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TENANT - Dogfighting space game where you control the enemy!

Croxel Studios

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Hi everyone! We are Croxel Studios, a team of spanish game developers and we’ve just released our first indie game on itch.io for free.


TENANT is a space dogfighting game in which you can invade and use the enemy ships to your advantage. Each spaceship has an unique ability that can be useful in different combat situations.

- Invasion mechanic where the player can get into and control the enemy ships.
- Fast-paced, hardcore, arcade dogfighting gameplay.
- 4 spaceship classes with different abilities each.
- Dynamic soundtrack that evolves through game stages.
- Unique and challenging Boss fight.
- Original visual style, a mixture of 3D and pixel-art.



You can try it out here for free: https://croxel-studios.itch.io/tenant


Any comment or feedback would be highly appreciated. Here’s our social media In case you want to reach us:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/croxelstudios
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/croxelstudios/
Website - https://croxel-studios.com/

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