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  1. And build a battlemech to protect it. <Nods>
  2. I hate the ideology of 28 days zombies... I just don't like them.
  3. Well you should kill a Cpl of zeds... you'll find painkillers EVENTUALLY
  4. And welcome the lovely world of PC's! Where sometimes one little driver somewhere in some obscure location will cause you grief Can't really say I've run into any lag spikes that ive noticed with just my eyes and pretty much always 50-60fps from when I have but the odd and I do mean odd invisible wall has occurred.. Once with a horde and the other when just wondering about but I haven't moved on from the .10 version. Running in 64bit, an I73820, gtx670, 16gb ram.
  5. Then we should add falling trees in the woods attracting zombies as well!
  6. That's some impressive wood...
  7. Jump out of a second story window in a rush 20 times and you're going to hurt yourself
  8. I do get the need for some restrictions for vanilla but... I dunno... hitting sprites that look like people with an axe and seeing eyeballs flying around is kinda M+ to me. I don't think it really makes to much of a difference but that's just me
  9. This is one of those lets agree to disagree kind of moments Best thing is that we've aired different viewpoints and the designers can take what they will from it
  10. I think it is. If the bag holds stuff and does what its stats say it should... well it works. The mechanic around the weight reduction and then holding multiple bags of the same type in the secondary slot and stuff... that can be worked out afterwards and all the numbers can be changed to better suit the game and its ideology. Big whoa though! If you're not examining what you are carrying in a game like this... you're being counterproductive to your own survival. You really aren't going to be handed the solutions to your woes in this game on a silver platter and you're going to have to read and check everything. Is that food rotten? Is that berry the poisonous coloured one? Did that NPC smirk at me when he said 'sure we trust you?'. You skip a minor detail and your character could be very much dead EDIT: but we're off topic from the original post. Water bottles. Infinite water. Probable bug
  11. All of that fine tuning along with weight re-allocations will come at a later stage as this bad boy develops. Get it in. Get it tested. Get it working. After the code is good, all the cosmetic stuff can change later. It's why you have backwards facing axes or upside down pistols... low priority
  12. '15 days in and... usually dead' Love the confidence
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