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  1. What exactly was this injury? Because I think that unnoticed injury became infected (not zombie infected but wound infection), which resulted in your eventual death.
  2. I was on my phone yesterday evening, so I couldn't really reply properly. The Kentucky National Guard would most certainly be the ones working with local law enforcement, those being Muldraugh, Rosewood, West Point or Louisville, in an attempt to maintain order. It's very probable that the Indiana National Guard would help as well, considering how close the Knox Event zone is to the state border. Seeing as the President ordered the quarantine, it's also highly probable that the National Guard is federalized and thus comes under United States Army command. However, both of the Kentucky and Indiana National Guards are part of the Army National Guard. The Army National Guard, to my best knowledge, only uses United States Army acquired equipment, not that of the United States Marine Corps. Yes, the USMC and the US Army use a lot of the same equipment. Both operate humvees, both operate the M1 Abrams, both forces used the M16 rifle as their primary firearm in the timeframe of the game. But aside from those, that's where a lot of the similarities end. Although I won't list each and every detail of the equipment, I can list a few differences. First of all, the United States Army uses the following two vehicles in the role of Armoured Personnel Carrier or Infantry Fighting Vehicle; The M113 The M2 Bradley. Both of these vehicles are in use with both the US Army and the Army National Guard. The following vehicles, are however not. The AAV 7 The LAV-25 (although technically a reconnaissance vehicle, it works for the comparison). Although I am most certainly not saying I wouldn't enjoy the game if the developers modeled a military vehicle after the LAV, I'd love if the attention to detail found in many parts of this game already was extended to the military, in that the proper vehicles are represented. But like you said, time will tell.
  3. Fort Knox was home to the US Army Armor School until 2010. It was /the/ number one place that had armoured vehicles because soldiers were being trained to operate them. That includes the US Marines. Also, the '92 LA riots are only a good example for the police and National Guard equipment. The actual US Army did not deploy en force during the riots, it was the Marine Corps that did. There is a difference between US Army and USMC equipment. I doubt the USMC would deploy to Muldraugh, seeing as an army base is right next to the door and there's no marine base close enough.
  4. The people who've seen me on discord will probably sigh "here he goes again" since I already repeatedly speculated and expressed my hopes for the military vehicles, long before they were even confirmed. But yes, here I go again! I hope the developers will be somewhat true to the roster of the US Army's vehicles of the time, especially since Fort Knox was a big deal for the army because of the Army Armor School there. And since the units stationed at Fort Knox during the era were pretty varied (armored, infantry and mechanized infantry) I hope we'll see a lot in the end. Though I am sure not in the next update, I hope the final roster is awesome. M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle M3A2 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle M113 Armored Personnel Carrier M998A1 Humvee (+variants) M35 2 1/2 ton truck M939 5 ton truck Let me dream please.
  5. I'd understand it if the character would get jump scared. Though if that is the case, then I'd consider it a bug that it does not happen when zombies pop around the corner. The sole incident I have had it happen is with the crawler.
  6. I've been noticing this over the past couple of weeks (and versions, with and without mods) of playing. At first I thought it might not be a bug, but now decided to report it anyway. The veteran profession has the desensitized perk, which means the character should be unable to become panicked in situations most characters do become panicked. I have however noticed that whenever I beat a zombie down that turns into a crawler, even a character with the desensitized perk becomes panicked. Seeing how groups of upwards of 30 zombies do not result in a veteran becoming panicked, I think it is a bug that a lone crawler can. The images below are from a modded vehicle branch run. Seeing as it is pretty hard to recreate this bug, since not every zombie will turn into a crawler, I couldn't get any non-modded/non-vehicle images.
  7. My goal is to try long term with vehicles at this moment. I've already lost four saves in the attempt, so it's not that I don't know what I'm getting in to. But what I meant, is that I'll just wait for this particular bug to get fixed before I continue. No use in continuing right now when the bug that was obstructing my progress is not yet fixed.
  8. I'll stop playing for now then, before I again get to a point where I'm in the process of securing a base, only to have my car with stuff in it launch into space.
  9. Not a bug. Was a realistic feature. And sadly, it appears that vehicles already on a different z-axis remain there. I'll start a new save (again!) to confirm if the problem remains otherwise.
  10. Please, please, please fix this bug. It's very game breaking when my car goes up floating on me while all my loot was stored in the back. The first time it happened, it was near the fire station and I could get my loot out using cheats. But now, it's floating near my safehouse.
  11. That may be intentional and not a bug. When that police car is driving behind you, and you look in your rear view mirror, the text will tead POLICE, because it is now mirrored. Some countries or departments use it. I'd paste an image of an ambulance that has it but I am on my phone. Just google "ambulance front" and you'll see.
  12. I understand that, but police departments rarely change colour scheme for their vehicles. The LAPD (black and white) and NYPD (blue and white) for example have used the same colours for decades now. Thus a modern Muldraugh cruiser could give a hint to their livery in the 90's. There's not a lot of other sources available on Muldraugh PD... if you can call 4 officers that...
  13. This might be working as intended. Not all doors have a lock where only one side requires a key. In all honesty, I have rarely seen a lock in real life which requires a key on the outside but has a switch or something on the inside. And the times I saw it, I recall it being in a retirement home. Might be different for the USA, but I think it's pretty workable.
  14. Based on the very grainy images google streetview gives, I'd concur with the white for Muldraugh PD. Although, in real life, Muldraugh does not really have a very big police department. From what I've been able to find, they right now employ 4 officers. So I don't think that real life can be a source here, since I think they don't have a dedicated squad car. I've been able to find an image of a West Point patrol car, which was all blue, no gold involved. On the topic of Knox County... I have found out that Knox County isn't anywhere near where the game is set. Knox County is here; Which is very close to the border Tennessee, to the south. The game is actually set in Meade County, which is here; Which would make it the Meade County Sheriff's Department. And those guys roll in silver cruisers.
  15. You actually beat me to linking this by just a minute. I think it'd be great if a few police cars could be turned dark blue, like the Kansas State Troopers occasionally have. But they primarily appear to have white patrol vehicles.