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    VHS: Home

    41.56 In my spawn home I got the VHS-Home on my first boot up to the new patch. Never found it outside of mudguard spawn homes. But have not been around allot lately since I'm waiting for curved roads! Learning the road networks right now makes no sense. Deadly to screw up in cars. I can not say that it brakes anything. Even now Gromit imply that? Just bumping the bug as the patches go by.
  2. 1) Outdoor/Indoor transitions are broken. Zombies screaming and making sounds do not transition if player or Zombie moves from indoor or outdoor. Not every time but often enough to be a problem. Watching Zombies from Church doors and they spot player. Sounds start playing muffled screams. Walks backwards and the two Zombies enters church but sounds play as if they are outside. It might have to do with entering a second room just as the Zombie enters the church. But the church doors where broken down and the room player entered had no doors but just a open frame. Never experienced anything like that pre soundworks builds. I had zombies muffled sounds even now we where in the same room. Quite scary to think what cheap deaths might happen from something like that. They where position right but muffled and very confusing. 2) Door knocking sounds if not the same WAY to similar no matte where they are relative to where the player stands. No way to really know if the Z is knocking on exterior door or second floor closed door. Same with window attack sounds. Before SoundWorks you where almost able to know what door/window was being knocked on by just the sound alone. Knowing the laying that is. 3) Sandbox engine sound multiplier seems to do nothing. But might be wrong on that. Like my vehicles to not be quite when glass charts can get a hoard to stump your face in. 4) Entering a vehicle have a weird sound crackle at the end. You get in and sit down and year this strange late sound that sounds like it needs a clean up? Not sure. 5) Shovels do not make sound when you put dirt over the the grave. 6) TV static gone. The world feels very empty when you sit in front of the TV in the night and no sound plays. 7) Going indoors removes rain sounds. Even now before you where able to here rain from indoors. Now it just fades away as soon as you enter any building. Outside of sound balance issues and the odd seagull in cites it is not that broken. But Zombie positioning and such is crucial to be worked out.
  3. Riverside? I think that is one of the hardest places to start no? Really zombies can kill you in 3 ways. Group up on you or sneak attack a fatal blow. (bite or whatever) Or they can infect you and you die from a silly scar. (really not fun to die from a small cut) Or just end you on the spot. That being overrun you and eat you alive! The controls of PZ combat are unforgiving and dying is rigged from the start. Ones you have played allot of PZ your still going to be risking getting hurt over even just a single Z attack. But anyone used to PZ should be able to deal with 2-3 Z's at a time. Anymore and your more or less having to retreat. And unless you play with sprinters you should have such a mobility advantage that you can kite the zombies around making sure your back is safe. Or just walk away from trouble. Most impotent thing is to satisfy your sleep and character in general! being sleepy hurts combat DRASTICY! I started to be able to play the game and have a fun consistent time when moving to Sandbox and setting it up right. 2 or 4 hours days. (normal 1 hour days) Disable groups (normal Zombies group up) Normal Loot (normal is Rare???) Normal Zombie Population or less. Increase difficulty by having harder to defeat Z's. And increase engine sounds by 1.5-3x. Making cars louder. And Zombies being able to trigger house alarms. That way they clear out parts of the town on there own. And it is just interesting dynamic gameplay. And allow them to brake doors and windows without having to see the player. So they leave houses with broken doors and windows etc etc etc. But really just increasing the hours a day gives you more time to do do stuff. Standard time is a time pressure I do not need. Turn off infection of Z and you can survive bites etc. But really it is all up to single player how stuff should play out. I had just gone into Sandbox and increased day length and lowered the Z spawn amount. Or tried to turn grouping off. Easier to fight 1vs1 that way. And more varied gameplay.
  4. Have not found anyone really talk strait about this so called improvement outside of the odd praising or "hate" on particular things with it. So trying for a 35/35/30 split sounds fair? I mean I reserve 30% as the middleman. Disclaimer: I might get stuff wrong or remember things wrong! GOOD - Some missing sounds from old system got some really nice really fitting sounds now! Like curtains having sounds and jumping out of windows have sounds! This are the kind of sounds you SHOULD not even notice being added if DONE right. I really do not think we had sounds for curtains or jumping out of windows before. And the ones we got from SoundWorks are 10/10 never the less! - Car sounds are satisfying if your not looking at the screen and just listening to them, they are really REALLY nice! Not had the chance to check all vehicles but dam if they are not satisfying for someone that likes machines! Not generic yet fits the character of the vehicles! But if the old sounds where not good enough? I mean from the sounds I expect to be sifting gears and a realistic moving and sounding vehicle you know. But the sounds are made to fit towards the games interesting ide of vehicles not making allot of sound attracting Zombies. Witch I guess was one of the goals of this car sound changes? They sound allot less Z attractive then before. - Zombie combat and walking sounds are nice ish. I like the fact that your not sure if you killed a Z sometimes. And weapons sounds quite nice. Not that SWUSH SWUSH or STUMP STUMP like we had in the old sound system. RealisticTM. -Wildlife and general outside sounds. Seagulls are odd in town and there are some really odd animals sounds I ALLWAYS think are Z's sneaking up on me! And in general to intensive amount of animal sounds. But shopping wood and having no music play but the wind and nature was quite a nice experience. But old sound system was quite enough already. - Fridges are not as annoying anymore. Microwave sounds modern microwave ish. Guns are pretty much perfect. But I'm not a gun nut so I'm going to safely just say that they are better then the old system and mostly just a strait upgrade and nice to play with. - In general it is a mixed bag. But like to stress that there is some real value added with the SoundWorks work. But there are REALLY questionable things that need to be looked at and redone. (Non bug related that is) BAD! GOT DAM BAD Disclaimer: This are trying to be fact oriented and less personal criticism for SoundWorks. - Bugs and crap sound balance. And I have found enough to be sad. (WIP) Easy one for example is car brakes being to loud compared to engine sound. - Zombies sound generic and sometimes to the point of undefinably bad. Some Z sounds make you think your playing a generic crap Zombie game! Even now the quality in the sounds are really high they are just not PZ. Old sound system Zombies moan and attack sounds where 10/10! New sounds are a mixed bag. And WAY to much head MUSH crunch! It sounds like every Z's are tomato sauce when you kill em! There NEEDS to be some satisfying death sounds like we had in the old system. It is really irritating having to listen out for that tomato sauce splutter for every DAM Z kill. I miss killing a Z and hearing there death moans! Tomato sauce splatter is nice but not when it is the ONLY sound you here. Yes. Even now I disclaimed: fact oriented and less personal criticism, it is a got dam fact that some Zombies sounds are BAD. Have played Zombie games and watched horror and whatever for more then 10 years now. And I preferer Minecraft Zombies over whatever generic stuff we got in PZ now. It screams generic and CHEAP. But then some sounds I do not even notice since they fit so well that they disappear. That's good! That is what they are suppose to do! But there is just to much that bothers someone that have played old sounds and so many games other then PZ. Old sounds had character and sounded like humans! New sounds seems unnatural and the word I have heard people say allot! GENEREIC! Mixing old and new sounds together and removing the offending new sounds might end up like a perfect mix of Z sounds. - To realistic and repeating. Removing old sounds and replacing them with new realistic ones makes sense. But it just makes it more obvious that the sounds are repeating. And sometimes they are overdone and to detailed. I mean at the end of the day it is a 2.5D game. A GAME. Not even movies try this hard to make sounds sound realisticTM. It just get to a point of hurting the overall experience trying to HARD with sounds and art in general. Just looking at the car sounds for example. They sounds really rich and advanced but on the screen the cars are ruining it! Old sounds worked since they where simple together with a simple game design. With this new sounds for it to fit there need to be such a in depth execution of playing sounds and more sounds added to support the sounds! Why? Since making something realistic and then omitting something realistic is DIRECTY making something crap. For instance there is no sounds to represent engine load or reversing. No sound to transition from engine starting to accelerate. Just so much complexity that is needed that NO game I know of even have ever gotten! It is insane to think to implement a sound system and game system that works good enough to live up to the sound quality. Gearchanges are non existence. (Ok that I know is WIP) But I mean the sound of the car starting is so realistic and beautiful. But the moment the car starts to move it ALL falls apart. Old sounds where artistic. New sounds are agen just a mixed bag. There need so much added sounds just to avoid repeating or dull sounds in general. For what? A Sims 1 game?? - Removing iconic sounds and the artistic soul of PZ. I mean I like the new sounds for the most part. But new door sounds are bad compared to old. New fridge and microwave sounds etc are ok but they lack character. And I think I'm going to miss the old fridge sounds even if it was hurting my ears standing next to it. Zombie attacking windows sounds bad. Zombie attacking Doors sounds bad. Old clearing window from glass charts where nicer. Like the list can go on and go furfure and furfure down into personal option on Z or Y. No one can really be right or wrong on some of this opinions. But really so much I personally think old sounds where better at. And the artistic way the old sounds where put together made them blend in so nicely. New sounds makes you question them and that's a real problem for SoundWorks! Even looking at Sims 3-4 the sounds are cartoony like old sounds where. But SoundWorks are trying to do what with the Sims 1 artstyle? My personal gripe with SoundWorks - Interface/Start menu. Whatever SoundWork did to it needs to be pulled out. Starting a new game or just moving the mouse around ruins the atmosphere PZ had in the start menu. The strange music PZ have running in the background and the flash of light that is synced to the music is the defection of master atmosphere. EVERY and I mean EVERY change done to 41.54-41.55 start menu/loading game is a crime to art. After starting a new game and having the black screen with text saying "This is how you died" (or whatever) "press any key" and the silence calm entering into the world with the calm music starting shortly after getting your bearing WAS 10/10 probably the best smoodes intro to a game ever. Hopelessness and such a fine balance of sound! 41.54-41.55. NA we just PLAAAASH when you hit the "press any key". There is a added detail to stuff on the interface and menu that is undependably bad. Just stop it! Just STAP! It feels like I have installed some kind of mod made by some way to overdoing mod developer. Car sounds are grate but wtf am I looking at on the screen? What cringe sounds have the mod developer done to the menu screen???? SoundWorks It is like installing a combat mod overhaul in a Fallout game and getting a wife with tits baked into the deal. Or how do I communicate this overdoing of sounds where it brakes the soul of a game? What cringe do I need to bring up to give a ide of why I dislike this overdoing sounds for the heck of it? I can not but respect SoundWorks quality and detailed sound work. But it is just a bit to much and some things are unwanted for what is a Sims 1 with Zombies and horror. There need to be some rough thinking about cutting out new sounds from SoundWorks. But better would be to give sound generating things unique sounds to give a more varied non repeating realistic feel. And just to top it off be a bit chill on the hardcore sound work? For instance. Old microwave sounds fits perfectly for some crappy old microwave. New sounds are beautiful for a microwave in a modern 1993 household with a "modern" Microwave. Old fridge sounds fits perfect to a old fridge. But new sounds fits perfect to a new "modern" 1993 fridge. Give the world more sound instead of realisticTM Just adding in the old sounds to play together with the new sounds had done a lot to the PZ sound stage. But for the love of Chees! Do not even think of having a legacy option toggle in the menu. Just hope that SoundWorks can get some offending stuff smood over and leave the game at a better state then it entreated it. But that is just my take on SoundWorks. Just my own with a bit of truths hard to disprove sprinkled in there. See ya tomorrow.
  5. Strange? Have built a wood wall around my base and have the bad habit of walking into my base and trashing the floor making a mess with loot.... I have left 50-100 strips of sheets on outdoors tiles for days and logs etc etc without losing anything. Decorated my base and in general just dumped items on the floor since I have still not built a storage system and only keeping myself from going crazy by placed items in bags etc. Just a MESS since I got no where to store crap! Done everything to brake this new feature of 3D items. And outside of small rendering problems it works perfectly. Nothing, NOTHING have I found to be lost. Only car keys are a PAIN to find and more or less go missing No mods or anything. (just cheat menu) Saved reloaded 7-9 times and I play like 2hours for every session. Do not scare me to lose my loot! It all as far as I have tested it just works. But I guess it might be good to keep a list of items just to be sure? I wonder how well updates are going to wreck 3D items.
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    VHS: Home

    Have found VHS- Home in patch 41.55 too. It was my first VHS I ever found, so I tried to play it. ERROR and then interacting with it in the inventory gave me errors. But I do think after reloading the save it was replaced with something else. Not sure since I have not touched VHS's since it gave me errors. Collected a few VHS and CD's, but why even play them? Have not found a skill one yet but allot of kids birthday VHS's. I get back if I find the VHS- Home in my VHS stash still. But I bet it fixed itself after reloading the save file or something. Found this VHS- Home close to my spawn home in Mudguard on the first day. Running Sandbox with "normal" loot spawn. Only got the cheat menu mod running since IWBUMS. Running PZ in Debug mode is a bit to much so a cheat menu is nice to have if something buggy happens.
  7. Turbo50


    Nice blog update. Explains allot. Please keep some of the sounds from the old sound system. To replace sounds just to rework them makes no sense if the old ones sounds better. Do not blindly stick to new stuff and noisework is going to turn out grate!
  8. Yea... I did not know about it for months. Really a hidden in options thing. So no wounder it shows up in suggestions. Even me reading the patches missed it I think? But agen I never looked back ones I knew about it! But a dedicated button/ tutorial and better defaults should be added. But I like the current system but it is quite obvius people miss it. To skip the 'noob' tutorial you used the pillow. But new players tried to be nice and confort the wife with the pillow and killed here and it is hillarius! It makes little sense to think the player was not warned about it and ruined there tutorial! PZ is kinda like that where it just sometimes do not show itself in the best light possible for a new player. And everyone but the first devs start out as a noob. New user. But the pillow is now a legend! It was PZ start to fame! No ide why the pillow exist here on the forum. But anyone that know the pillow know how deadly it is! And noob unsafe! :Evil
  9. Good. So you have tried it at least. Can not expect it to be a obvious thing to try you know. So like I said. I personally want it like that. (Zombies, but not to much or bunch of groups standing around) To high pollution and it is tedious. But I do not enjoy unrealistic amount of Z's and enjoy having a very natural random population around me. That is just me. I want Z's that are hard to kill and a scenario that make sense. Just me? Do not think so. I still think there are a valid and needed spread like shown in your Variable image. But it dose not need to be groups. Some of it yes but really it is more about having enough population and enough randomness. But not to the point of having to slaughter everything to just move around. There need to be a very VERY fine balance. And variety in how you play to not make it stale and boring. Right now groups have nothing but stale boring combat. And no groups have the effect of a chance of emptiness or overcrowding. Groups are a tool to fix that problem! Hoards can be a off-screen thing or a event like the helicopter or gunshots/house alarms etc etc. I brought up the point of how no grouping is almost more fun then the current group system implement right now. Since if you or someone else did not even think to try it you miss out on what groups do negatively to the game right now. "Sneaking" around hoards playing "peek a boo" to lure out Z's from groups are just not fun. But I still find it fun to do it when the groups are natural and I'm not just abusing group sizes and sight lines that I know are not going to be broken up since they GROUP together and do not randomly roam. You really just abuse the group system at that point if that's the gameplay to strive for. Since all the sudden it is all about groups and getting away from them. In a game like this where they are programed as a "group" we as players play the game as if the enemy are groups. Even now it should be the Z's and not the game system we fight. Having a feeling of what not having stupid groups hanging around doing nothing feels like, well it should be a part of the discussion. Since then we can bring up what kind of changes are needed to the grouping system to make it not so ridged as it is right now. There need to be allot of wanderers compared to groups! Or else we still got groups that only add population to the street corner bullies. It is even more rewarding to sneak around natural roamers that "naturally" group and ungroup. It is fun to have groups but it should be natural or there being a REAL leader that you can spot and know why the Z's are grouping up for. Or else be random and flexible/natural randomness. It can not just be groups. They need to avoid looking like game mechanics and be just Z's. And give sandbox settings to fine tune it ofc! But yes the grouping system needs to be more flexible and just not looks like thief gangs. It really boils down to changing how population works and making groups less obvious and much rarer. It should not be just zombies walking around in "groups". They should just happen to be staying close to each other and that makes it a group. Not that it is just a big enemy force that spawned on the map. If it even makes sense to anyone reading? But as I said I understand and do think that grouping is a necessary tool to heighten tension and fun. It should just be better. Get good more or less. I just gave up on grouping and found it being much more enjoyable to harden the Z's up and live with a little to few Z's sometimes. Better then street corner thugs XD Same thing with fire spread many months ago! Before they improved that system I had it turned off since it made no sense for fire to spread the way it did before. Same with the current Z grouping system, just not reasonable or fun to have turned on. Btw. The work they did to the fire system spread blew my expectations! I had called it a lost cause and given up on fires in PZ since that whould totally never be improved on. (oj, I was wrong) And it is really fun to see and hear that it basically are individuals working on the game systems. Imagen a game company having real individual people and such working and doing grate stuff??? #sarcasm This I at first thought too. But ones I did that hilariously crappy run in Riverwood I relished how stupid that is. They are smarten then that. What I'm saying right now is not to be taken as having to be simulated in the game. But just how Z's would react and why zombie lore even make sense in the first place. (Walking Dead and the like) They do not bump into each other like they did not see each other. They do not try and eat a other Z. They know perfectly well what other Z's sound or act like. They do not run up to a wandering Z thinking they are food for the most part. But if you as a player get close enough they notice or smell? You! That is food! Ones they get close to a other Z they have no reason to stick around. Or else they should be going around in the woods hunting birds as they make sounds. No. They are smarter then standing around other Z's. They are hunters! But they know what they are after. If there was a fresh Z they might stick around being confused why it smells food around this Z's. Or they might group around Z's if they think that's the best chance to find food. (following a migration hoard making allot of sounds from walking and being something huge moving) But a group of Z's just being passive in a group? I do think they are rather going to spot something moving and head that way to search for food. Like a other Z for example away in the distance moving about. That is not what they do in game right now. But it makes more sense that a group that stand around allot are going to lose there people..? (bodies?) But a group moving or having something that draws them to stay. (fresh blood smell) they can form groups standing more or less around waiting to be feed. But else they are not going to enjoy standing around other Z's. If they are tired or not motivated to move they might stay. But really roaming pointlessly after food is more or less there thing. Not haning around outher Z's waiting on food to walk up to them. If we say a Z is stuck in a low food populated area (food sounds or just humans) and a big hoard of migrating Z's passes by it probably are going to join in due to the sound and huge movements going on. (explanation why we can have migration and big hoards move around the map) Groups staying idle makes little sense. Groups going somewhere making sounds and actual movement happening makes sense. Yes they get tired and what not. But they most likely do not follow just a random Z around calling it there leader. They are individuals XD Not some cult! Really to think Z's are happy to stand around like cows is silly. Even if the sounds other Z's makes might be effective, it just makes no sense to be enough to keep them from roaming away from what they know is NOT food. You do not see Z's grouping around TV static or radios. It needs to be a car alarm or something FOOD related for them to stick around or act in any way. Investigating is there first goal since that is how they find FOOD. If food was not found they keep investigating until they are tired and stand around until they are curious agen to repeat the cycle. They need to have no stimulant to stay around other Z's. But if they find any reason to walk away they sure are going to roam. Agen. Groups are just a tool. Hoards are just a tool. A Zombie in the basic sense are just roamers. They are just made up fantasy. They either as individuals naturally form what we call hoards or groups. Or someone/we make them into groups/hoards. WE GOT THE POOOOWWWWERR!
  10. What? No really both of you look to either just not know what already exist in the builds. OR your just asking for more options even now it is almost pointless? I do not remember 41.47 patch very well. And really pointless to go back and check updates to check wherever this was added after patch 41.47. Either way. Current IWBUMS patch. (41.53) I know for sure without looking it up has options ripe for the taking! (just check your rear for ninja Z's sneaking up) It is really not "separate keys" but rather manual intervention to stomp Z's rather then pushing. And pushing is really just the basic no weapon "attack". So really pushing = attacking. But never the less, to get what you want. Step_1: Go into "KEY BINDINGS" in the settings and look for a key labeled "Manual Floor Attack". Step_2: Untick the box "Auto Detect Prone or Standing attacks" (makes sense yes?) Step_3: When you want to STOMP the ground you have to hold the "Manual Floor Attack" button down and then when you "attack" you stomp instead. This means that you are in control of what action is going to be applied. You are never going to stomp without pressing "Manual Floor Attack" down before attacking. But your NEVER going to push instead of stomping either FOR ANY REASON if your holding "Manual Floor Attack" down. So no way to blame the game if your get bitten. This means that you are in control of what action is going to be applied. It might sound more complicated then just having 2 separate buttons. I mean needing to multi key to STOMP Z's sounds cumbersome. But I think it works really well never the less. Feels good. Take it or mod it If you want there is also a option in "DISPLAY" settings that give you a green outline of what Z your currently going to be hitting too. "Aim Outline" = AnyWeapon. But really I personally find the game to handle combat prioritizing more or less perfectly. But I jumped onto the possibility to manually decide if I should stomp or attack. Not played a minute without it ever since I knew about it being a option in game. Suggestion should be to add a dedicated stomp button. But you more or less got it already in the builds. But to make it noob proof (part of the tutorial and something every new player grow used to) is quite a good suggestion in general. Add a dedicated KICK button. Even now the auto selecting and prioritizing really is close to flawless. It is good to make players try and play the game with as much control as possible. Leaving current defaults to controllers and accessibility options. It dose a much better job then Minecraft Auto Jump detection that's for sure. :_c Dormoxx Have a pillow! :Evil laughter
  11. Yes. I have for a few months now turned grouping off. Please do try it for a game and see how it affects the gameplay. It feels allot better having every Z being roamers since groups are utter garbage. The idea that Z's bunch up like this makes no sense! I mean sure if we had some Left4Dead Screamer or SOMETHING that makes sense why they form groups and stick together then ok. Fresh dead Z's being the leaders? Just something to make the scenario believable in the made up Zombie world. But normal PZ is just over run by groups of hooligans! I found the gameplay to be just boring. Made up crap. But that is just my experience. I remember when I started to play around with sandbox settings (and overdoing the Z count) having big groups form neatly on farm fields outside of Riverwood. Having my character starving, depressed, tired and crawling around this big hoards of Z trying to find a house to sleep in. And when crying and feeling hopeless finding a houses surrounded by groups of Z's. Trying to take out groups of Z just to SLEEP. It was so ridicules! XD But to see this groups clearly form was really distracting. And in general terms taking on a group of Z is booring. It turns into a "peek a bo" with Zombies! Just to lure a few away from there group leader. It makes ZERO sense for that to be the core gameplay loop. Turning grouping off and having a balanced amount of Z. (about normal pop) feels really good! You do not play "peek a bo" but instead you fight real Z's! The groups comes from roamers joining in to fight you! Not from a random Z being a leader. O deer leader! If you get caught with a bunch of Z's and have to retreat from Z's, they form natural temporary groups on there own where you got away from them. Overtime they are going to spread out and walk about. But it feels organic and real! Not made up game rules for no good reason. You can much easier fight a area clear of Z. But it feels fair and your still able to be caught out and having to run from a "group" that form natural by the sound you make fighting. (I run Tough Zombies, so it takes time to kill Z's so other ones join in) But yes grouping system is predictable and in general just not fun. They are kind of needed I can understand in some scenarios, but I have just turned it off and are much happier for it. I find it much more exiting and fun to have all Z's roamers. They still act as they should when your caught, hoards forms to get you and leave behind groups that stick around for quite a while in the area you got away from them. But they are not sticking together for no apparent reason without being in combat with a player or going after a house alarm etc. Just wonderful and a better experience for me anyways. Just having enough Z population to not make the world feel empty and bam! Fun. They roam around and you can never really know where they are! They just roam around! Searching for food! Not a cattle group standing around eating the grass on the ground. Sandbox <3 If anything there just needs to be a way to select how many groups should form. So for me I had only had VERY few groups form and kept most Z's roamers. Resent Zombie render optimizations makes any increased resource needs to disable groups be canceled out. The game handles rendering/processing bunch of zombies at ones very well nowadays I must say. Even if a alarm go off and a hole city is going after you the game do not really crap out if you got a descent mid range gaming pc. (AAA new titles mid range)
  12. Interesting search history you got there. Just teasing ya. No one replied to this yet? Yes got the same fear of the sound becoming very generic. But let it come out into the builds and play with for a while. I think it is a needed and very good change coming to PZ. The way players interact with the 2.5D world relies allot on sound direction to overcome the shortcomings of the 2d tiled world. Really I do think I will miss the current zombie sounds and guns. (shotgun <3 ) But there is nothing stopping players from having the sounds modified from what we know so far. Or just sounds being replaced later on in the games builds. But knowing that the same people that did Alien isolation is in charge of PZ sound rework is quite epic. And even if the sounds are questionable the gameplay looks to be greatly improved! That demo of footsteps from top floor and ground floor in a house really was something else! Exactly what is needed to give a feeling of being in a world space and not just surrounded by 2d tiles. Noise Work having any drawback most likely are going to be fixable. Current sound system is just serviceable and have done well for what it is. No need for super realistic sounds as long as they sound good. (current sounds from build 40-41 are awesome btw)
  13. Turbo50


    Seriously. To much is introduced for every IWBUMS. Sound, MP and outer big fundamentally changing code/development stuff needs to be worked into the builds seamlessly with the outer systems to avoid conflicts and redoing of work. ("To be legacy "systems being targeted is pointless if bunching it all up into one massive build change is much more productive) But to not abus.... I mean have every reworked or changed system be properly tested and really gotten battle tested is foolish to not do! To add so much to a build making stuff possible to hide and lurk in the shadows that no one notice at first. That is how you make your code base a haunted one! Or at least giving bigger gaps of time then "next week" if builds are looking to actually possibly MAYBE needs 2 or even 3 weeks of internal testing. Being honest and not pushing when it clearly is not going to happen that way is wrong. You did not learn this Indiestone? Better to say that IWBUMS MP is 1 year away and then push it to testing in just 3 months. Same with just a small feature or bug fix. Please make the players test the builds more or give reasonable timelines when to expect to try stuff out. "Internal testing" makes the skin crawl since that = greed and closed doors. Playing for Early Access should mean that we care about the project and want the best for the game. Not expect a flawless bug free experience for every release. A unstable branch (with MP somehow really striped out) really would be allot of fun. And extend the testing of the internal work being done at Indiestone studio. Trow Away Bransh? TAB And agen. I WANT A RACCON PLUSH! I WANT A SPIFFO! Mountain dew are to common IRL. But a joyful Spiffo? Well that is worth risking a gunfight for! DayZ
  14. We We we. Anyone spending 15$ or more spent it on the state the game was in at the time of purchase. Yes people are disappointed that MP is not released yet. But everyone (should) have expected updates to take time. Not be finished by the time modding the game was getting boring. k To lie or just miss spread the notion of there being no constant updates and progression on the project is just wrong. Surprisingly off the side stuff is going on with PZ like vhs tapes and improved foraging systems, sound overhaul etc, none of it really expected to be worked on right now but they are being added to the builds. Even now 99% of the ones spending $15 was expecting multiplayer and not much else from there "backing" or rather buying a indie game from Steam. To imply "no good constant updates" is just wrong. To not hold multi million studios selling broken AAA games to even half that standard, yet a game project doing what they are meant to do to that standard? Cyberpunk76 is still after a year of "updates" still not even a candidate to be played. Still just a unfished joke. Even now it was meant to be the best RPG ever at launch. PZ lacking a MP is not a big set back. Even now the hype was built just to be shut down by Indie stone themselves. That probably was the right thing to do. Looking at what a mess games being pushed out of development to early looks like should be good enough of evidence to that.
  15. Really even now last year has been quite slow. I think if a shill pill is taken and the complementary additions to animations are added (3d loot and curved roads) the final stuff needing to be done is testing MP. Then the game is going to be in a launch off state where updates only improve game mechanics and expand into the big city. Just curved roads and a do over of the map we already got is HUGE. 41.53 got small nice to have map changes to improve the world. There is a new bit of abounded village on the map that Indiestone do not even talk about. With road network having a do over and more map changes done to make traveling the map more appealing. Well... More reasons to explore and travel! More 3d and cooler bases created the more time spent there. And then MP added to make the experience shared or just to get some DayZ feel put into the world?? It is going to be worth the wait! 9 years in development. Hopefully not Commentary node. Favorite class is the ban.
  16. We get updates. Constant is a stretch but really multiplayer is only holding the single player back. Since no stable releases happen since MP is not out. Even now there is content for at least 2 stable releases all ready. If multiplayer is forgotten about and a better communication about what is in the work was represented. Yea we would have about a update every 2 weeks. More or less. But due to multiplayer everything is halted. Just small projects on the side getting added into the builds. And really $15 is nothing. No Man's Lie $60 with the backing of Sony on top of all the pre orders. Fallout 76. $60 for a "brake it early" that did just that. Brake early. No fixes from the "test". Just a early sign to jump ship and be sure Bethesda was totally going to launch the failure we believed it was going to be. Should we go on? Rust, DayZ Standalone? Minecraft?? Robox? TF2? Overwatch? Really only ones that have a right to complain are the ones that supported PZ back in 2013 days. 8 YEARS and first now do it look to work it's way out of early access. That is more or less a decade of hopelessness. More then 3 years of a stalled game development at least between 2014-2019. Map changes and vehicles? That was PZ for almost 5 years.
  17. Sandbox mode. Turning off infection I think is quite fair. But there are now more options like only bites being a sure death. So that a scratch is not a % risk of a dead run. And really since we can continue the save with a new character your just having a set back in the skill grind. I personally have cranked up vehicle attraction sound 2.5x or if it was 3x. Made injuries much harsher and sleep/hunger/thirst drain faster. All loot set to "normal" and misc items to "Common" (some items spawn to much like backpacks but the town feels real) Spawn rate about normal but no grouping of Zombies. So all Z are roamers and do not munch up. But the big change is that I play at 4h! So the day lasts 4 times as long! So travel time and everything is not as rushed. Normal settings time flies and you get nothing done! Even with infection turned off your still afraid of being bit and hurt! And you get quite sick and need antibiotics and safety to recover from it. I just say that I'm immune to the Z virus. Makes only sense since how else do you not meet anyone else alive? And being able to be soaked with blood and crap. Edit: Really play as you like is the point. But instead of a time crunch I like to increase the amount of time you got per day. Hate having to set up allot of safe houses just to move within a city. Instead of a hole day lasting just 1 hour in real time. It lasts 4 hours of playtime. Is that maybe what your after? A more sane time system? Sleeping takes a bit longer since time moves slower. And reading books takes allot longer too. But your not constantly having to run back to bed every 30minutes.
  18. Turbo50

    MiZe en Scène

    What do we want! Update! When do we want it! Yesterday! Why? Urg... To report bugs? But? Mmmm. Makes sense. yes Usually this beta updates are pushed with so little to report on. Use us! And do not remove branches without first warning people beforehand. Even now people should have learned to backup there game to avoid being screwed. Why I love non DRM ruined games. And why GoG was such a gem.
  19. Turbo50

    MiZe en Scène

    Always the same story with Indiestone. Having updates and stuff but never updates pushed Getting a strong hatred towards you for having so much good stuff that just keep coming! But we just have to wait and wait! Most games today get worse and worse for every update but PZ we claw after updates like they where BRAINS! I want curved roads and stuff! And the best for Indistone! Get 41 done so the game bloom up!
  20. Mmm. Not sure but I felt that playing 41.52 Zombies had much better vision and aggro range. And it was foggy.. The Z see me before I do. I hoped it was going to show up in 41.53 patches. But no. If 1 Z see you the outher go after you. Like trying to walk away from the problem made me just bring the hole neighborhood with me. It felt really wrong. I know 41.51 had a real problem with the Z, but 41.52 feel off compared to 41.50 still. Have not had time to bring it up before now.
  21. I did a try with a glass shard and tired/hungry. I was still faster then the Z. But just barely. And really even then I was able to juke them. They just do not seem to work well grouped closely together. A lone Z got me in the end. Somehow biting me a tile away :/ Still able to get away from what should be death and no return. And I was actively trying to get killed mind you. Going around in circles. But the obese one I ran before that tired/hungry/injured just died XD Might have been just a tad to slow. Was still able to jog so if not trying to die I was able to get away. Really the player need to be faster then the Z. They should be outnumbering you and by that way get you. Sprinter/Runners are hell The close calls I have had when a house alarm or a car attracted the attention of me. When you merely have to dodge them to not get cornered. No way to fight it. Just GTFO. That is the scary and enjoyable gameplay. Why I have Z's being able to trigger house alarms. And 2.5X the car noise multiplier. (but descent car conditions)
  22. Oh? So it actually is not a feature but a lack of one? Jokes aside I was confused how I was getting stomped on by the Z just a few months ago. And now I was making fun of them. Then everything is fine! Going to look for a patch note and see if that ruin my gamer skills. Slow field was removed? Whatever makes it work I guess? As long as it is fair but brutal. Yes. First time I saw them in a 41 branch update video it's been a haunting nightmare to think of them. No way I will spook myself with sprinters Z's. I just think life would be to short having to deal with sprinters. Like I sometimes mess up and almost get bitten by the ninja Z's. My reflexes would not be enough to save me from sprinters :c
  23. Like ones you stop running or even jogging the game becomes easy enough as it is. And by the looks of things there is not even a reason to jog when they get close to you as seen from my example here. Round them up where you like them and then make a sprint from them. Since you can group them so easily with the tight turns they never will be a treat unless FPS tank. Before I had to make such wire turns that they where a problem and had to sprint and get tired. But no more! Just walk calmly and smell the roses! I never let the Z get this close before. Since I was sure that was a pure death scenario. But as I was mowing down Z's with the double barrel I ended up feeling my way closer and closer to them. Then now with this "test dummy" save the fear was gone and I tried how close you can go. And it is simply just broken without some kind of group mechanic that randomly triggers you to slow down and they get a chance to attack you. The Z's closes to you block the others to do anything. And as the first line Z's lunch forward and then stop you are never in a spot of danger. Even now the Z's should be overwhelming you and not fail to grab you and block up the rest. Scratches are a bare minimum from being this close to them. Or something terrifying close call thing where you might be dragged down or just about getting away from being killed! Like the character being stunned and then automatically starts running to save themselves. Now that's a close call! That is what it should feel like being attacked by a group of Z! Not whatever this is :c If you keep moving in any direction but towards them your safe Ofc. So yea you have to actively avoid them. If you stop your dead. If slowed down by weight or exertion you are also easier to be killed. But that should be a TOTAL death scenario if affected by something slowing you down and being weaker towards the Z pulling you down to eat. And without anything working agents you it should be a dangerous act to get even half as close as this. Not a cake walk as it is now. (literally)
  24. Hi, I was testing out what Zombie toughness I was going to set in my next sandbox game. (they are to easy to kill I think) Well I relisted something I have heard that 41 supposedly had put a end to. And that is the axe murder train of pre 41. Or rather how you was able to mow down easily groups of Zambies hazel free. EAzy. And I know a few updates ago stuff was added to address it even future. But your still safe around the Z's. That is just not right! This is Apocalypse mode in version 41.50.1 GoG. Only cheating in items for demonstration. Have done a better job at killing Z's back peddling like this. More trying to show how close I dare to get to the Zombies. Any closer and I risk getting taken down and killed. But just look at how safe you are :c I want to fear the Z! Not Cuddle with them. I mean the Z look more like they have found a celebrity but are polite enough to not actually interfere physically. I mean this is something game braking compared to car barricades. The Z even in a group HAS to stop and then attack. They can not do anything unless first stopping. And due to that you just walk away from any attack. I have cheated some bite's I have gotten from fighting in doors. You know the Z's biting standing on the other side of a door, should be blocked by the door frame or at least not bite you from a other room. (simply just not a fair bite) So I have to be fearful of fighting in doors. I mean there are limitations to the 2.5D style. But that is some final fixing and tuning. Why I got a cheat menu ready. But this is somehow not a instant death? What? The character here has no skills or perks. And is wearing long hair and long skirt. The Z in a group like this should be so dangerous that you fear being even a meter away from them. Since getting even a slight grab on you would mean death. They just pile on and start eating good. Please give the Z a ability to put a stop to this. Running they will snag you but walking? No. They try and attack but the group is pointless. Your safe. And that cheapens the experience! It is fine if just "one" Z attacking you must first stop to do a attack attempt. Without that they would be to dangerous and keyboards would be flying. But a group big enough to do a "pull down" should also be able to trip you up getting to close to them. You should really have to retreat in a situation like this and fighting being to dangerous unless very trained and athletic or something. Somewhere so that a big group is to dangerous but a group of 3-5 you can fight back peddling. With the risk of outer Z joining in if not careful and watching what's happening around you. I really like close calls but when you actively can "game" the system like this the hole combat system feels to easy and safe. No real danger if you just know how to "game" it. I mean sure with multiplayer server this might not work due to lag or something. But just the fact it works SP is bad enough. It should be stuff like this that makes you have to run and jog. Having to exhaust yourself to avoid being killed by the group on your tail. Right now it is so dam safe to lure a big hoard around on foot. You can do it for a hole day and never fear anything. Just walking and NEVER stop walking. They can do nothing about it. They even lose track of you due to the skilled moves here XD Please make our lives difficult I want to fear them, not game the Zombies like sheep's.
  25. Only good way to transport water is inside of water coolers though. Like Otherwise you need so many cooking pots to fill up a van with water. And you get what 2 barrels of water out of it? If even that? It would be epic if the water cooler itself weight was 5. But the bottles where a separate thing. Or we where able to transport water barrels? Empty cooking pots and buckets carry what 10-15 units of water? This 5 unit in weight thing carry 250 units of water! But it is the only good transportable water Wessel in the game. So is the cooking pots just plain bad or do everything else have to huge water units compared to it's size? Like :c It is like cooking pots are ONLY meant for making food. As it is filled half full with water to then be filled up with food items. (and to have space left to be fridge bale?) Same with cement buckets or paint buckets. They really is not much water in them compared to a water cooler. Or a barrel of water. Like having the option to transport huge amount of water around makes sense in a MP setting. Or just to avoid having to set up huge water making facilities around the map. The biggest drain of water for me is cleaning clothes and "yourself". This can be done with rainwater. And you got allot of that if your farming and need a supply of emergency water. But like right now drinking water is easier to make then transport. So it never makes sense to bring water with you to a new part of the world. (you will find so much water that is drinkable even with water shut off for years) Or at a place you spend time in but not farming at. So you like to take water with you but it still make sense to just make it locally instead. Even if it would make more sense to have it with you. Why I love the water coolers so much. They literally fit inside of a glove compartment XD And enough to last you a long wile for drinking purposeless. Oooo the silly Americans and there units of measurements.
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