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    • To add to that Max Brooks' World War Z. If you watched the movie and didn't like it,  read the book anyway! They are completely different, the only similar thing is a character (not even the main character) and the world it is set in.
    • v3.00-beta-rc2 is now up.   * Fixed random box/can spawn bug (introduced 3.00-beta-rc1)   * Increased durability of all weapons.
          Pistols and SMG's now have a base chance of lowering condition 1-in-150 (was 100).
          Revolvers to 1-in-300 (was 200)
          Rifles and shotguns to 1-in-200 (was 100)
          Except the M249, which is now 1-in-500 (was 100)

      * Added 2 new settings:     DefaultReloadTime - control the time it takes to load a magazine into a firearm
              (unless the specific magazine overrides)

          DefaultRackTime - control the time it takes to rack a firearm.
              (unless the specific magazine overrides)
        * Added new 'Patch Mod Example': ORGM Forced Reset - Forces a update on existing guns on equip first time after     server is restarted, everytime the server is restarted. Possible use for fixing broken saves/guns, though if you need     this something has REALLY gone wrong....   * Many internal code changes and tweaks, and documentation updates.   Unfortunately due to the increased durability and some of the internal code tweaks, all guns will force a update on first equip after applying this: gun items will be replaced with a new copy, with all attachments and in the same condition. All loaded ammo in the firearm will be returned to inventory.  
    • Yes, yes, you are right, do not interrupt the work. Let's wait until those 3 devs finish their work. Same blah blah blah for years now - maybe not 8 because there was a major game revamp meantime, but a lot of time for sure.   The truth is that the NPCs development probably stopped a long time ago at some point because the dev team got distracted with adding MINOR, not widely desired, shiny features (which would be fine for the most players if these were implemented, but people would not starve if there was lack of them). July 15, 2013 "So in short, NPCs have dedicated 100% development time from three of the team, so it’s very much on its way. " July 29, 2013 "However, at this point, we’ll have the meta-game system in place, and as the UIs are completed we’ll be able to fill out the meta-game events, scenes, and NPC interactions pretty quickly after this. "   And what happened then? NPCs work progresses in the background. etc.. Then buggy splitscreen, then laggy multiplayer, then bug fixing, steam, sounds, tv and radio (was it requested and crucial for the gameplay?), maps, maybe anims first, maybe cars first, maybe animals and many more small things, which are probably used only by some more dedicated players.   Maybe.... Maybe your future NPCS will drive cars with their gangsters (not announced yet, but I would not be supprised), looting everything around with SpetzNaz shuba-duba tactics implemented, and each character is going to have its own story plot depending on what is going on in the world, whom he meets, what happens, what meta-events occur etc.. .,... but most probably NOT.   ------------------------------   100% agree.   The best advice is: 100% agree. Maybe it is THE TIME to get realistic and honest about NPCs. The time to get something done about this immideately ..   --------------------------- And question: will you delete this post too?
    • Surviving the evacuation by frank tayell is one of the best books ive ever read, and theres like 14 of them in a series. its zombies and set in the uk and theres like conspirisies and their all on audio books, so theres like 150+ hours for you there
    • the homes in riverside lack mail boxes