can find meat infected by zombies (rabitts, deers, etc)
  11. ZleZomboidy

    New City

    You enjoyed me very well because I'm Polish , and from Śląsk : D I hope that someone will take this project
  12. 1. On the first floor you can build a "flying the floor" 2. You can not put out the fire and is very bugged 3. Hammer after the destruction of the object does not leave anything 4. Texture, texture and texture again. Looks like a crowbar and baseball as a stone ax fire ax 5. Trapping is not useful at all.
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