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Soft resets successful - EXCEPT - No zombies!

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We're doing soft resets, by changing the batch file etc etc as instructed on the forums, but Z's are not appearing!  Everything else is persistent except this! 


Anyone else experienced this problem?


We're currently logging on as admins and spawning them in manually.

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Yes soft reset does not respawn zombies.

  About character resets:

Go into the server.ini file and extract the reset number.      save that number so people do not have character reset.

"""  ResetID=99999999   ""     

re paste that number in your new server.ini after soft wipe BEFORE  anyone connects to the server.  if you have a player connect to the server BEFORE  you  replace the new reset ID with the old you will have unhappy players on your server who have gotten their characters reset.    

Respawning zombies :

As for zombies... well   /createhorde XXX           and just spend a few hours every week spreading out zombies on the map. This takes time but well worth it considering you can highly extend the amount of fun your players will have on the server.  Not to mention this will pro long any soft wipes required by a few days if you are clever enuff to space out your zombies well.

Edit ::   this may take some practise, my first soft i ended up screwing up and resetting characters.

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It'd be nice to do a Lua script to teleport an admin-godmode account around the map, spawning X number of zombies in each pre-selected cell.

*Adds to The To-Do List of Soon*

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