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  1. BreakTimeGaming community would like to present to you our project zomboid server. Here at BTG we are more than happy to say HI we are back! and great to have you all. Server can be found on the public server list! -PVE/RP Soon to be whitelisted -Custom Starter Kits! -Dedicated Server! -30 slots -Teamspeak -Steam group -Website/forum Server will be implimenting a player(Admin) run shop that you can ultimatly exchange items in for other items. Each trade in item will have a preset value towards a requested item. ( similar to nether trade shops ) SERVER CHANGING RULES *COMING SOON* Rules: No pvp Do not grief player built structures Do not burn down buildings purposly Do not harass/troll other players Do not duplicate or expliot any game glitches Do not spamm chat box Screenshots: Teamspeak3: BTG.teamspeak3.com Server ip: breaktimegaming.no-ip.biz - Please join our steam group and sign up on the forum Steam group: BreakTimeGamingcommunity -http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Breaktimegaming Website -- http://breaktimegamingcommunity.enjin.com/home - we are a public group, all trolls & dissrespectful members will be kicked
  2. Yes sir, Server needs another soft wipe here in the next few days and new zombies will be added shortly. Sorry for the non speedy reply. Much easier to get a hold of me on btg.teamspeak3.com
  3. Soft wipe will be done tomorrow at some point. Characters will be saved.
  4. Project Zomboid server status ::: Soft wipe incoming May 20'th Server has issues today system was not running properly, Server had to be taken down to fix. Server turning back online Monday May 19'th. CHARACTERS WILL NOT BE RESET! Soft wipe Tuesday May 20'th -- So start logging out with as many bags of gear as you are possible able to hold. CHARACTERS WILL NOT BE RESET! Lore: Town has been over run by a wondering horde with a size of uncountable numbers.The few survivors left have been crushed by yet again another town being left behind.New friends have joined, but many have been lost in the night they came from the woods!! AS they came from the wood the survivors fought all through the night while trying to grab what they could while running away from a place they finally could call home. The surviving members run aimlessly through the streets, crying, yelling in anger, bruised bashed and broken. They could not yet rest as they need to find shelter and escape this deadly enormous horde of wondering zombies. How will you survive?
  5. Yes soft reset does not respawn zombies. About character resets: Go into the server.ini file and extract the reset number. save that number so people do not have character reset. """ ResetID=99999999 "" re paste that number in your new server.ini after soft wipe BEFORE anyone connects to the server. if you have a player connect to the server BEFORE you replace the new reset ID with the old you will have unhappy players on your server who have gotten their characters reset. Respawning zombies : As for zombies... well /createhorde XXX and just spend a few hours every week spreading out zombies on the map. This takes time but well worth it considering you can highly extend the amount of fun your players will have on the server. Not to mention this will pro long any soft wipes required by a few days if you are clever enuff to space out your zombies well. Edit :: this may take some practise, my first soft i ended up screwing up and resetting characters.
  6. Server can not guarentee 24/7 coverage. Will continue to host my server through all ups and downs

  7. Back online yesterday <><.>o.O Sign in with a password to be locked into the whitelist at the end of the week when public access is no longer available. Downtime explination: Health issues, doing my best to keep things rolling
  8. To the two above posts Please message me on the forums or get ahold of me on my teamspeak btg.teamspeak3.com and give me the username / password your using to enter the server
  9. SERVER IS CURRENTLY DOWN FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE UPCOMING WEEKEND DUE TO HARDWARE ISSUES. These issues are being worked on and will be fixed by Monday April 28'th please take my appologies as for this massive downtime bullshit i have provided you with!
  10. Server's back up, sorry for downage had rolling blackouts in town yeterday
  11. Server's back up, really not shure why the server was being such a tard and dissconecting players over and over but seems to be working fine now.
  12. Server is currently down. having an issue with players connecting can't figure it out and don't have time just yet might be down for a few more hours!!!
  13. ingame name is admin have not bothered to change to i3loodyMoon. didn't get around to doing a soft reset last night going to be TONIGHT , got busy last night and have to go out today to get new treat put on my one rim ( got a dam sidewall bubble, friggin threats are breaking dont feel like having my wheel well ripped to shreads when the tire blows out) lol sucks ass. As for daniel i will deffinitly put him on my list for upcoming admin's as i have planned on giving out a few more positions to ensure more fun for everyone. preacher was on yesterday at some point has not been around so much this week probibly because of our one admin argenexkronium(Thoris) visiting familyout of town unexcpectedly. P.S.. i done fucked up the other day and let the server go down for an hour or 2 because system ran out of ram for the mega cache file lol was HUGE, but yes anyways my bad and i appologise was not home but fixed as soon as i was able to
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