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Please fix highly unrealistic jar and jar lids.

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From my background (USSR, then Russia) my family has been canning food for whole time. Also my wife (USSR, then Kazachstan, then Germany) family have been doing it. We also do it with my wife now I've grown up.


1) There are two types of Jar lids.

- The first type (example) need special sealing machine (like this) to can and lids are one-time only, but they are always sold in large packages like 50 pieces.

- The second type (example) are normal lids, which are also in game) only have moderate/small chance of becoming non sealing after open and can be reused. When you open jar lid, you do it by rotating - in this case they can be reused. If you open jar lid with knife or fork using it as lever, there is about 30% chance (I estimate) it becomes damaged. So for PZ the summed chance is about 10% to break, they are not one-time use.


Right now jar lid are one time and pretty rare in stores (even after update).


2) Storing duration. Jared food with vinegar, sugar and boiled is does not spoil for at least 1.5 years, this is minimum for easily spoiling food like mushrooms. I've drank tomato and grape juice, ate pepper and cabbage which were 5+ years old. The typical store duration is at least 5 years.


Right now they spoil after 60 days.


Please fix, if you aim for realism. :)

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The us is different: they use a two-piece metal ring with a one use lid for canning because the use of reusable Lids as strongly being discouraged for decades,  outside of pickling in and dry storage.


They look like this: lids.jpg


The sealing compound effectively destroys itself on use. 


It's realistic for the game setting and time., in other words. Though I do not personally like how it's implemented, including have few ingredients there are.

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@EnigmaGrey I see, thank you for explaination. Is this the only type, if I may ask? I am asking because replaceable "sealing compound" is not present in game, which is why I assumed they are not us-specific.  I see in game particularly type 2 (1.2) lids (example) - basically reuse of industrial glass and lid, (but can also be brought separately). They have integrated sealing and can be resealed with ~30% failure chance. I know exactly how its done, after sealing and boiling one needs to rotate the can while holding it in hand. :) 


Also the 60 days, I would be interested in your opinion.. Home-made is same as canned food to duration basically, but ok if we want it to be spoilable, yet with 60 days its strange don't you think?.. :-/



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