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  1. Amazing work dude, I would love to see some animated water effects if you are planning on doing that.
  2. Can I get my name changed To M'aiq The Liar?
  3. The devs need to add this to the base game, Awesome mod.
  4. Thank you SO much, That's like the only place I didn't look.
  5. Last I heard of this was when they mentioned that a building will only cutaway once you enter it that way the game world wont always be cut in half, I'm extremely excited for more information on this.
  6. animals

    Once animations are out the door they have said they will let us in on some details of the upcoming feature's, That includes animals.
  7. Some feedback: In my opinion the police car shouldn't be all white, It makes it look really out of place. All other vehicle textures look great though. Maybe the police car texture's should look something like this?
  8. I must say I'm loving these new vehicle textures, So much more fitting.
  9. Honestly the loudness of the cars could be a sandbox option, That way zombies can still hear the player as they normally would.
  10. ^ That about covers it, Well said.
  11. If us voicing our opinions makes you want to keep the amount of zeds cars attract where it is then something is seriously wrong. Cars are very awesome to have but if they stay where they are now then like guns there will be no point in using them (other than getting every zed in the map to follow you)
  12. 1000% this, We need vehicles to actually be usable. It would also be nice if the gun sounds got nerfed a bit both in actual loudness (My ears are bleeding) and in zed draw distance at least a little.
  13. That sounds like a great idea.
  14. I feel like attracting all zeds at full zoom is a little bit much, Most cars really aren't that loud.