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  1. Not a bug report. Basically crashing the game, probably from a combination of out of memory + wakeup from sleep, causes time to be lost on reloading. This might be exploited to savescum a character original post: This is a strange bug that seemed strange until I mostly reanalyzed it. I report it only because it was a crash/reload error. Im on the current test branch version. i run some itemzed mods (not hydrocraft) My game sometimes run slow on wakeup. I'm on a solid state drive and usually multitask a lot, so when it "wakes back up" sometimes i get some temporary game stutter. whatever, i live with it. Basically I was killing time and decided to shoot some zed. I attracted a very large crowd. They were all aggroed. and i was gonna toss a molotov. Then my wife came in, and i left for a while, and i came back and woke the computer up. The computer was very slow on wakeup. I left again and came back, and pz had crashed. I was nervous to come back in knowing the zed would be there, so i was steeled. Game started and i was in as near as I can tell the same spot, time shifted forward several hours (it was daylight when i paused) and it was now evening. No zed at all, and just a few in the cell. no bodies.
  2. This may pop up with "more clothes" after the animation update, but 758 Items can be equipped on the person - "key ring, watch, etc." thereby not cluttering up the inventory screen
  3. Im hoping that clothing cleanliness impacts relationships with NPCs. Gotta have clean underwear if you ever want to settle down with a nice girl that doesn't want to eat your brains.
  4. RESOLVED Ok I figured it out. 1. MayonnaiseFull=1 is insufficient. You need the module too, and for some reason, mayo is in the farming module, so the RESULT line should read: farming.MayonnaiseFull=1 2. You do not need the LUA. I suspect that was needed in earlier builds when you wanted to spawn multiple items or something. Now on to making powdered milk work.
  5. Hello All, I'm using ItemZED to work on an item mod. The idea is that an unopened bottle of mayo is shelf stable and found on grocery shelves, and can then be opened to give a full, perishable bottle of standard mayo. this enables good sammies later in the game. First, heres the candypackage and recipe i'm imitating ' However, the LuaCode for the candy package using the OnCreate (string) line does not seem to correspond to what happens in game. In game, you create the lollipops. However, the luacode called by oncreate shows the following, and does not create mint candy. function OpenCandyPackage_OnCreate(items, result, player) player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MintCandy"); end I've tried my own codes, with and without the functions. my function: function OpenMayoPackage_OnCreate(items, result, player) player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.MayonnaiseFull"); end and heres my item currently. I've had the corresponding oncreate line in there too, but it didn't seem to do anything. I get the correct context, but no MayonnaiseFull is created when I execute the recipe.
  6. I didn't note in my original quickie post that this was on a CONVERTED game. As near as I can tell, anything with a closable trunk has become inaccessible after updating the world to 34.1. Normally I'd just grin and bear it and play with pickup trucks, but I had 25 gas cans in step vans when I converted. My only option now is to wreck the trunk and then drive around to drop the items on the ground. too tedious
  7. 34.1 bleeding quick healing: if you acquire a bleeding scratch, you can bandage it, and then when the bleeding stops, the wound will be fully healed when you remove the bandage.
  8. 34.1: Van trunks appear to be not accessible with or without the key, or with or without popping the trunk.
  9. that looks like a bingo solution.
  10. There are a few odd places where the graphics drawing order still seems a little "squidgy." heres one at mccoy where the girders are not drawn correctly. Also, i've noticed that some windows don't give the "add sheet" functionality from inside- you have to navigate to outside the building and add the curtains there. not sure what causes that.
  11. I've noticed far fewer locked cars in build 30. This seems strange. Also, for a first-day event, WAY too many cars are out of gas. Pristine cars under awnings or in the bank parkinglot? siphoned dry. This makes sense for six months later, but on day one most of the cars might be expected to have some gas, as the gas stations still work... I don't mind that half the cars have crappy tires and are on a quarter tank because its kentucky, and believe me my car was crappy, but it did always have at least a quarter tank.
  12. I think deeper moodles are totally something that can be done. Tying it to shortsighted/hearing is an interesting way to make things manifest. I look forward to the stress moodle being tied more in game too- especially to the sounds of zed, so if you're really stressed out, you start hearing shit...
  13. seriously yep this is so much wilder. I love the ideas of car/house alarms being insane in the early days. I've abandoned three homes on the first night. I AM having a couple weird problems though. Gas canisters started filling funny. Something goes "off" and then you mostly get 0% gas cans. Sometimes picking a different pump can help. I closed to main menu and reloaded, same behavior. I closed the game and it crashed. I restarted and reloaded the game and it ran really choppy.
  14. @Connall oh wow what a great idea. I have been doing item mods using itemzed. I would love it if the following could be implemented for the replaceonuse function: ReplaceOnUse = self The specific case is mostly for the less moddery like me to do more elaborate mods. While it is feasible to call a ReplaceOnUse and put in the item name, this can become tedious if you want to make hundreds of items have this behavior and dont do a lot of lua scripting. If you just have replace on use self you can set it trivially to lots of items in itemzed. For a matter of scale, I am implementing 1000 items in itemzed and its just not manageable.
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