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  1. Random building

    Looks like Military barraks or some sort of crazy cult hideout or something
  2. WordZed

    Ive downloaded it, its really good, but weird not hearing General McGrew making the same statement until the world ends
  3. Sorry man, didnt know
  4. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Im having the same problem, the sound was annoying at first but now its gone it sort of kills it for me, anyone els had this problem?
  5. Its a birth defect where the zygote gets an extra set of male chromosomes which makes language and speach more difficult
  6. Behold the Thursdoid

    "I wish it need not have happend in my life" - Frodo
  7. How to edit zombies?

    There should be some pretty good modding tutorials on youtube but the way i would go about it is find out if the zombies sight value is a number and set it to 0 or if its string find a way around it, i have no experince with LUA but it doesnt sound too hard, or there is the mod where it makes you blind, with the modders permission you could probably use some code from that to see how he does it. Edit: http://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html this is the manual for LUA, Have fun.
  8. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I get that, it tends to be more when you get out of a car and imediately run and kill a zombie, but getting in and out of the car fixes it
  9. Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

    You have my frying pan!
  10. Looking for a team.

    I love PZ and have played PZ for around 180 hours, but all of them have been offline, is there any survivors who want to play together, its getting a little lonely in west point being the only living person in all of america and all... If anyone wants to play let me know, you can be a noob or a veteran idc