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  1. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    My goal is to try long term with vehicles at this moment. I've already lost four saves in the attempt, so it's not that I don't know what I'm getting in to. But what I meant, is that I'll just wait for this particular bug to get fixed before I continue. No use in continuing right now when the bug that was obstructing my progress is not yet fixed.
  2. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I'll stop playing for now then, before I again get to a point where I'm in the process of securing a base, only to have my car with stuff in it launch into space.
  3. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Not a bug. Was a realistic feature. And sadly, it appears that vehicles already on a different z-axis remain there. I'll start a new save (again!) to confirm if the problem remains otherwise.
  4. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Please, please, please fix this bug. It's very game breaking when my car goes up floating on me while all my loot was stored in the back. The first time it happened, it was near the fire station and I could get my loot out using cheats. But now, it's floating near my safehouse.
  5. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    That may be intentional and not a bug. When that police car is driving behind you, and you look in your rear view mirror, the text will tead POLICE, because it is now mirrored. Some countries or departments use it. I'd paste an image of an ambulance that has it but I am on my phone. Just google "ambulance front" and you'll see.
  6. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I understand that, but police departments rarely change colour scheme for their vehicles. The LAPD (black and white) and NYPD (blue and white) for example have used the same colours for decades now. Thus a modern Muldraugh cruiser could give a hint to their livery in the 90's. There's not a lot of other sources available on Muldraugh PD... if you can call 4 officers that...
  7. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    This might be working as intended. Not all doors have a lock where only one side requires a key. In all honesty, I have rarely seen a lock in real life which requires a key on the outside but has a switch or something on the inside. And the times I saw it, I recall it being in a retirement home. Might be different for the USA, but I think it's pretty workable.
  8. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Based on the very grainy images google streetview gives, I'd concur with the white for Muldraugh PD. Although, in real life, Muldraugh does not really have a very big police department. From what I've been able to find, they right now employ 4 officers. So I don't think that real life can be a source here, since I think they don't have a dedicated squad car. I've been able to find an image of a West Point patrol car, which was all blue, no gold involved. On the topic of Knox County... I have found out that Knox County isn't anywhere near where the game is set. Knox County is here; Which is very close to the border Tennessee, to the south. The game is actually set in Meade County, which is here; Which would make it the Meade County Sheriff's Department. And those guys roll in silver cruisers.
  9. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    You actually beat me to linking this by just a minute. I think it'd be great if a few police cars could be turned dark blue, like the Kansas State Troopers occasionally have. But they primarily appear to have white patrol vehicles.
  10. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Like Lexx said, you are in the passenger seat. The 12 o'clock button is the "Swap seats" button, it'll get you in the driver seat and then you can start the car. The steering wheel is on the left side of the vehicles, since the game is set in the United States. There's no British vehicles.
  11. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    Well, if that's the case, I guess I am very much out of sync. As I was convinced that the majority of the community is like "Yeah fair enough" about the no to children and babies thing, because of the possible controversy surrounding it. Also, personal hygiene, in the form of having to go to the bathroom and things like that, is something a small minority wants. There's a broader interest in things like shaving, washing blood off (see animation video), but it's far from an outcry. Same deal for the zombie beasts (plz no). Though not explicitly written down, the virus affects humans, not animals. That's how the lore envisions it and I don't think that a whole lot of people want to see zombified bloodhounds. Wild animals to hunt or pets to care for are a different story I believe. The last point is the only one I can see a larger portion of people wanting, simply because it was g(l)orified in the first season of the walking dead. But that does not mean that the developers have to implement something like that, seeing as we have no explanation on why the zombies target living humans to begin with and as such, there's no guarantee that "camo" would work.
  12. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    Please name a few, since I've been unable to find any no's from the developers that the majority of the community has been screaming for.
  13. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Confirming that there's something wrong with the heater. Just started a game for the purpose of testing this. Temperature set to very cold and, for added coldness, took off all the clothes. Entered the vehicle on the "Freezing" moodle, started the engine, turned on the heater and started driving. Got hypothermia.
  14. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    You can press "N" to make the vehicle start. No need to open the radial menu.
  15. May Dayoid

    Perhaps an optional feature comparable to the way Zomboid handles reloading of firearms. I used to always have it on easy, until I discovered that I found manually loading magazines much more fun.