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Stealth System Concerns

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While the stealth system is a great idea in concept there are some general issues that I think that might be an issue.


Currently, Zombies have mastered the ways of the Shinobi and "wall hugging" is likely to get you killed if a zombie is at the edge of the wall.  I know many times I have seen zombies right along the edge and suddenly charge at me. 


With that said I think there might be a few states that might help the situation.


1. Silent Zombie ( Master Shinobi ) 

The silent zombie while quiet downside is slow reaction time. It takes a lot more effort to "wake them up" than a fast zombie. This gives players time to react.


2. Loud Zombie ( Master Angry )  [ Rare ] 

This would add a bit more tension - you hear deep breathing and growling. These are fresh zombies and likely to be easily stimulated. They are revealed in fog of war when in sneak mode and due to their noise they attract other zombies when stimulated.


3. Standard Zombie ( Master of None ) [ Most common ]

They regularly make growling noises and shamble around. Have 2 states, stimulated and alerted. 


Stimulated is they hear a noise coming from a direction a random RNG roll is run through the Ai to decide if they want to act or not. The fresher they are the higher chance they will react. Older they are less likely they will react. 


The Ability to "Peak around corners"  with head and with mirror.

With head you slightly raise your profile

With mirror your profile remains zero.


Finally the ability to throw a "stone" to attract zombies to a noise with a hotkey that can only be done on Stealth mode.


This would allow a more robust feature set to the survivor to allow them better to face dangers.


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1 hour ago, grammarsalad said:

I like the ability to throw a stone, but it also makes me think of this:



The whole

*shoots bandit in the face with an arrow while hidden*

"Must've been the wind."


gag is a play on the fact that the guards shouldn't be so dumb as to not realize your presence from the sounds, as any human with some basic intelligence should. We're talking about zombies here though, so this is the one instance where this sinful video game trope is actually permitted.

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1 hour ago, SlightlyOff said:

You can already make a noise maker (stone in an empty tin can) which you can throw.

You can't put stone in an empty can, but you can make an electric noise maker.

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