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  1. Back again and happy to see progress! Thanks! Controller menu: Works great for me with xbox360 gamepad. Char creation: Still a bit weird On the profession screen I am not able to work my way (d pad) to the Start button in the right corner. I end up at the save menu, which I find irritating. Pressing (B) bringt up the controller buttons though. It feels wrong somehow. Ingame: Opening and closing the inv works OK. Opening with (Y) and closing with (B). I know it might just be me but closing inv with (Y) feels more natural. I ended up picking up all the loot as now (Y) is "loot all".... Finally melee works as intended with RT now. Looking around also works. The explanations added to the inv menu are great. Haven't testet cars and furniture until now. Did not find a car and fuel. I am still hoping that zoom will be added to be a mapping option on controller. While playing with gamepad on the couch it's such a nice feature to be able to zoom in. Found two bugs: Ingame and title menu, after entering the OPTIONS and choosing AUDIO and then ADVANCED I am able to alter the volume of single sounds but I am not able to exit that window using gamepad again. Mouse works, gamepad (B) does not. Started two game sessions in Suvival, both started with heavy fog. I do not know if that was the reason but I was not able to zoom. The options were missing from the radial menu. Any ideas why?
  2. Good idea. I haven't played with key/mouse in a long time but I remember that it was way easier shifting stuff within bags and containers. And selecting multiple item will come in handy, I guess that's covered above with the RT/RB suggestion, right?
  3. With Update 6 live, I jumped back in: This is my option screen when loading the game after deleting all files/folders in the zomboid folder related to gamepad bindings: In game none of the trigger buttons work or do anything (RT, LT). (Have only tried outside of vehicles) Without weapon equiped bot RB and LB produce the push attack. Still unsing RB, the camera moves in the same directions, which is annoying With weapon equiped RB produces an attack with that weapon (and the mentioned camera movement). With weapon equiped LB produces push action, thats fine - even if it is not mapped in the controller options. Sometimes when opening the options during gameplay I get this layout: Note that the RT is gone. Up to now I was not able to get this on purpose. After accidently binding MOVE to RightStick, the LeftStick looses its binding and the option to select MOVE is gone. After selection of AIMSTICK MOVE reappears for the LeftStick and cn be selected again. AIM is still missing on the RightStick though...: The keybinding does not work for me. I tried different setups but either nothing changes or in game it changes in a way I never intended. It's mistery to me really. Besides that the game runs really good with gamepad (as written before) and I am looking forward to more updates on it.
  4. After some more sessions, here are my insights (in addition to my older posts): - opening a notebook (empty) opens the window to type in notes or read. However it is not possible to close the window via controller input (e.g. B) again. Had to use the mouse. Once the window is open I was able to move the char as normal. - Driving cars works fine for me, with LT and RT for speed (preset bindings). Same here. The wiggling during combat makes it somehow more challenging But yes, please do fix that. Will edit once I encounter more issues!
  5. Great news! Char movement runs very good now, greatly improved! Opening door and closing again works smoothly as well. Well done! Playing with controller from the start works, in splitscreen also. Using controller to change controller settings also works. However only to the point that I can move to the drop down menu but not change the button layout. All other option I tested are changeable (inverting, selecting controller if more than one is connected, ...). Haven't tested the rest. One think is weird though: LT and RT do not seem to work for me. I deleted all files/folders related to the binding. RT is supposed to rack the gun, which does not work for me at all. I can store the gun with the radial menu though. I only tested the default button bindings and I can use LB for Melee (which is bind to LT) and I use RB for shooting (for ex.). Using RB to shoot and aming (RS) at the same time leads to screen movement (the looking into the distance kind). Its annoying really I may be mistaken but it feels like something is wrong here. Any idea how to fix that? I use Xbox 360 and steam.
  6. I actually do it that way you describe and it works. However it forces me to take my left thump off the left stick which means the character stops moving (read: fleeing). As zooming is not part of the characters actions but for our sake only it should be independent so to say. I really prefer rt + rb or something along that line for zoom. And thanks for the work you put in!
  7. Hello hello! Haven't played in ages as I waited for an update on gamepad integration... finally some news, thanks! Tried for some hours now, died many many times. What controller are you using? Xbox 360 wired (Splitscreen: 2x Xbox 360 wired) Does the controller work? yes, both work Please check out the new gamepad customization menu in the Options. Does it work, and does it make sense? Is it relevant to the pad you’re using? How could it be improved? Took me a while to figure out which drop down menus belong to which buttons. It is a bit weird that I am able to map a few of the actions to buttons but not all. Some menus just do not have content. For the ones that do have, there is no option to chose blank again (had to delete the config). Other actions (the ones I can not select) are not shown or explained which makes it akward to map others. Ingame I still think that RB and RT as well as LB and LT are mixed up. I use both LB and RB for melee and RT and LT do not seem to have any function whatsoever. I would like to use the gamepad from the start but it seems I can not map the buttons without mouse, let alone entering the tab. How does your gamepad feel in-game? Is there anything missing, and has anything changed that you’re used to playing with? Feels good so far, but the learning curve for using the gamepad is quite steep in my opinion. Have played with key/mouse before and a difference in precision is noticable, at least with my skills. Running and moving generally is nice, but the charactor sometimes turn around or to sides when stopping, which is not so bad but irritating. It is so so hard to open doors or generally to do anything quick. I noticed that it gets better when using both LStick and RStick (or only Rstick): The quick actions like Open Door or Climb over fences are hard to access using LStick only (seems to depend on the approach angle) and far easier to access using Rstick, even if only tapped slightly. But using RStick and pressing A with the same hand is really hard and almost a magic trick. How would you like your gamepad play further improved? I still feel like I do not know which button actually does what or if I do play it right. The melee combat is a mystery to me, read above. Maybe it is possible to have a character shown in the keybinding menu to test the keys while mapping to actually see what the key does in certain situations? Pressing Select and using the menu to zoom is not very comfortable, maybe use the RB/RT for this? (Or having the option to do it while mapping buttons!) Using the gamepad in the menus for charactor setup is cumbersome and sometimes it feels random to where the cursor jumps/which field get selected. Better highlighting what is actually selected in a given moment might also help. I try not to use the tv, radio, etc menus in game as I simple do not get how to use them with the gamepad. Either I need a tutorial or the UI needs to be simple? Do you play in split-screen? If so, how is this beta playing? Functionality for both players is the same, moving, interacting etc, also menus. Only difference we found was that Player 1 has all icons on screen (Health heart ect) and Player 2 only the two slots in the upper left. Plays really nice generally. I am looking forward to your work on the gamepad integration. Will be good fun! Session 1) - Both controller were found by the game and working in options (test). - However, both contoller are named "controller2" in the options tab. - Crafting menus (both Players) show up in center screen, blocking view for both players. - BUG: Screen froze after 5min, Player one in inventory, Player two running outside. Had to strg-alt-del out, start new game. (We tried to recreate the error but did not succeed) Session 2) - Player 2 shouting (text), is shown above Player 1 and only on Player 1 screen. - We did not find the option for switching hostility on/off. I remember there was an option in online multiplayer to be able to attack other Players. - medical checks work - Played for quite some time, no screen freezing, no issues. - Tutorial: We did not succeed getting rid of the Welcome window or to add second player - Obviously all other problems/issues mentioned in my post are also present in split screen. In the current game when you use inventory and character windows, your survivor on-screen can still move and perform some actions. If we were to forbid this, and have you either controller as your survivor OR having you navigate the UI, how would you feel? How would this change your playing style? Being able to move while in inv is great but I'd prefer to be able to use RStick for aiming (access other containers etc). Or changing the controls to an in-inventory modus that enables certain moves? What other gamepad bugs or weirdness have you noticed in this build? Generally stable, two bugs: 1 back to main menu when entering cars (happens every time) 2 back to main menu while using RT and RStick for looking around (happened only once) Mouse cursor is visible in game at all times. After playing around with differnt mappings the gamepad changed the number of drop down menus. I was not able to map the RT and LT any longer. After deleting the config files the option reappeared. Sometimes (randomly really) I had to press Esc twice after starting up a new game to use the gamepad. Without Esc it won't let me activate the gamepad in game even though I used it in the main menu before. This build also contains a java lwjgl upgrade. Have you noticed any changes in game performance and stability, especially at higher resolutions? Haven't played in a long time, runs fine. Playing at 1600. What's the Number 1 most important issue that you'd like to see resolved in the next update to this beta? Being able to fully customize the layout (similar to the keybord/mouse options for keybinding). Maybe use the RT and LT for secondary button use e.g. RT+B ...
  8. Collophonius

    Statistics after Death / Memorial Wall/Diary

    Oh, maybe I did not explain it well enough: My suggestion is: The whole process is coded and works in the background. While you play the data is gathered (mostly counting, days, uses of weapons etc) and pictures are taken (for example after 4 nights in the same bed creates a pictures of the house or something similar). All automatic, all for your convinience. After the char dies you can look into the diary and see the stats and pictures taken (by the code). And cry. Cry long and hard about Pete and Anna and Robert and their bits and pieces. I especially like the idea of remembering the cause of death in all detail. (oh, that sounds weird ...)
  9. Collophonius

    Expanding Electronics and Engineering

    This I really like. I guess some (most?) of us use the same tactics to get rid of skels near the safe house: smash brains or make noise (q-button) and run to lure them away and sneak back. Both got harder in build 32 (which i like) when we have 20+ skels around. The possibility to fool them with lights and noises in houses down the street that are triggered remotely or by time - that convinces me. It would need a lot of preparing and some skills but hei, its fun! additionally what about cans + twine as a trap that makes a lot of noise when a skel walks into it and attracts others? could also be activated via remote control.
  10. Collophonius

    Fruit Salad

    good idea, never tried doing it, didn't know its not possible (in-game!). but now that you mention it: it definitely is a must. could also add vitamins and have the same effect as the vitamin pills.
  11. After surviving more than 2 days with one character I usually get overly emotionally connected. Whenever the character dies I feel sad (like really sad) and I wish there was a place to remember the horribly great moments: finally finding the long missed trowel, fortifing the safe house, the mall visit, patching up the broken leg and scratched arm, death, ... My suggestion: A Diary of the Dead that shows you a ton of statistics about your character after death / in main menu to look at and compare/share. You click on "Diary" and see the story of your vanished characters. Most data is already gathered in-game but only available while character is alive: - name, picture of character - days survived - traits, jobs, ... - killed zombies - skills - health status etc additionally I suggest - most used weapon - most consumed food - health status over time / scars Maybe a timechart that shows some important moments: injuries, first farming success, first crafted rain collector,... All this could also be supported by pictures/screenshots, say the safe house (place where char slept most) or the place of death. Or a short video of the last 10 in-game-sec beofre death? The Diary could be optional / the player could be asked after character death if he/she/x wants to keep the diary (the stats) and save them. What you think about it?
  12. I did drink bleach. Accidentally AND on purpose. My character died almost instantly. Day 11, all build up nice and slow. Damn Devs got me! +15 Happiness! -40 Thirst! So stupid. I admit I thought about it a few seconds - but fail.