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  • 1998 The Ultimate Question!

    1. 1. Which is better: pancakes or waffles?

      • PANCAKES
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    • Yesterday AMD released Adrenalin 22.8.1 which fixes the problem (at least for me).
    • This is still in my head, in the walking dead game season 1, 3 months into the apocalypse Lee's group is unable to go to another city with a train because of a "heavy vehicle wreck" type of situation, an even like this would be cool too. Sadly the picture wont show up https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Highway_Overpass but this link will show you what I mean if you're interested.
    • In my left hand is a red pill, if you eat it you'll be able to make wells in a specific amount of time, months - years In my righ hand is a blue pill, if you eat it you'll be able to craft rain collector barrels in a day which will provide water as long as the rain keeps falling Which pill do you choose?
    • It was just copy paste from game suggestion because developers don't have time always and I hope modders make that things.  Pond: Add the ability to dig a pond on the ground ( sprite ). To dig a pond, you need a shovel and a bag. I propose to make this process long so that people do not turn the map into an ocean, that is, for example, to dig a hole on one sprite, you need to dig for example 50 times (actually, this will take a lot of bags and time, which will not make it possible to dig ponds the size of Kentucky). To fill the pond with water - you will need a tarp (or add new material) to the bottom, water and a sewing skill to connect the tarp (this still needs to be thought out well). The pond has a certain amount of water. When it's hot, the pond starts to dry up (new sprites which show deep of pond) a little, when it rains, it fills with water up to a certain maximum value. If you have pond by 32x32 pixels (one small cell) you have for example 1000 litres of water. When you finish dig new cell you will have 2000 litres maximum size and all sprites changes what pond is not full to the end. Fishing and launching fish: By default, the pond is empty. To fill a pond with fish, you need to catch a fish somewhere (river, lake) and launch it into the pond itself. You will need some level of fishing to launch. In order for the fish not to die out, you need to launch at least 10 (conditional figure) pieces of the same species. After that, the fish will breed and it will be possible to fish. Fish need some time to breed. Fish can be caught both with a fishing rod and nets from the pond as from an ordinary river. If you will catch all the fish and they didn't have time to breed, pond will be empty and you need to launching fish again.   P.S. I think this is a great fishing extension and will give more immersion in this profession, as well as add an additional goal to the game. This system is not difficult to make, so it would be great if the developers added such a system somewhere between updates. I know developers is too busy but it's not difficult thing for making. so I hope modders will do that.   
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