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  1. It's good that now you cannot kill zombies through the fence with an ax. I have destroyed entire cities.
  2. We need it or zombies that can climb rope ladders.
  3. I absolutely support it. Proposal for indestructible walls (metal fence (lattice)). A rare chance for a zombie to seep through the bars.
  4. The author does not play PZ? Raven Greek is not compatible with this map, but I would like to see the authors collaborate to fix this problem.
  5. Video + log file. I can’t create coffee normally in the crafting interface. The game automatically adds coffee to the maximum if you intensively press sugar. It works correctly through the inventory interface. But in both cases I get an error. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rtMyZ6oDJSu8XE_AJjQ5eYJlwOZPu8-H
  6. No, I noticed it could fall if you jump over the fence. But in some cases, maybe the zombies took it when they touched me?
  7. I put the lighter in my extra hand and it constantly disappears. I can’t throw Molotov I do not use it for other purposes
  8. I use a translator. He greatly distorts the essence. On the health panel, everything was fine. I hurt my legs - everything was correctly displayed. But I could not open the hood, remove the glass, remove the curtains, fill the bottle. Then I noticed. What sounds of the execution of the action is. Without animation and progress bar - the sound of filling a bottle appeared. I checked. There was no water in the bottle. I clicked to drink. And the character quenched his thirst. But he still could not get the interface of the car under the hood, but the sound of opening took place. After a while, everything worked fine.
  9. I stepped bare feet on the glass and was seriously injured. I pulled out the glass and bandaged my legs. But I could not do anything with my hands. Pick up water. Collect glass. Open the hood of the car. But I could drive a car. Maybe the game thought that I hurt my hands? I don’t know what will happen if I damage my palms, is this possible?
  10. Hello, i have a lot of questions. Are you planning to add the ability to fire on the Y and Z axis? In one news, it was mentioned that blows to the head of zombies would be encouraged. I think this is great news. As you enter sitting positions, this should give you the opportunity to dodge bullets. This carries a positive development of the combat system. At the present time, the shooting takes place on the coordinates X, where the damage is calculated by the formula. This works well in single mode, but it leaves a strong imprint on PvP mode. I have never met a description of the formula for calculating damage and any schemes that could explain in detail the work of firing mechanics. If possible, please share the link or information. I am very interested and I would like to understand how it works now and why it looks that way. I used a translator, I hope he helped get my thoughts across correctly. Thanks you
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