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  1. Your post and signature confuses me. You're very right though and it's been discussed a lot on the forums. However I didn't make the mod for realism. I just thought that the pistol had very little value, because it sort of just produced more a lot more zombies than it dealt with and that is rarely something you need. (Also: you sorta necroed this thread)
  2. Y'ello Is anyone working on updating Farmoid for build 40? Currently right clicking triggers a red counter box in the bottom right corner. My friends and I can't harvest our stuff and winters coming
  3. I know it's a little late but congratulations with the awesome promotion
  4. Hello, my name is not Aricane, but nickname is. I joined 23th july 2013 (edit: actually a weeks earlier. 23th was the date we were migrated to this site :D) because I found bug first time I opened the game. From then on I just rubbed myself into this lovable game and did a whole lot of stuff with it . I want to thank someone because this is actually my first post in several years, and I'm surprised not to find any cobwebs in my profile page. Who's been keeping it clean and tidy for my return?
  5. So you're certain all mods were loaded at that point?
  6. Sounds very deep. Personally I think the current system of infections are sufficient, but you also mention Inhalers. I think allergies could be a great idea for a trait that would require the player to carry or find an inhaler and give him some points to spend on positives traits.
  7. owner and maintainer of pz-mods.net

  8. try Events.OnFillWorldObjectContextMenu.Add(PZMDHygiene.createMenuEntries); in stead
  9. partially regretting my community involvement

  10. Ahh okay, Central European Time here... thanks
  11. It does look brilliant. However I think this kills it for me. I really need to start finding something else to do with my spare time. Edit: to clarify I just used weeks on making a server list and now that time is spent for nothing. That won't happen again.
  12. Ahh, that goes for my tutorials too. They're getting a bit dusted. What's your timezone Vanek? I you don't mind me asking
  13. Cool. I'll bet you'll adapt quickly.
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