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  1. New patch and penisham is back? what a great day.
  2. You can use NecroForge's noclip function to get out.
  3. Does anybody know how to add textures and 3d models on B41? I'm trying to update my broken mods but I can't quite figure it out.
  4. I continued my save from 41.18 and when I entered my safehouse it triggered an alarm.
  5. I have this issue in 41.18 but only when inside of vehicles, if I get out it works normally.
  6. With this rotational system will we be able to do more complex things like look behind us while running?
  7. GoodOldLeon


    Will water remain a solid object even after the visual update or will we be able to interact with it? I forgot this was even a thing until a crashed my car into a shore instead of drowning horribly.
  8. If you go up the stairs on any of these 4 buildings (https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5706406766065583,0.32954950144012896,76.67519984894946) the "roof" (or hill, don't know exactly what that is) won't let you see part of the screen. Also, most of the metalwork recipes that require metal scraps don't actually consume any. Here's a list of them: fence, wired fence, big wired fence, big pole fence, fence gate, big pole fence gate, big double pole gate, double fence gate, metal roof. Only metal shelves and metal crate consume scraps on each use. (40.26)
  9. I went up the stairs of one of the McCoy Warehouses and I could see a car I parked outside against a door on the ground floor (first pic shows what I saw and the other shows where the car is for reference). I've also noticed that when siphoning gas, if you have multiple gas cans on you It will use a new one every time you siphon. Eg. if I have 5 empty gas cans and I interrupt and resume siphoning 5 times, it will result in 5 partially filled cans. (40.25)
  10. Of course, yes, much preferable. I wasn't talking about smashing though, I was talking about the removal of the broken glass, It should be possible to do (with its drawbacks) if it has to come to that.
  11. I've done it many times in my life, seems like a weird feature. It should be possible to do it, with a chance of injury of course. Also, I don't see how equiping things like a watering can in my hand helps me remove glass.
  12. Can't remove broken glass from a window if there's nothing equipped on my primary slot. (40.25)
  13. Thanks a lot! I'll take a look and see what else I can learn.
  14. Hi! I'm working on a mod for my server. I have a few ideas that will require some coding (I'm also slowly learning how to do that) but I can't seem to find the files that govern the behaviors I'd like to mod. One of the items I added is a swiss army knife that can act as blade, can opener, screwdriver and tweezers. I got all the basic stuff working (for now it's basically a knife that can also be used in all recipes that require a can opener or a screwdriver) but there are some functionalities that I couldn't figure out. I'd like to know where can I find the code for: what items can
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