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2020 Respons {New Player} Dear Theindiestone

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Hi, Random crap person here. Just here to say a few words about the shitty Sims 1 rippoff game of your. Sims 2 is far superior with it's 3d world btw. (jk.)


Looking back on this games history is fascinating. We have that excellent demo version introducing the world of Pr.Z. The old series of Robbaz manly man and resent times allot of modding making the game still popular on YouTube for many years.


But that is the thing.... For YEARS! And note that I said MADE you still popular. Big problems.


The failing of you @Theindistone is this lack of making this thing feature complete. So sad to think what game might this had been now. That demo was 8years ago! Robbaz played this game almost 6 years ago! And the game have not developed nearly nothing for 5years. You @stone have not been relevant for 5 years 🙁 And it is sad as your game really should have turned into a mod god by now on the levels of F3 F4 Sky and so on. 2.5D is very mod friendly.


Now to be fair early access always turns into this long outdrawn thing. Not completely a bad thing but Project Zomboid really is hurt by it. We have so many examples of stuff that is similar to P.z.  BeamNG. Minecraft. The Long Dark. My Summer Car. and a hole bunch more older and newer games in some way our a outer outdrawn for the good and bad reasons. At least the games listed are fun and recommendable. Not so much Project Zomboid. And that is wieard as your the only 2D game that really should have a edge of not needing the complexity of 3D.


No game is as irrelevant compared to Project Zomboid (expect one*) really. It is sad as I say, looking back on what it was in a state 6 years ago and now 2020. This big rewrite of 41 should have happened a long time ago. Just playing the Beta you feel how capable the game has become at telling a player driven story set in this world and lore. Reading what you @stone are working on implementing in the feature sounds like aiming towards that too!


But sorry @stone. You are still irrelevant towards the big public. Only us crap random people know about the game anymore. If this game needs anymore work put into it that's where i needs to focus it's attention towards. Get the flashy 41 animations working and make the original single player up to speed. Get the big stuff over with before work on NPC's please! Multiplayer with a bit of DayZ alteration will carry the game far far along! Really NPC's might better be something workt on after 1.0. That's how far I like to push it forward in time.


You are not going to sell this game on having big npc's groups like State of Decay. Your not going to make random NPC encounters change the core lore of this game. Whats going to make the bigger audiences care about this game again is to find people enjoining the deep and fully* implemented systems in place outside of AI's. Focus on what made DayZ mod so FUN!


The total mess Npc's are going to have on this game scares me. Controlling group members or random NPC's roaming the map are going to be such a dev waste it's not funny. The Singleplayer loneliness and Multiplayer fear is both almost free of dev time investment and more rewarding for everyone as effort is put into the core game loops. Still go ahead and make NPC AI but make a scripted story mode first of all. Make the game more compelling for a broader range of players searching for different things, but staying for the core game. Just look at The Long Dark and how it's Story mode is bringing in player wanting a story but staying for the survival singleplayer.


Why I'm begging you to not invest on NPC survivors is simply because what makes P.z special is the Zombies!!!! Build 41 very much proves that fact and VERY few games dose Zombies matter at all! The Sims 1 style really makes a Zombies SCARY! Practical, And FUN! But Zombie games are a big red flag for many people as there is no good zombie game out there. Change that.


Left 4 Dead mixed with DayZ is more or less this game! How many NPC's did that two game have? None!

Is it a grate ide to implement survivors in singleplayer? Yea. But it has been 8years. No good reason for them in Multiplayer. Just stop having players make you focus on stupid stuff.


Please make something complete first so we can tell our friends what a grate Story / Singleplayer / Multiplayer scene is in the game. Nothing is really done right here. Change that first please as I rather point my friends to The Long Dark or The Sims 2/3 before Project Zomboid. I have had a better time making non Sims players really enjoy what you can make that game into vs this unrefined gem you @Theindiestone have made. You just have to make so many compromises to play it :c Hardest part shoud be the 2.5 but it's everything else!


Your doing some grate work and I understand how hard it must be to handle the bugs and rewires and everything. I hope you forgive my wall of text and know that I really love you all 🤗

The outside studios making this grate advancements are part of @Theindiestone by now. They most likely saved the game from staying dead. Please thank them by posting more about them and such. And help / promote the YouTubers. They also is a big part of why Project Zomboid have someone playing it.


1*Dayz Standalone. Did you know it's release into past v1.0?

2*Fix your game. 😄


Do a soft Relaunch the game. New website and new trailers and promise of a good Story line! Stop talking about stupid NPC's even now the community think that's important.

Not sure why the website need to change. I like the look of it right now. But whatever.


Have a grate 2020!



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The feature I am most excited for is a story mode, like in the old Desura demo that first hooked me. That involves NPCs, so you could also say I'm most looking forward to NPCs than anything else. The gameplay arc at present is a little more static than I like, and I imagine NPCs will add some unpredictability to the game, and force people out of ruts where they always choose the same base area and patterns, and so forth. Essentially requiring the player to be more adaptable to changing conditions where currently that isn't quite so big of a thing.


As for your game comparisons, I haven't cared about DayZ since a period of brief interest when it was an Arma 2 mod. If you want to play a game like DayZ, you can go play DayZ. Also, Left 4 Dead has NPCs if you play without people, it's nearly impossible without them. I looked at some footage of those weird The Sims zombie mods and it is interesting considering the limitations of the engine/game for sure, but comparing those to PZ doesn't seem very realistic and does not have the same appeal. What I see foremost is a game trying to do something it's clearly not designed to do.


I imagine one of the reasons many of us like PZ is because it's more unique and don't want it to be like games that already exist as an option to play.



While I understand the frustration of a long development cycle, the fact is that it's a known possibility with any early access title, and to be blunt I'm sick of people crying about it. I believe they could have easily wrapped up the game a few years back by getting it into a decent state and jumped ship, which I've seen many independent developers do once they finally realize the scope of what they have to do to get to their intended destination. That they didn't speaks not only well of their work ethic, but of their integrity and commitment to seeing their vision through to completion - and that is something to be deeply respected. Many big companies with massive budgets and legions of employees don't even do that any more. 


People tend to remember negatives more than positives and take things for granted, it's in our nature, but we all should really should make a point to try and consciously counter that effect.

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Zomboid is a great game, and the devs have been steadily working on it. They're not a very big team, and they live daily lives just like you and I. The process of creating a game like Zomboid is extremely complicated, time consuming, and tedious. Especially considering all the detail and mechanics that function behind the scenes of gameplay. Comparing Zomboid to other games like Left 4 Dead and DayZ is apples and oranges. Zomboid is a game that is striving to take everything into account to make the gameplay experience as realistic as possible, and it isn't a large game studio creating this for us. It's a group of guys/gals that decided to make a game one day. The thing that I appreciate about Zomboid is every time I look away, there is always something new being done with it. Granted it isn't a game changing update like build 41 every time I come back to it, but they are always smoothing out the edges for us and making the game more and more enjoyable. The thing I'm not understanding is why you are utterly shitting on the devs laps for listening to their consumers. Of course people want NPCs, you said it yourself. The world in single player feels somewhat empty and lackluster at times because cracking zed skulls and rushing for that last can of tuna gets old because you have nothing to compete with. Anyway, you just need to be patient, man. The devs really are just normal people like you and I. They can't just take multiple days off of work to get little done. There's a reason why the game has been in development for so long. I gotta say on that note, for a game that is still being built on it's foundation, it is absolutely outstanding for what it is. If you want a game like DayZ or L4D, then go play those games. Zomboid is striving to become something different. It doesn't need a story mode because the purpose and goal of this game is to survive as your average joe. Nobody really sees story mode as a fundamental piece of this game. You're the first person i have seen pitch that. However if you wanted that, you could always reach out to the modding community and learn to create something for yourself and others. 


Have a glorious 2020, bud.

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On 1/12/2020 at 4:50 PM, BoogieMan said:

If you want to play a game like DayZ, you can go play DayZ.


Heh, good one. DayZ Standalone was supposed to be a combination of DayZ mod and Zomboid - and utterly failed.


I actually agree with OP when he says that MP is more important for player numbers than NPCs. MP needs some love and can help the community grow with relatively little effort. NPCs with proper AI require much more work.

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