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  1. This may pop up with "more clothes" after the animation update, but 758 Items can be equipped on the person - "key ring, watch, etc." thereby not cluttering up the inventory screen
  2. Towel and Dishtowel as Fuel

    Im hoping that clothing cleanliness impacts relationships with NPCs. Gotta have clean underwear if you ever want to settle down with a nice girl that doesn't want to eat your brains.
  3. Strawberries How you guys feel?

    Haha, found the "veteran" with "desensitized" Yes- the cook profession gets 2/10 levels. underscores that level zero should be able to do squat may be too much overhaul at this time for the devs.
  4. Strawberries How you guys feel?

    I dont disagree with that either, but in the case of zomboid, we're running around the apocalypse with the dead walking, scared shitless, and not depressed at all. Depression needs to be massively buffed as it is presently a nonissue- any lonliness\sadness aquired by future noninteraction with NPCs will be rendered moot by eating a handful of fresh strawberries, or 9 leaves of raw cabbage in a bowl. Farming fresh food and otherwise obtaining it is quite easy in zomboid even for an exceptionally low level character. I usually have 8 plots of potatoes in the ground on day 3 just for the farming skill. Meanwhile, wars were fought for salt and pepper in antiquity. Years ago i read a book on nuclear apocalypse, called Alas, Babylon. Not bad. At one point in the book the author comments that the salt ran out at some point. And in the "marketplace" of traders that had developed in the little town, the traders were all shuffling around "like zombies" because there was no salt and it was making people batty. So in my above rant I was perhaps a little overly dramatic, but I would say that hunger is a necessity- you gotta eat, eating is the most important. Variety fights boredom. But its seasoning that makes you happy. You can survive just fine without seasoning or variety, but you have to mitigate the boredom or unhappiness by other game mechanisms which are at present underutilized. This can all be done with a food overhaul mod so its not like i'm suggesting anybody do anything about this, and someday I might even bother to do it myself. After I figure out how to make books cause an effect per page rather than on completion...
  5. Strawberries How you guys feel?

    Totally what i'm on about! You can eat boring food and survive, but to thrive, you gotta cook Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, herbs, or unhappiness
  6. Strawberries How you guys feel?

    At first I was all WHO CARES but on reflection, fuck strawberries. Allow me to elaborate. The food system as written is super easy mode. Food provides happiness and boredom bonuses that far outstrip anything you lose from normal gameplay. Have you ever really been unhappy? Like, without TRYING to be unhappy? No, because you get a cabbage and put some in a bowl and eat it for +5 happiness. Do it five times and you just got over the grief of having to club your grandmother to death with a crowbar. All preparable food items do this. The only time you'd actually be unhappy as a semi-experienced player is starvation in the deep winter. with strawberries, you don't even have to put em in a bowl. its like instant antidepressants- which work properly, by gradually making you less depressed over many days, as opposed to strawberries, which are apparently cocaine mixed with SOMA. So how would I change strawberries, and food in general? Basically, eating should be utter _misery._ A baked potato has 161 calories IRL. Lets stick with a baked potato, because I almost guarantee anyone who reads this has never eaten a raw potato right out of the ground. You ever try to eat a baked potato with no butter, salt, or pepper? Fucking sucks. Now try eating 15 of them for your caloric needs for the day. The severe intestinal distress this would cause someone aside, you'd be fucking bored as hell and miserable. Even with salt pepper and butter, but its almost inedible without at least the salt and pepper. And of course hunger matters too-- if you're actually starving, things would be different. But lets talk about the normal gameplay where you are basically never hungry because you can eat nothing but cabbage for happiness. Sure, you can get a bump from chips, candybars, high calorie comfort food, mac and cheese, and so on. Frankly, even tv dinner should give a bonus to happiness, not a malus. However, a raw cabbage, raw carrot, and raw potato salad should give -30 happiness. Salt AND pepper to bring it to -20. Cook it all and add salt and pepper to get to -10. add Mayo to turn it neutral. You'd need cooking skill and more ingredients to go positive. Side note: cooking skill level two should be the minimum to make boiled pasta and rice without screwing it up and making it terrible. So if we overhauled the food system to be baseline misery, youd NEED those antidepressants just to live off vegetables. Trappping and fishing becomes essential two months in as the quick bumps from candybars run out and all the food is rotten. So, fuck strawberries. But even with this change, strawberries should be an easy source of happy neutral food. You don't get a lot of calories, but they never should make you unhappy until they're rotten.
  7. RESOLVED Ok I figured it out. 1. MayonnaiseFull=1 is insufficient. You need the module too, and for some reason, mayo is in the farming module, so the RESULT line should read: farming.MayonnaiseFull=1 2. You do not need the LUA. I suspect that was needed in earlier builds when you wanted to spawn multiple items or something. Now on to making powdered milk work.
  8. Hello All, I'm using ItemZED to work on an item mod. The idea is that an unopened bottle of mayo is shelf stable and found on grocery shelves, and can then be opened to give a full, perishable bottle of standard mayo. this enables good sammies later in the game. First, heres the candypackage and recipe i'm imitating ' However, the LuaCode for the candy package using the OnCreate (string) line does not seem to correspond to what happens in game. In game, you create the lollipops. However, the luacode called by oncreate shows the following, and does not create mint candy. function OpenCandyPackage_OnCreate(items, result, player) player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); end I've tried my own codes, with and without the functions. my function: function OpenMayoPackage_OnCreate(items, result, player) player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MayonnaiseFull"); end and heres my item currently. I've had the corresponding oncreate line in there too, but it didn't seem to do anything. I get the correct context, but no MayonnaiseFull is created when I execute the recipe.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I didn't note in my original quickie post that this was on a CONVERTED game. As near as I can tell, anything with a closable trunk has become inaccessible after updating the world to 34.1. Normally I'd just grin and bear it and play with pickup trucks, but I had 25 gas cans in step vans when I converted. My only option now is to wreck the trunk and then drive around to drop the items on the ground. too tedious
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    34.1 bleeding quick healing: if you acquire a bleeding scratch, you can bandage it, and then when the bleeding stops, the wound will be fully healed when you remove the bandage.
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    34.1: Van trunks appear to be not accessible with or without the key, or with or without popping the trunk.
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    that looks like a bingo solution.
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    There are a few odd places where the graphics drawing order still seems a little "squidgy." heres one at mccoy where the girders are not drawn correctly. Also, i've noticed that some windows don't give the "add sheet" functionality from inside- you have to navigate to outside the building and add the curtains there. not sure what causes that.
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I've noticed far fewer locked cars in build 30. This seems strange. Also, for a first-day event, WAY too many cars are out of gas. Pristine cars under awnings or in the bank parkinglot? siphoned dry. This makes sense for six months later, but on day one most of the cars might be expected to have some gas, as the gas stations still work... I don't mind that half the cars have crappy tires and are on a quarter tank because its kentucky, and believe me my car was crappy, but it did always have at least a quarter tank.