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  1. Seconded, I hope you can make vinegar in the future seeing as humans have been preserving food for milennia. I haven't played build 30, but I hope that drying meats shacks will be introduced for meats and vegetables for example. There are mods for this, but i prefer an official solution in the game. Hum, thirded? I too want to know how to do that.
  2. Not quite. Copyright isn't about you making money from someone else's IP, it's more about you denying them the opportunity to make money from it. For example, copying media and giving it away won't make you any money, but it will allow people to access the copyright holder's material without paying, thus denying them income. However Trademark is somewhat difference, and I don't particularly know much about it's scope and limitations. Oh ok, I hadn't noticed it from the other point of view.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but copyrights laws and stuff only apply when you are using another mark, without permission, and making money with it, isn't?
  4. Is the map size really only 4mb? And where exactly is the military area?
  5. My mom's family came from Italy and I was born in Brazil, definately loud, friends say I can not whisper. If you die at midnight, would you regret something you have done today?
  6. As your nickname is "Avenger", I think this one suits you very well.
  7. When anime figures conquered earth in 2053, people's eyes turned so big that we could not use glasses anymore. The only way to survive at that time was to fight each other during 3 seasons and 23 episodes for no known reason. Unfortunately, our swords were too bright for our eyes, and as we did not have glasses, the only way to fight was to not fight. Therefore, with no fight within the Earth, the gates opened to a new civilization, with cute and big eyes, where everyone had cats and died due their allergies. I wish I was an astronaut.
  8. But the thing is: people will decide either to make an OP crew or make a crew which work together/a crew which follows the player will or needs (see as a medic expert, engineer, cooking chef, etc). The second part is what would make the game interesting, to create your own storyline, try to see this thread idea as a "you can either do x or y", you don't have to make an OP crew, even if you have the power to do so. That would be cool also, it would bring to the game new ways of playing, like missions and storylines created by the own player. Today what we can do in-game is basically "I'll have to go to x place and secure that place", "I must stay in my first house and clean the neighborhood". With NPCs we would have some interesting missions like "I have to get my brother to our uncle's farm the fast as possible".
  9. Oh that's nice. And actually I think it'd be possible, just like the animation of climbing fences/windows, it's something the player can not interrupt after started (correct me if I am wrong).
  10. You have a point when you talk about the person's consciousness, but The Walking Dead taught me that every time you see a zombie you should stumble at something and then fall. Jokes aside, it would be cool to have a trait or something related to nervousness and conscious of the character, I know that there's an "emotion" that happens every time you see a big amount of zombie, I forgot the name right now, but it works as if the character was scared/amazed by the situation, I just don't know if this modifies the character's speed.
  11. Exactly, if you have a farm 5x5 (a good size for profit), and the game settings at 1 hour = 1 day in game, it's kind hard to take care of everything, since we have to use fertilizer and keep the farm wet/keep checking them. It's not a big deal because it's realistic, I think it's just the way that people choose to play, in my mind if someone starts a farm it's because he/she already have a safe house and etc.
  12. Nice, is it a raccoon or a squirrel? Would be possible to do one of those vesting an apron and holding a frying pan? This would show a most "friendly" way of the game haha
  13. That would be a paradise on WP warehouse, the big one next to the main avenue. Would also be very cool to move objects to block entrances and windows.
  14. Is the sniper rifle (remington) compatible with the scopes in game? Actually, are the weapons compatible with the addons in game?
  15. gorolho

    Making my Hometown

    POIs I'm curious how many tiles do you think this map will take. I'm also curious to whether or not there is a limit. The area of the city itself is 6.41mi2 I'm looking forward for it, keep us updated
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