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  1. This is a neat idea. Its important to note that in a low tech hunter gatherer lifestyle one individual needs about 10 sq kilometers of forage terrain. With basic subsistence agriculture that goes down to less than 1 White tailed deer almost went extinct because of over hunting a hundred years ago. hunting seasons had to be created because we can very easily kill everything- ultimately this tendency is what makes zombie apocalypse impossible- humans are really good at killing shit. See the punt gun, which had to be banned or else we wouldn't have ducks today. I ultimately think realistic lifecycles and reproductive rates would have to apply for wildlife only in mods. The game itself would probably use a "forage %" and populate the background with animals depending on the %, and then they'd build back up over time. Maybe you see them , maybe you dont, the likely hood of finding them is linked to the %, so you can overhunt a zone and have to spread out but it will grow back without directly modeling wildlife babymaking.
  2. it may b e the point, frankly. if some asshole 2 blocks over sets off an alarm while you're sleeping, zombies might try to get to the sound through your house. Or if theres a running gunbattle on your nice quiet street between two idiots suddenly you have a huge problem and maybe even have to abandon the crops and bug out. theres an aspect to insanity that I really like. Zed are like weather; they blow through with varying ferocity. if large, noisy groups running many cars in large, established bases are impossible to play with because of the zed attraction to such outposts, maybe thats just part of it! I look forward to seeing how it all shakes out.
  3. ouch! haha I'm hoping migration patterns for deer and other wildlife tend to follow erosion. At first, the city spaces are largely devoid of deer... but as the grass and trees infiltrate, the deer can start migrating into town.
  4. i have a hunch that as the development continues, zeds will be more attractable generally. I have a feeling they declared them "good enough" to get the rest of the content in but as development continues there will be a push to do more with the zed. The addition of true-night will connect with the attraction in interesting ways i think. side note: in a world with no sound, you'd be amazed how far away you can detect the sound and vibration of a vehicle. its in the background in our world, but if you've ever lived near a major road (i spent the weekend overlooking a road with 50 mph traffic, that was LOUD when a car would come by in the middle of the night)
  5. i won't ask for sliders for the food because with itemzed, the modding tool, its really straight forward to modify them to give them shelf lives.
  6. ooo how do you feel about the fact they're adding corpse burial and sickness from corpses? This place might just be completely unlivable in the next versions
  7. Maybe. I think the designers would have to decide how to do it. The process of replacing one tile with another over time- after one year in game, most of the roads are broken and the houses are all covered with vines. SO it makes sense after a few years that most of the refrigerators won't work-unless you got new ones from electronics stores maybe? the land gets very ugly after 1 year. This is why i think sprites should change only when "NPC" characters or human characters are within 60 tiles, and the longer you're there, the more likely it is that the house would get look more "used". Many more sprites could be added so that every object could have many "looks." Maybe the bullet hole fridge becomes "broken" but the one with magnets works perfectly. Or they all keep working. Or they wear out over time and get ugly the more you use them!
  8. Actually, the erosion system is already in. In certain urban centers, you could have these features appearing as "erosion" of urban sprites. It might look a little choppy, so perhaps it could be tied to NPC activity. For example, the longer the NPCs were dicking about in a house, the more of this stuff would replace the original sprites.
  9. This is a very exciting update, team, good job. Two points i'd like to raise: 1. Can dirty, worn out clothing make for some really shitty bandages? 2. I love the idea of pitch black nights, but it would be really really really cool if there the lunar cycle were added for night, so even in all black conditions you can still get a full moon, occasionally.
  10. On this topic, is there any way to do a replaceonuse (self) without having to specify the precise module.itemid every time? I've recently added 500 items to the game and its going to be a hassle adding the replaceonuse ( item id ) to all of them
  11. Wells could be made available only through a highly leveled community of players creating an endgame benefit to collecting an engineer, an electrician, a metalworker, a carpenter, a mason, and a couple more. Just blatantly make it unconstructable without 5 distinct professions leveled up to max or something.
  12. this is a fantastic idea. i havne't much gotten into the scenarios. I don't really like how the mall works, for example (too short of a time before the doors open.) but i like the idea of being able to run scenarios like this and then have a normal game on the outside. I think thats exactly where they're going with it for the various tutorials that have been removed (kate+baldspot, i never liked that scenario much but that concept could be extended to a wide variety of scenarios all looking at the knox event from that perspective)
  13. @Butter Bot might be able to navigate to the correct Power that Be to help, if he pops in and takes a peep
  14. Oh sweet child... your available time will halve every five years.
  15. A big whole indeed. I want the devs to continue working on zomboid until they're done, and the things that you seem to feel are so important are far less so to me than they are to you. That doesn't make your opinions invalid, but if you want to play games that are finished, don't buy early access games.