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  1. Zomboid is a great game, and the devs have been steadily working on it. They're not a very big team, and they live daily lives just like you and I. The process of creating a game like Zomboid is extremely complicated, time consuming, and tedious. Especially considering all the detail and mechanics that function behind the scenes of gameplay. Comparing Zomboid to other games like Left 4 Dead and DayZ is apples and oranges. Zomboid is a game that is striving to take everything into account to make the gameplay experience as realistic as possible, and it isn't a large game studio creating this for us. It's a group of guys/gals that decided to make a game one day. The thing that I appreciate about Zomboid is every time I look away, there is always something new being done with it. Granted it isn't a game changing update like build 41 every time I come back to it, but they are always smoothing out the edges for us and making the game more and more enjoyable. The thing I'm not understanding is why you are utterly shitting on the devs laps for listening to their consumers. Of course people want NPCs, you said it yourself. The world in single player feels somewhat empty and lackluster at times because cracking zed skulls and rushing for that last can of tuna gets old because you have nothing to compete with. Anyway, you just need to be patient, man. The devs really are just normal people like you and I. They can't just take multiple days off of work to get little done. There's a reason why the game has been in development for so long. I gotta say on that note, for a game that is still being built on it's foundation, it is absolutely outstanding for what it is. If you want a game like DayZ or L4D, then go play those games. Zomboid is striving to become something different. It doesn't need a story mode because the purpose and goal of this game is to survive as your average joe. Nobody really sees story mode as a fundamental piece of this game. You're the first person i have seen pitch that. However if you wanted that, you could always reach out to the modding community and learn to create something for yourself and others. Have a glorious 2020, bud.
  2. As someone who uses an axe almost daily, it always did irritate me with how fast i can break them in game. Especially because it's my melee weapon of choice. It doubles as a reliable, powerful close range weapon as well as a destructive tool. I'm pretty sure every axe I find isn't sold by harbor freight, so I shouldn't be going through them like a fish drinks water.
  3. Okay, so I was wondering why we are in the state of Kentucky and we have no chewing tobacco, no beer/more alcoholic beverages, and no got'damn Nascar on the TV!? In all realness I'm just wondering about the Chewing Tobacco and the liquor.
  4. I actually ended a 3 month run that way. Fully stocked pack, all the gear i needed, and ended up burning to death
  5. I was playing on a new character build today that I haven't tried before. I decided to be a burger flipper with a few negative traits. (Overweight, high thirst, etc.) Well I decided to try to teach this dumb fatso carpentry. So I cooked him a bunch of food (I was also trying to see if there was a weight cap on how big I can make this fatty.) In the process of me cooking a giant pot of stew amongst like 3 other foods, Woodcraft came on the T.V. I ended up losing track of time, and my character got tired. I also forgot the horde of greasy goodness in the oven. Suddenly I wake up house ablaze. I grabbed some sheet ropes I had made and hastily got my slightly cooked bacon out of the second story window. What was at the ground outside you ask? You guessed it, a group of zeds. Well they ate this slightly cooked fatman and that was the end of Terry Garcia. Never forgetti, rest in spaghetti.
  6. This is the latest version released. The hotbars are implemented in this version
  7. So I started a new game and my character didn't spawn with a belt. I figured it was okay and I could just go scavenge one. Well I found one and had no way to wear/equip it. I only had the "back" hotbar available. Anyone else have this issue or am I missing something?
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