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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    I just thought of a suggestion. What about heaters! When the hot cold mechanics are fully implemented-- how cool would it be to find a car with A/C or heat? Might save your life. I'd say to the every day person the auto is the simplest and most convenient heater they have available.
  2. Rise of the Baboon

    Spiffo suit confirmed
  3. DrivPZr

    i won't ask for sliders for the food because with itemzed, the modding tool, its really straight forward to modify them to give them shelf lives.
  4. Ideas about an amazing fashion?

    Maybe. I think the designers would have to decide how to do it. The process of replacing one tile with another over time- after one year in game, most of the roads are broken and the houses are all covered with vines. SO it makes sense after a few years that most of the refrigerators won't work-unless you got new ones from electronics stores maybe? the land gets very ugly after 1 year. This is why i think sprites should change only when "NPC" characters or human characters are within 60 tiles, and the longer you're there, the more likely it is that the house would get look more "used". Many more sprites could be added so that every object could have many "looks." Maybe the bullet hole fridge becomes "broken" but the one with magnets works perfectly. Or they all keep working. Or they wear out over time and get ugly the more you use them!
  5. Ideas about an amazing fashion?

    Actually, the erosion system is already in. In certain urban centers, you could have these features appearing as "erosion" of urban sprites. It might look a little choppy, so perhaps it could be tied to NPC activity. For example, the longer the NPCs were dicking about in a house, the more of this stuff would replace the original sprites.
  6. DrivPZr

    This is a very exciting update, team, good job. Two points i'd like to raise: 1. Can dirty, worn out clothing make for some really shitty bandages? 2. I love the idea of pitch black nights, but it would be really really really cool if there the lunar cycle were added for night, so even in all black conditions you can still get a full moon, occasionally.
  7. [SOLVED] ReplaceOnUse not working

    On this topic, is there any way to do a replaceonuse (self) without having to specify the precise module.itemid every time? I've recently added 500 items to the game and its going to be a hassle adding the replaceonuse ( item id ) to all of them
  8. building a well

    Wells could be made available only through a highly leveled community of players creating an endgame benefit to collecting an engineer, an electrician, a metalworker, a carpenter, a mason, and a couple more. Just blatantly make it unconstructable without 5 distinct professions leveled up to max or something.
  9. Game mode: prison escape

    this is a fantastic idea. i havne't much gotten into the scenarios. I don't really like how the mall works, for example (too short of a time before the doors open.) but i like the idea of being able to run scenarios like this and then have a normal game on the outside. I think thats exactly where they're going with it for the various tutorials that have been removed (kate+baldspot, i never liked that scenario much but that concept could be extended to a wide variety of scenarios all looking at the knox event from that perspective)
  10. Overriding java code with lua?

    @Butter Bot might be able to navigate to the correct Power that Be to help, if he pops in and takes a peep
  11. Eastoid

    Oh sweet child... your available time will halve every five years.
  12. Eastoid

    A big whole indeed. I want the devs to continue working on zomboid until they're done, and the things that you seem to feel are so important are far less so to me than they are to you. That doesn't make your opinions invalid, but if you want to play games that are finished, don't buy early access games.
  13. Impendin' 37

    i think they interpreted it as that 37 would move to the regular branch and 38 would open up on iwbums
  14. 5 Cents on ENGINE STARTER SPRAY and the Generator

    This is neat and could definitely be frustrating. I would have no idea how to start a motor in this way. My parents have agenerator in case of power outage in the winter-- i've never even seen it because I moved to a warmer climate. If i went home to KY in the winter and tried to start it, I'd be hella confused and possibly dumb enough to turn it on inside (thank goodness for pz teaching us that that is deadly this is beyond my modding capability but everything you suggest seems mostly incorporable. the items and involved recipes would be preparable through itemzed in a fairly straightforward way. There would need to be the scripting put in through lua to handle the various conditions but from my vantage it looks like nothing more than a bunch of if then statements from here edit: current mondoid (eastoid) suggests trouble starting a car will already be coded. it may be straightforward to port that to generators with some tricky coding, depending on how it gets implemented in lua.
  15. Changing zombie lore during a game

    there is totally a mod that does this that you should see. check out FEAR THE RAIN on steam workshop there is therefore triggers in that code that should do what you want. As you develop it more I would love to collaborate - i'm working on a fun "magic" mod. Anything you develop on your end might be incorporable directly as spells that come from gathering rare items and doing a little alchemy-- perhaps some side effects of this is that the zombies mutate as you do more magic...