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  1. refer to this video with the timestamp yep, you're seeing that right. that's a bunny suit. but what's a bunny suit without pantyhose? please devs, the lack of pantyhose to go along with the bunny suit is clearly what's holding the development of this game back. surely we would have reached 1 million active players by now if we had the combo.
  2. turkler

    Well Ztocked

  3. yep, a good one thirds of the traits are broken right now. one good example you can try for yourself is speed demon, it actually makes vehicles less powerful.
  4. fyi I doubt they'll change much. not confirmed but rumor from a decent source, noise works happened to 'owe' the zomboid developers a little something something and did a decent enough job to fix that up. you'll notice that zomboid isn't listed in noise works' website https://thenoiseworks.com/work/
  5. because the sprites being upgraded isn't going to happen any time soon, devs are clear that they want to keep this aestethic, so at least they should make sure things match. and yes I did use a part of your screenshot, it was the perfect comparsion (ie. low res sprite chasing with high res model) and I couldn't be bothered to go ingame to recreate it
  6. these stick out like a sore thumb when placed down. look at how low resolution everything is compared to dropped items. can we have an option to match the resolution the dropped items are rendered with the tiles?
  7. title. I used to love being able to easily adjust the volume of most sounds just through a menu, and now it's gone.
  8. did that and then verified game files, didn't work unfortunutely
  9. game gets stuck like this no mods, unsubscribed from all mods + nuked the workshop mods folder just to make sure, and it's stuck like this
  10. but the current implementation looks awful do you really want this looks good in any way? it looks like a sandbox map you'd test development features on, not the outskirts of the main map
  11. I just wanted to make sure and get a word from the developers. there are a lot of issues like this that have been getting the same ''it'll be fixed at some point'' response, which is fair enough. vehicle animations, flat-out missing buildables, gameplay issues, so on. I can take the developers' words that it'll be fixed eventually. one thing I'm concerned about however is the developers releasing mp, doing a few fixes related to mp, and then going ''We said they would be fixed eventually, not in b41'' and calling that a release. this would especially sting after how developers treat development of the mp, they would essentially be going aganist everything they've said. can we get word from the developers that this won't happen?
  12. both of the current snow settings are dissapointing -full accumulation means that the entire ground is just white. you can't see where roads are, you can't see where anything is, it's just all white. https://gyazo.com/f77d3dd40ebe33593a1dbab6b6cf9373 this has a LOT of issues. first of all, it makes roadtrips through the countryside a fucking nightmare because you literally have to guess if there's a road below you or not by watching your acceleration. no, seriously. look at this image and tell me what part of it is a road and what part of it is grass https://gyazo.com/232a02da17881668c7ea81a6c2e6c975 second of all, it just looks bad. the entire ground is just white. -the other option is snow accumulating only on rooftops and trees. this is somewhat better, but it doesn't have the accumulation of the first setting. woop, there's snow on the trees now, okay. so my suggestion. make a new setting, replace an already-existing one, I don't care. snow should only accumulate on trees, rooftops AND grass. this should leave man-made things like gravel paths, sidewalks and road surfaces untouched. this would still let snow cover the ground in a nice way while not covering everything in an ugly way. I know it's a bit of a compromise, but everything short of making a unique snow-covered texture for every tile will be, and I doubt the developers will do that.
  13. Stats going up seem to be extremely fast, aiming and going side to side for a few seconds is enough to make nimble level up. https://gyazo.com/fdcdf342e45635515aed14e57033ebf5 Same goes for sprinting https://gyazo.com/b72f3525c6b13ec64301adf42dbb8688 TIS shirt, a rare joke item, seems to be extremely common https://gyazo.com/f1bc7eae1aa6feff94157c2f4a8ba7b1 Character seems to stumble and slow down a lot when wounded, but this speed debuff is entirely gone when you hold right click to aim your weapon. https://gyazo.com/51d1bc65b08fc3eef86a6e22c68baf7e https://gyazo.com/517eae5f671aa78f8747246f8d7ed61d
  14. man, I really hope so. at this point I'm building my base over an existing building precisely because you can't move these doors and I want a garage door for my base.
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