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  1. More character's appearence options.

    I'm pretty sure with the animation update there will be more character customization options, however, if that's not enough i'm sure there will be a few mods for it. I know of one person that will be making a hair mod once it releases.
  2. Name Changes and Account Issues

    I'd like my name changed to Lunar_Wolfie if at all possible
  3. Animation videos

    That's just what I was looking for. Thanks a ton.
  4. Animation videos

    I'm just wondering if there is a dedicated place for all of the animation videos that have been released so far? It's kind of a pain to go through endless mondoids/thursdoids to try to find them.
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    I know this isn't the place for suggestions but I feel like footprints could be a cool thing to be added into this build.
  6. Feedback from a casual gamer

    I am definitely down for some smexy UI, also really like the idea for goals.
  7. (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    That's not a bad idea actually.
  8. (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    I actually kind of like it how it is now, I never enjoyed having huge patches of grass on pavement.
  9. Sway of Things

  10. Sway of Things

    Now all we need is some good ol' animated water.
  11. Climate Change

    Would puddles be a thing that could be feasible?
  12. Ambient sounds change with seasons

    I didn't know this was something I wanted.
  13. Police Cruiser Textures

    I second that.
  14. M'aiq's Buildings / Custom tiles Thread.

    I'm taking a break for a little while but once I get back to making some tiles I'll make a few kinds of body bags. I'm not entirely sure how the taller trees are handled but I will look into it at some point i'm sure.
  15. Police Cruiser Textures

    Awesome to hear that these may come out with a mod, I'm not sure if this is possible yet but I was wondering if you could take the new modern car and slap some sirens on top of it since it looks similar to a crown vic. I might try doing that or modeling a crown vic myself but I have no idea how I would access the current vehicle models for scale.