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  1. I rarely get more than minor injuries, and even than i think eating 1 watermellon will give you max healing boost and you wont die even with fake fever
  2. Thank you thats almoust all i whanted to know, now i only whant to know more statistics but still thank you, definetly add Hypochondriac to my trait list)
  3. Played a while and got some questions, on which i cannot awnser myself and no info found on wiki Hypochondriac - can I become sick or zombified with it, or both?? and will i die from this kind of sickness or it will be only fever and i will be able to survive? resilient - does it decreases a chanse to become zombified after I get scratched or bited? if yes can you tell exaxt numbers, as far as I know scratch gives you 4% and bite 96% of death. prone to illnes - does it increases chanses to become zombified after scratch / bite or I will be only faster zombificated and more ofthen will be sick from rain / old food? Construction worker - how much % does it gives you to evade scratch / bite? I just like to have full info) and last one if i get sick after full day under rain will i be cured after some time or i need to drink vitamins or somethink? I got cold first time in my survival life that i was building my fort.
  4. Also just found 2 houses in 1 place just melted together, anyone had that bug?
  5. I dont like idea, that school backpack which you dont need to hold, just put on your shoulders and go, gives you less weight reduction, than a plastic bag. Probably PZ creators havent tryed to walk with plastic bag filled with some heavy stuff, i will tell you it is Hard ! Uncomfortabl ! And it rubs your hand so hard!
  6. Hi i just found an infinitive whater barrel in ofice of some werehouse (Seen them in other ofices) (If someone didnt understand i am talking about 2 small werehouses on left side of a map) Soo i had a question is it a bug? Or It is not endless? i just was drinking from it for around 3 weeks and it still allowed me to fill my bootles and drink, also i tested it in sandbox mode with insta whater shutdown, it still functions fine. If it is not a bug. well no need for a well )
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