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  1. Grave Digging Bug? (Feature)? So the graves are not behaving the way I expected them to. First, they appear to have 3 "zones" within them. Basically there is a left-zone, a mid-zone and right-zone in the graves and I can bury 4 bodies in each (total of 12) before the 5th body placed in one "seals" the grave. THEN if I bring a body back to that grave, 2 of the 3 zones (the ones not topped off with the 5th body) in the "sealed" grave will allow me to put additional bodies in them. Until a 2nd zone reaches 5/5 bodies at which point...the "sealed" grave I'm stuffing bodies into just *
  2. I think crashing into things causes character damage in the code, but because some of the damage doesn't make sense yet (crashing into things that would actually fall apart like fences, saplings, windows) they probably have invincibility on. I tried taking the invincibility off with cheat menu mod, but it didn't do anything. Must be built into the build.
  3. So I have a bug that I've encountered probably 10 times in the last hour of gameplay that is a bit difficult to isolate: Essentially if I'm in the car OR outside the car attempting to interact with the Vehicle wheel (keyboard V) then, in some circumstances I become locked in the vehicle. I won't be able to turn the vehicle off, exit the vehicle (either with E or by using the keyboard wheel) and the only fix is to quit the game and reload. Oddly enough, the game doesn't appear to throw any errors when this happens.
  4. I could be wrong, but I'm sure that the "new animations" pipeline and its associated remodels will probably bring about some new palettes, if not from the Devs, then from modders.
  5. One clarification on the Loot Tables bug... This doesn't happen when you first start the game. This only happens on subsequent loads. When I start a new game, the loot is all the same as I would expect it. This only happens after I quit to main menu and crash.
  6. Bug I've Encountered: When I go to quit to main screen, the game crashes every time. So far this hasn't corrupted my save game, but it is a bit disconcerting. Loot tables in various buildings seem to be off (Books in the convenience store, Random tools in the medical supply store, Kitchen Counters have random tools instead of food, etc) Second story buildings seem to - in some cases - stop having a functional roof (get wet when it rains) Suggestions: Less spin-out; even if I brake before turning I cannot do it without spinning out. Lower turn radius
  7. THANKS, that's what I was looking for!
  8. Yeah, I made both (per the instructions) but I was wondering when the Veg Map gets incorporated into TileZed? Because I have two separate .BMP files - the base map and the Veg Map. But the instructions don't ever instruct me to import the Veg Map into TileZed. I was wondering specifically if TileZed incorporates it automatically? Because my World View doesn't have any vegetation on it.
  9. Hey all, I had a question just because I'm a bit confused... The vegetation map, when does that get added into the file system? I've read through the instructions and can't find any mention of it. Does TileZed automatically detect (and incorporate) it when you drag-drop the original base map image into the editor?
  10. I like modes of transport additions. Someone mentioned bikes which i think would be great too, and as ive said in other threads, just because something has TERRIBLE drawbacks doesnt mean it shouldn't be in the game. More dumb choices is good. Each player has to sort the cost-benefit of every action for themselves.
  11. This might get a bit heavy, I apologize, but here we go: You're going to die one day, inevitably. Are you saying that you're incapable of happiness because of that fact? I would hope not, as that is the human condition:The capacity for happiness in the face of inevitable annihilation. If you look at literature - especially the autobiographies of those who have survived extreme circustances - remaining open to glimpses of happiness is not only possible but essential. As Viktor Frankl put it: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitu
  12. So, I'm pretty sure that I've taken care of my character pretty well - he has a stash of (naughty?) magazines and books, drinks tea, eats good, fresh food, takes his anti-depressants - but he never seems to be happy! He's never gotten more than a little bored in the 2 months he's survived, and only sad once (which sent him on a bender). Why is it that there isn't a positive side to the mood(le)s? Would it be possible to implement some positive moodle if you get your mood stats greater than zero? You wouldn't necessarily need it to be anything more than basic - say "Relaxed" (Bonus to skil ac
  13. For whatever reason, my character has simply stopped panicking. It happens only if he's followed into a home by a zed, and then, only rarely - so I haven't noticed this.
  14. Well, not ALL food is listed as suitable bait. You can't use most of what you grow, nor most of what you find in fridges or cupboards.
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