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  1. I found out that this mostly happens if stomping on them. If killing them by weapons, they very rarely convert.
  2. The crate and table just behind the ladder in the left-mostroom of mall permablocks the very large zombie group presumely coming from above, allowing to deal free stabs with range weapon or just get free movement points and free fear... I can't approximate their amount, but they are stuck there permanently - reload, time rewind, leaving area don't fix it. Location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.8760422726693042,0.28340840918776034,518.3660075278742
  3. The bookstore near Mall is missing whole backwall segment. The back door is floating in the air, see: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.8733213892454197,0.27160900181461617,431.9716729398952
  4. This makes think that fire is above and zombie isn't on fire, because crawlers travel slowly, which can set player on fire in worst case. See attachment:
  5. Hello, I agree - they should not convert if player is standing on them. In 41, every 3 zombie converts when I stomp on him while standing.
  6. We have toothpaste and brush, however these are not used. My suggestion is to add new realistic nuisance called "dental caries" or "tooth decay". It appears per chance, but ever increasing, if player didn't brush teeth (water, toothpaste or salt (yes possible), brush) for 3-7 days or more. It should cause increasing pain and then can cause infection. Progressing caries affects and can cause ENT, causing tonsilitis to extend doctors will deny help(!) until tooth decay is cured by dentist. Pain will not stop now if caries has started (second phase), brushing won't help. To cure, medical expertise is needed (medical skill), the easiest form is probably removal affected tooth. If you need details, its done with special dentist pliers, there will be lots of bleeding and painkillers. I've been through that personally, removal, healing, now carry implant So best to brush your teeth, ladies and gentlemen! What do you think? Thanks.
  7. @EnigmaGrey I see, thank you for explaination. Is this the only type, if I may ask? I am asking because replaceable "sealing compound" is not present in game, which is why I assumed they are not us-specific. I see in game particularly type 2 (1.2) lids (example) - basically reuse of industrial glass and lid, (but can also be brought separately). They have integrated sealing and can be resealed with ~30% failure chance. I know exactly how its done, after sealing and boiling one needs to rotate the can while holding it in hand. Also the 60 days, I would be interested in your opinion.. Home-made is same as canned food to duration basically, but ok if we want it to be spoilable, yet with 60 days its strange don't you think?.. :-/ Thanks!
  8. From my background (USSR, then Russia) my family has been canning food for whole time. Also my wife (USSR, then Kazachstan, then Germany) family have been doing it. We also do it with my wife now I've grown up. 1) There are two types of Jar lids. - The first type (example) need special sealing machine (like this) to can and lids are one-time only, but they are always sold in large packages like 50 pieces. - The second type (example) are normal lids, which are also in game) only have moderate/small chance of becoming non sealing after open and can be reused. When you open jar lid, you do it by rotating - in this case they can be reused. If you open jar lid with knife or fork using it as lever, there is about 30% chance (I estimate) it becomes damaged. So for PZ the summed chance is about 10% to break, they are not one-time use. Right now jar lid are one time and pretty rare in stores (even after update). 2) Storing duration. Jared food with vinegar, sugar and boiled is does not spoil for at least 1.5 years, this is minimum for easily spoiling food like mushrooms. I've drank tomato and grape juice, ate pepper and cabbage which were 5+ years old. The typical store duration is at least 5 years. Right now they spoil after 60 days. Please fix, if you aim for realism.
  9. Iamnotasurvivor


    I don't know, I think it will be too much of micromanagement, so I probably oppose it, but its my honest opinion.
  10. Genious mod, needs to go stock! Also maybe its good if you - could wash your cloths (like regular with soap), so crapped cloths become normal same as dirty? - need to remove pants/dress yourself manually, or you will crap into pants - need to urinate?
  11. Hello! This is a very simple mod that I made for myself in 38.xx era, because I felt inconvenient that you could not: - allow for a limited fix of a primitive axe and hammer, which normally break after three-four uses. now: if you have ripped sheets or tree branches, you can fix it by "rebinding the stone to stick" or "replacing the tree branch". but: the repair amount is very limited, around after 20 repairs, chances become very dim and repair effect minimal. - allow to play with PZ toys, which would improve your mood. now: you can remind yourself of the days gone, by playing. It does not break the toy, but it will take time. but: it takes fair amount of time, so chocolate is still best. How this mod affects balance: I would say none to minimal. Primitive axe is very weak and specific item, but at least now you won't have to run barehanded for whole time, because original tools break so soon irreparably. However you could now actually attempt to build some wall around your first safe house, but it will sure take a lot of time. Maybe searching for right tools would be better option... you consider. As of toys - it more gives them some use now, than affects balance, because pz world is covered with newspapers, magazines etc. Installation: Unzip into "mods" folder, which should be inside your Zomboid folder with savegames and settings. On Linux its by default ~/Zomboid. Does it work: Yes. Its pretty much finished mod, unless something in future versions of PZ breaks or is removed. License: WTFPL or CC0 at your choice. caveman.zip
  12. Hello! I have GOG version, now 40.43 and use Linux (thank you very much for your native support of this platform!!). Short and (possibly) irrelevant information I use NixOS Linux, which runs a bit differently (see under "How does NixOS work?") than classic Linux. However I am not touching/patching anything to make it NixOS native, - and use FHS chroot (known as steam-run), which creates a classic environment. This tool is created for Steam and Steam games and its working, but it can also create just a typical environment without launching Steam - perfect to run GOG games for example. Additionally, I have java enabled (I know that PZ doesn't use system java and runs own local java binary) - and its visible globally and projected inside chroot : "steam-run java". $ steam-run java -version openjdk version "1.8.0_212" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_212-ga) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.212-bga, mixed mode) $ nixos-version 19.03.173068.9ec7625cee5 (Koi) For example, I already play FTL game in same way (without issues) and needed not to touch it at all. Now to actual problem I store my free-space heavy games (and all my data) on big partition, but not on home partition; then I have symbolic link: "~/run" > /media/data-disk/запуск/games.native this is to make backup easy and prevent potential problems with software config (which is typically stored in ~) messing with valuable data. As you use, I use cyrillic on folder with software (запуск). So this is the problem: $ steam-run ./start.sh Running Project Zomboid couldn't determine 32/64 bit of java Java is there. Installation is correct. Local java binaries are there (/game/projectzomboid/jre64/bin/... ). I edited the launch script: /game/projectzomboid.sh INSTDIR="`dirname \"$0\"`"/projectzomboid ; cd "${INSTDIR}" ; INSTDIR="`pwd`" ++ echo $INSTDIR and I get: $ steam-run ./start.sh Running Project Zomboid /media/data-disk/запуск/games.native/zomboid/game/projectzomboid couldn't determine 32/64 bit of java so INSTDIR is correctly detected. However, if I manually launch your shipped binary, this is what I get: $ steam-run /media/data-disk/запуск/games.native/zomboid/game/projectzomboid/jre64/bin/java -version Error occurred during initialization of VM java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no zip in java.library.path at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1867) at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Runtime.java:870) at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(System.java:1122) at java.lang.System.initializeSystemClass(System.java:1197) Google points me to an old error in Java, which was fixed in 2011, but apparently not in java you ship? So correct bug is "PZ won't execute if path to it contains cyrillic letters". I would be very thankful if you could bump your local java version to fix this problem. Thank you very much!
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