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  1. I don't know if this has already been thought about or implemented, but this evening I was out walking my dog when I thought about the noise I make while walking around on different things like gravel, grass, pavement etc. It got me thinking about how much of a difference it would make on sneaking if the devs somehow managed to implement different levels of noise generated by walking depending on what type of tile you walk/sneak on. For example, walking/sneaking on short grass or carpet makes the least amount of noise, while walking/sneaking on gravel creates the most noise, and walking/sneaking on pavement or wood will make moderate noise. I want to say that this has been implemented or at least considered by the devs already, but I don't know for sure. If not, I think it would be a very important detail of the stealth elements of the game. I mean, it would be very difficult to sneak up on anything while walking on crunchy gravel.
  2. I actually ended a 3 month run that way. Fully stocked pack, all the gear i needed, and ended up burning to death
  3. I was playing on a new character build today that I haven't tried before. I decided to be a burger flipper with a few negative traits. (Overweight, high thirst, etc.) Well I decided to try to teach this dumb fatso carpentry. So I cooked him a bunch of food (I was also trying to see if there was a weight cap on how big I can make this fatty.) In the process of me cooking a giant pot of stew amongst like 3 other foods, Woodcraft came on the T.V. I ended up losing track of time, and my character got tired. I also forgot the horde of greasy goodness in the oven. Suddenly I wake up house ablaze. I grabbed some sheet ropes I had made and hastily got my slightly cooked bacon out of the second story window. What was at the ground outside you ask? You guessed it, a group of zeds. Well they ate this slightly cooked fatman and that was the end of Terry Garcia. Never forgetti, rest in spaghetti.
  4. Yeah, I suppose that's fair. I thought about that myself, I just don't think I know enough about coding and animation to really understand how much work goes into it. I would love to see a new animation for it though, even if it's just a mod.
  5. So I'm loving the new hotbar system as well as how we can see our weapons holstered on our characters! It's amazing. However, I noticed that when I holster my shotgun( idk if its the same with rifles, but Im sure it is,) the gun is actually strapped upside down. Now I understand everyone carrys differently, and that's okay. Whenever I carry my shotgun with my pack irl (I hike a lot and i usually carry a shotgun with me due to bear being prevalent in my area), I actually carry it stock facing down on a sling over my shoulder. This is because it's more efficient (for me) to draw while carrying it that way. I'd like to attach a video to show you all, I'll leave a link at the bottom. The video isn't of me, its of a guy who's trap shooting and he draws his weapon just as I do. I guess what I'm getting at is I've never seen someone carry a long arm like that, nor have I seen anyone draw a long arm over the shoulder like in the game. Maybe I don't know enough people, idk. I'm honestly not sure how someone could carry or draw like the style in the game. I know I'm being a bit nit-picky but it's just an observation. Video here:
  6. Purely speculation, but I recall seeing something on either the T.V or the radio about locals in Knox County smelling something peculiar or otherwise sour on the air weeks before infection. My guess is if I do remember seeing that, the Military attempted to create a new virus/bacteria that takes over a hosts nervous system and cognitive functions. More than likely to use in secret on unsuspecting foreign populaces to gain control of a region of interest for either resources or to fill other motives while not causing unrest. As we all know, the U.S government did the same to unsuspecting Guatemalans to learn more about Syphilis and penicillin/vaccines. I wouldn't be surprised if the Military had knowingly released a newly created disease on Knox county to test it's effectiveness on wiping out populations. Knox county is an easy target. Close to military instillations, surrounded by thick wilderness, as well as closed off by a large body of water on its east side. I mean, how was the government so quick to quarantine the area? I'd say their response time was calculated. Just a theory, but I don't think it had anything to do with raw chicken.
  7. This is the latest version released. The hotbars are implemented in this version
  8. So I started a new game and my character didn't spawn with a belt. I figured it was okay and I could just go scavenge one. Well I found one and had no way to wear/equip it. I only had the "back" hotbar available. Anyone else have this issue or am I missing something?
  9. I personally feel like the clothing that offers 100 percent protection should protect that area of the body totally until the garment is torn or degraded. Just my opinion.
  10. I agree, I feel it could use some tweaking. I had a character wearing multiple layers of clothing. Tank, long sleeve T, denim overshirt, hoodie, and jacket. I don't think there is a logical explanation for being bitten in the torso with that many layers of clothing unless I was being held down and my clothing being torn. All I did was run past a zed barely at arms reach and bam, I was bitten. Didn't even get close enough for a bite.
  11. So I want to start off by saying that I am loving the new build and that I am enjoying it thoroughly! I feel combat is much more balanced in Survival mode, the visuals/animations are great, and I am feeling the immersion. I have been playing this game since the early days and I greatly appreciate the dedication and work the devs have put into the game. Every update brings something new, and adds details that I wouldn't have anticipated in an already realistic game. My issue with the current build is that I am starting to feel that damage to a character from zeds is maybe a tad unbalanced. There have been many instances of me opening a door(barely being in arms reach of a zed that was on the other side,) and being bitten. I have run past zeds barely in arms reach and get bitten. Maybe I'm just struggling to get used to the new elements of movement, who knows. I also like that clothes now offer a level of protection from wounds. However I feel that maybe this protection can use a little tweaking. Let me explain. I had a playthrough where my character wore MULTIPLE layers of clothing. Undershirt, long sleeve T, denim over-shirt, hoodie, and jacket. I still get bitten in the torso while not being what I determine in the "biting threshold" of a zed. On that note, I tend to start my games in the Winter months. I notice that the clothes I am wearing are offering little to no warmth. When the temperature is 42 degrees, my character will still become hypothermic even when indoors and utilizing the outdoorsman perk. Those are all the complaints I have had so far with the new build, if you could even really call them complaints. Hope you guys think my observations are helpful if anything.
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