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Improvement on how condition of items are shown in UI on primary/secondary/hotbar

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I've already posted it on reddit, but I was in doubt if it would reach the devs there, so I'm posting it here.


How I think the condition of items in primary/secondary/hotbar should appear in UI to be easy to see the condition of the items on hotbar and primary/secondary slots.



Note: today (build 41) the game use a Star next to the item to represent the condition on items (I removed that on the image above). I think it's not a good way to represent that, it's not easy to see nor obvious for some players. The suggestion is to replace the "Star" with the above a "colored circle" around the item.

Image of how it is today: image.png.89b0acf72ba5b4a16aef55101f2f36d5.png


What do you think?
Remember to react/like if you would like to see it in game!

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I agree that the star isn't the clearest. When I started playing I assumed it was a measure of quality or damage as opposed to durability. Something like the circle/color combo is definitely more in line with modern conventions regarding durability displays.

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