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  1. @Butter Bot might be able to navigate to the correct Power that Be to help, if he pops in and takes a peep
  2. Oh sweet child... your available time will halve every five years.
  3. A big whole indeed. I want the devs to continue working on zomboid until they're done, and the things that you seem to feel are so important are far less so to me than they are to you. That doesn't make your opinions invalid, but if you want to play games that are finished, don't buy early access games.
  4. i think they interpreted it as that 37 would move to the regular branch and 38 would open up on iwbums
  5. OK theres a bug here. I am 90% sure of it. Ive encountered it in multiple ways. Maybe @butterbot can help us. I see this a lot with items that are in the freezer but when you use them in a recipe they come into your inventory as rotten and do not contribute to said recipe. This appears to be circumventable by first transferring said items to your inventory and THEN incorporating it into the recipe. Another way i see this emerge is in unpleasent bread. "stale" bread seems to make inedible sandwiches "-20 -20" stats, despite being nonrotten and using fresh ingredients with it. I havent found circumvention for this one.
  6. This is neat and could definitely be frustrating. I would have no idea how to start a motor in this way. My parents have agenerator in case of power outage in the winter-- i've never even seen it because I moved to a warmer climate. If i went home to KY in the winter and tried to start it, I'd be hella confused and possibly dumb enough to turn it on inside (thank goodness for pz teaching us that that is deadly this is beyond my modding capability but everything you suggest seems mostly incorporable. the items and involved recipes would be preparable through itemzed in a fairly straightforward way. There would need to be the scripting put in through lua to handle the various conditions but from my vantage it looks like nothing more than a bunch of if then statements from here edit: current mondoid (eastoid) suggests trouble starting a car will already be coded. it may be straightforward to port that to generators with some tricky coding, depending on how it gets implemented in lua.
  7. there is totally a mod that does this that you should see. check out FEAR THE RAIN on steam workshop there is therefore triggers in that code that should do what you want. As you develop it more I would love to collaborate - i'm working on a fun "magic" mod. Anything you develop on your end might be incorporable directly as spells that come from gathering rare items and doing a little alchemy-- perhaps some side effects of this is that the zombies mutate as you do more magic...
  8. in that case they shouldnt' have given us such effective mod tools. muahahahahahahahahhahaAHHASHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH *cough* *cough* *hack* ugh ok im ok sheesh
  9. I'm working on a literature mod and one of the peskier problems i'm having with basic functionality is that the books dissappear after use. My desired functionality is: a, Book delivers benefit per page b. book stays in inventory when finished (like a skillbook). Its quite confusing sorting out how pz decides whether to consume the item in question or not. as before, the skillbooks do not have the replace on use (self) feature. Now i can go through and addkey addval pairs with replace on use and, but this is time consuming. My real question here is why the skill books aren't consumed and can I take advantage of that mechanism instead?
  10. After seeing some of whats possible with modding, I think "beard hair" could totally be an item returned from the player. We need to mod in some kind of timer that goes to a hundred, and a recipe that keeps the razor and uses it to zero that timer, returning 1 beard hair for every month, perhaps? See Don't Starve for ideas of what to do with beard hair. If someone can help me mod in the timer that fills the beard hair, its straightforward to do the rest and then we can integrate it into a necronomicon mod.
  11. This is a neat idea. What triggers have you considered? Have you made any progress?
  12. one thing i've wondered about is the idea of "setpieces." For comparison, check out don't starve, where you can find certain nifty little spots with charachteristic items and strctures. Thats basically how this kind of content distributes already. Finding a home with four corpses hanging in the breeze might be made something that just sort of randomly pops up
  13. I think theres been talk about redoing some aspects of the moodles, so most of this is on pause since its moodle time. However, i love the idea of the nasty cold vs regular cold. As I age, my illnesses get worse. I had the flu or something this year, and that took me out of comission for a week and I needed to consume 3 bottles of nyquil type medicine to get through it. Now we add such an illness to the char that makes a real effect on fighting/speed/sound (sick ppl r useless almost unless super stressed) and suddenly the need to get to pharmacies really makes a lot of sense. Other illnesses could also hit, requiring the need for diversification of medicine type (eg antibiotic, cold, flu) and of course the medicines would only work per type, and it would take first aid skill to diagnose which type you needed. For antibiotics you need to take the whole course or the infection can come back and surprise kill you five days later. Lastly, medicine overdose. No -2 fatigue vitamin popping, here. Once the moodles are reimplemented or we're fairly confident the system is "doneish", and we have control over all the various values and tickers, all of this could be done as a mod.
  14. my favorite guy is the guy that killed himself with the shotgun pistol. (3 shotgun shells + pistol) its like, blammo, man although for gameplay purposes id rather have matching gun ammo combo
  15. @GHawkins What I have to tell you both is that its probably mostly related to your file structures. If you have it set up wrong, it won't work and a lot of the stuff you feel like should be doing things wont. Its because steam has a mods folder for workshop mods, and then the users folder has mods and the users workshop folder has a slightly different structure for uploading the mods. It took me about three days of sessions of picking at it before I got things loading right. I do all my modding in the users/mods (NOT the steam folders). In order to get the file structure right, i strongly advise the create new mod feature. Then you can compare your mod you can't get to load.