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  1. sounds like pileups/snarls to me. but theres no reason that properhighways wouldnt grow in with more mapping
  2. You're good at the game, though. I'm just letting the zed routines simmer for now. In the future, I want long distance flows from a major urban area. You wouldn't expect TWD atlanta in muldraugh kentucky. One thing I think that reallly holds back the current zombie threat is the cell system. Once you figure out where the imaginary borders are, you can really thin out groups by using their population dynamics against them. If you get a big group and carry them into a different cell, then split back to your home cell, they stand around dumb for a bit and then spread out into their current cell. Therefore if you get them JUST accross the border, they thin out into a more distant location. set up at a corner, and have them go into a diagonal site, they might as well be 600 tiles away in terms of how long it would take them to drift back to your safehouse door. Once this kicks in in a few months into the game, I find very little motion in places like muldraugh. The game simply won't be threatening until long range migration is in- the zed need to keep coming and keep coming in ever increasing numbers for them to matter, and I think thats exactly what is on the agenda for the game over the long term. In terms of making the zed something to be feared, two changes would have a considerable effect. 1. I want the groan to be a zed magnet. Every idle zed in eyeshot turn towards a groan and groan back, then start walking in that direction. 2. Base persistence of zed to walk in that direction can be increased. Once you figure out how to juke a group of zed they're pretty easy to manipulate. What needs to be enhanced is the zed persistence and tendency to follow one another in concentrated, dangerous groups.
  3. no complaints there- i think these options will flesh out more in time.
  4. I'm more worried about milk. What the hell why is there no milk?
  5. So i really like the 2 week shutoff. In fact, I want them to give the option to get the hard 2 wk shutoff in sandbox- I despise the 0-30 day range! I want my apocalypse consistent, clean, straightforward, and reliable. Power off at 2 weeks, no whiffs hands or butts.
  6. I can confirm that its wonky. You need 75 tiles from the traps and you CAN NOT violate that, apparently, which means trapping anywhere near your base is out. I set up a system where i basically set down stones from forraging as a path and literally set sown a line of 75 stones one tile at a time and made a road. I drew a line that I wouldn't cross and then ran down the 75 stones when it was time to do the trap work. THis worked i think but then I had a nasty run in with carpentry and that character died.
  7. Nice! Very useful to have all the recipes listed. I'm thinking about a couple item mods and its good to have a clear source of what all the interactions are. I've still been trying to figure out how nutrition effects weight. Is the 2000 calorie diet to be adhered to as a guideline for weight maintenance?
  8. This program is terrific. Once I learned the software it opened up modding to me. My whole problem is syntax. I don't know what any of the functions are named or how to deploy them. This software totally eliminates that hurdle and lets the creativity come out instead. 10 points. Question. I want to stop a stock item from appearing in the world because i've replaced it with items created through Itemzed. Is there a way to do that in my pure "itemzed" mod or do I have to expand my knowledge base further? FURTHER QUESTION: Lets say I have 300 new items that I have to set up distributions for. Is it possible to categorize them all as a particular class, do the distributions based on that class (so each roll of that class would then pick one of the particular items that falls under the category) Basically, I'm creating a collectables mod, and I want to set up distributions for the collectables, but then extending the list of collectables means i have to add every one to all the distributions again. I would like shelves to have the chance to spawn 1 of any collectable, not have X number of chances to spawn Y number of items, all of which might be collectables in the list. Do you see what i'm getting at? Its tricky.
  9. Hi all, Despite quite a bit of computer experience and time in PZ, i'm not really a modder, and never took to programming. That said, with the advent of the itemzed tool and a little spit and polish with the tutorials, I figure I should be able to get items in the game sometime this weekend. I'm going to blather on a bit about my project, and I'd be happy to field C&C or indicators of problems in scope, whatever. My project is to modify books, replacing the "book" consumable with a variety of different titles and page lengths and get the distribution and ratios set. The initial concept is to make regular books function like skill books, with different titles and page numbers. Thus once a player has read a title, they are driven to locate a novel book to continue the game. I see this tying into an overhaul of the boredom system, making books and other old media (CDs and mixtapes) a late game factor driving exploration and raiding, and community libraries, but I digress. For now, I want a way to easily create the content and get them distributed into the worlds, and then hopefully being able to simply expand the number of book items to create more books that could pop up in the world, using the distribution edit features to create some that tend to be found only in libraries. I have a key question for the scope of this attempt. It appears to be straightforward to add pages from skillbooks to regular books. But I don't know how thats actually going to work in the wild, because skillbooks train a skill. I can leave that function off in itemzed, but I wondered whether there need to be a commensurate but hidden "skill trained" variable-- creating a ghost skill level tree that gets progressed as the player reads books? Ultimately, I figure I can hack that into an achievements screen somewhere that imitates progression in the regular skill tree but is collectible related, but now you see the scope of my project will grow way outside my experience limits. For now, I really just want to remove the old book item and replace it from an expandable selection of titles, but require that each be read cover to cover to obtain any benefit.
  10. I've also seen this pop up now and again.
  11. The trick is right click to use. The reason for this is the sheer number of people who were falling out of windows and over railings because of the e button. I've been caught by hordes i was burning before, or bitten from a quiet zed in a closet, but most of my deaths are from falling. The disable of climb on the second floor has therefore been a huge help. I think theres a way to force E climb but I'm not sure if thats legit. edit oh oops
  12. ill come out against a tile based inventory. too many items, too complicated. it might be workable to have a tile based equipment screen, especially when we get helmets and hats armor and magic dragon summoning necklaces, but that would be too much stuff to click around on, in my opinion. What I'd really like to see is an auto-sort-auto-store feature, where you can dump all the random stuff you find into a big bin, and it sort of sorts itself out into a range of containers by type or purpose.
  13. changed version to: Build 35, changed operating system to: Windows,
  14. To reproduce: destroy wall. build wall frame > window add sheetrope. right click context menu must be used to climb through. pre-existing windows work correctly using "e"