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  1. Suggestion is still valid as of B41 release, most tiles still cannot be moved.
  2. This is a bit of a long one as it covers everything from how clothes work to related features like tailoring, so strap in! If you've ever looked at the Project Zomboid wiki, you'll notice how wack some of the choices the developers have made. It is understandable that the game breaks realism in some areas to ensure clothing balance, but sometimes this 'balance' is quite poor... https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Items/Clothing ...For example, the Police Trooper Pants offers no defense of any kind while the Police Deputy Pants offer 10% scratch resistance. Mind you that they are almost identical in all other stats. The Ghillie Suit Pants offers 10% bite defense and 20% scratch defense with a hefty movement speed debuff, while Denim Jeans offer the same protection with a much smaller movement debuff. Why is the more rare, more hard-to-acquire equipment actively worse compared to what you can get out of a zombie or two? I could go on for hours comparing pants but I think you get my point. What should be rare, end-game equipment is quickly discarded as it's simply much worse compared to your ordinary gear. So what's the solution? Core Ideas First of all, we need to establish a few key ideas for the rest to make sense. Almost every piece of clothing has a few stats, even if very minor. Of course, this excludes things like jewelry and other minor vanity items. A basic shirt might provide 2-5% scratch protection and 1-2% bite protection, but it'll provide some protection nonetheless. Mind you, this isn't the only stat that clothing can have. Some clothes might also provide bonuses like increased movement speed and reduced stamina usage. This is again a vanilla feature that vanilla Sneakers have, but they're not used anywhere else. If a part of your body has 65% protection, it becomes immune to scratches. At 75%, that part of the body becomes immune to lacerations and at 100%, it becomes immune to all damage to the body. Mind you this doesn't apply to natural damage, things like breaking glass with bare hands. This only applies to zombie attacks. This might sound overpowered, until you consider... Zombie attacks still damage your clothes. This is actually a vanilla feature, where the protection goes down as clothing becomes more and more damaged. This means that, while a properly-dressed survivor might be able to shrug off an attempt bite or two, eventually their equipment will get damaged enough to leave them vulnerable. This also ties in nicely to the extension of the sewing mechanic we'll get onto shortly. Now that we've got some basic ideas down, let's begin. Bulkiness Every piece of clothing you put on will incerase your bulkiness depending on how heavy those clothes are. Of course, rarer pieces of clothes will have more benefits and less drawbacks at the cost of higher upkeep. We'll get to that in a minute. First of all, the positives. Being bulky means that you're somewhat more likely to push zombies down. Your pushes are slower since but they have more force behind them simply because you're heavier. And for the negatives? Well, almost everything movement related, especially things that the current system doesn't cover. For example, imagine a scenario where two people are vaulting over a fence. One of them is wearing sports gear and a light satchel, while the other is dressed in many layers of bulky clothing, from a bulletproof vest to a firefighter's uniform. If both of them fall at the same time, which do you think is likely to get up first? You would think the person in the sports gear would, but Zombid says ''Nope! They both get up at the same time.'' and so they do. This stat would have an effect on most everything related to movement. You would take more stamina to sprint per tile with bulky clothing compared to going light, so on. The core idea here is that you're effectively trading movement speed for toughness. This makes armoring up less of a dice-roll compared to the current system. This system also ties into current vanilla systems. Strength affects how much being bulky affects you as stronger people can simply walk around comfortably with more gear on, while Fitness affects the aftermentioned stamina loss. Agility Let's visit the other end of the spectrum. Clothing items like Sports Shorts and related gear make you more agile. This has the opposite effects of wearing heavier, bulkier clothing. You get up faster, you perform certain actions faster, you move in combat faster, so on. In exchange, however, you are much less protected. Remember, outfits like the firefighter's might be bulky and heavy, but they also offer a great deal of protection compared to what is just sports gear. Agility vs Armor These features create some distinct gameplay styles. A player might choose to put on as many layers as possible for the protection or they might choose to put on very little for the extra agility. If we take this idea to it's logical conclusion, we might need to make a few additions to the game. At one hand, extremely bulky but very protective gear like riot gear. In the other, things like running sets that you can wear on the under layer that make you more agile, Tailoring In a recent development blog, the developers mentioned; And to be honest, I love this idea and I want to build on it. So, let me introduce you to... Sewing Machines This will exist alongside the current basic tailoring system, though being able to reinforce clothing definitely needs to be moved to the sewing machine. While you can repair basic apparel using just a needle and some thread, you will need a sewing machine for anything more complex. Things like sports gear, non-standard apparel like high-visibility vests and ghillie suits, and overall anything more end-game will require a powered sewing machine to repair. This is a somewhat mid-to-end-game goal, essentially being a better way to repair and reinforce clothing in the mid-game, while filling the role upkeep for high-tier gear in the end-game.
  3. I want to spice up my map with some curved turns but I can't find the actual curved road tiles.
  4. it does actually. while the idea isn't exactly fit for zomboid, you can actually oil yourself up irl to become extremely slippery. google 'turkish oil wrestling' if you want to see it in action.
  5. I checked and these issues are present in the latest version of the map. I'm using the online map because it's easier. https://map.six.ph/#0.47338,0.08987,124 ok so, in the old map there used to be a road here that went along that sidewalk line. I know because I based there. in the new map, it seems to be missing. so my suggestion is: in this area actually are many uncurved roads. they're not particularly complex so I would apperciate if they could be curved off, even if slightly speaking of, I noticed that the nearby park was made smaller. though the change doesn't seem to be consistent as some of the roads are covered in grass while some are not now we're going to muldraugh for this one https://map.six.ph/#0.46509,0.26284,148 the road here just randomly cuts off. most likely the end of a chunk and no one noticed to fill the gap here. so my suggestion:
  6. Screenshot with no mods. Honestly the best screenshot I could get in vanilla. Here's a modded shot with Fashion Montage. Mind you, this issue is persistent in vanilla. indiestone pls fix
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2681257693&searchtext=jarred I made this mod that simply changes how long jarred goods take to expire. I simply used a mod to show me how long it would take to expire, and sure enough it said 240 days fresh. Except, I just got this sent to me by someone who was using the mod. They confirmed that they were using my mod while they jarred these tomatoes. Odd thing is that any mods that show how long food will last flat out tell me that it's still supposed to be fresh. So the question is, why did it rot?
  8. we have pancakes and we have maple syrup, come on devs just let me pour that shit on top.
  9. the last part is true about a lot of tiles. not a new issue either I assume it's like the noiseworks advanced sound settings. it's not going to be fixed/implemented at all without major community pushback.
  10. adding onto this thread as a comment since I don't see the need to make a new thread for the same bug. this issue seems to happen indoors/outdoors as well.
  11. for locations, I will be providing the coordinates to as close as I can get on the old map. the online map isn't updated yet but it should be close enough to pinpoint where it is. location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.551074738917214,0.29100723843161663,410.18627024600187 car spawns in this area seem to be wrongly offset by 1 tile I couldn't find where exactly this so I've attached a full screenshot as location reference the flamingos here seem to render under grass location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.625401970152403,0.2971402889606899,284.8515765597235 sidewalk corner tiles don't seem to have proper inner textures location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.6242612378632417,0.296972443553009,708.8018749850911 the wood boards here seem to insist on rendering above vehicles location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5618080776621834,0.286551503753925,197.81359483314137 (not certain if this is the exact spot as the map isn't updated) one part of this sign is visible from a distance while the other isn't for some reason.
  12. The current map is starting to show it's age, and compared to the new stuff we've seen of lousville the map looks quite unpolished in some places. look I could go on about how buildings look vaguely bland and blend in with each other but I just want to start with some nitpicks. also, many nitpicks. here for example https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.3689080472720323,0.3575577793698869,531.6014062388188 the shadow effect thing correctly goes around in one side while it cuts off in the other. why? no idea. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3418972349004339,0.2872084479843857,341.82189187166824 here, it's used very inconsistently look none of these are major issues and I doubt half the players even noticed these, but for people who notice the many inconsistent or missing minor details like these it makes the map feel very inconsistent and unpolished. would be lovely if some of the mappers took a few days just going over the existing map and polished it a tad bit.
  13. I disagree. My grandmother is illiterate and she can read non-digitcal clocks just fine. In a World where you can't live without knowing the time, even the most uneducated people can usually recognize the first 12 numbers.
  14. Hey, when are we going to get the new apparel like the bunny suit we saw in the recent devblog?
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