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  1. Well, I feel like if I were driving a 1500 model truck or heavier duty, moving through a decent sized horde wouldn't be impossible. Especially with 4x4. However if you're driving a car with lower clearance in the suspension and a 4 cylinder motor like a Honda (or like a few models of in game cars,) you wouldn't be able to run a lot of zeds over without getting stuck or inflicting serious damage to the vehicle. I do feel like hitting a body at high speed no matter what you're driving is going to do a lot worse than crack your head light like I've experienced in game.
  2. This is the latest version released. The hotbars are implemented in this version 👍
  3. So I started a new game and my character didn't spawn with a belt. I figured it was okay and I could just go scavenge one. Well I found one and had no way to wear/equip it. I only had the "back" hotbar available. Anyone else have this issue or am I missing something?
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