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Pick up and place light switches


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I'm currently redecorating my base in an existing building by removing some interior walls, and it bugs me that I cannot move my light switches around. I'm either to be left with a piece of a wall with a switch on it or with a floating switch.


Would it be possible to make switches movable similar to how it is with other furniture?

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You'd probably run into another lighting issue. The "shadows" in the corners of the rooms are "baked in" the original layout of the house. If you change it, you are going to see "seams" where the old walls used to be. We were told this is a performance related choice.

Hopefully this will be improved / worked around sometimes, since I happened to share your desire.

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11 hours ago, Faalagorn said:

There was an idea to make switches disassemblable for electrical XP, too. See this thread: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22859-about-electricity/


Some good ideas there, and some of them implemented already. Thanks :) I have lots of ideas for electric stuff, but that's for another topic.

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