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  1. PZ "community"

    A friend once told me that you can say anything... it just depends on how you say it. Throughout the years, I've come to realize how true this is. Criticism isn't banned. But if you are an ass when making points, prepare to be treated like an ass. And let's be honest here. That other post (and this one) just come off as you being a combative ass. This is why I, and I'm sure some other people, can't take you seriously. Even now, it seems like you want to keep saying the same thing while ignoring the counter points. Maybe try specifically and thoroughly addressing the counter points while avoiding whining. Your points would be taken more seriously and people will actually engage in debate with you then.
  2. Back in Bleak

    The separate, independent vehicle dev branch should be moved to IWBUMS this month. Once that happens, there should only be the two branches of stable (public) and IWBUMS going forward.
  3. A while ago, I was playing with some friends and one of them has severe attention issues (unable to get medication due to life issues, I think. I didn't pry too deeply.) Well, he would get scratched and bit a lot. What I did was turn zombification off and increased the zombie strength to max. So along with the added damage, this will still give you a regular infection which can kill you if you don't medically treat it and eat very well for multiple days. I buffed a few other zombie stats to increase the challenge for us. Regardless of reason for the change and whether you choose a cure mod or remove the infection chance, it will be a trade-off. A trade-off that we make to play with friends. I don't see a way to get around it for now unless we can selectively give non-game-breaking buffs to certain players (to compensate for attention issues or lag, etc.) Almost like a shield in SC2 that would block two or three hits and slowly recharge. Actually, that is an awesome idea. As long as it could be used selectively with options to alter number of hits and cool down time.
  4. The jaw stab is definitely very powerful. The combination of one hit kill and it being very quiet makes it amazing. This is much less powerful once you reach a certain zombie population as it takes more time and locks you into focusing on one zombie. When you run into another group while spreading your focused group out, the jaw stab becomes a liability. If the jaw stab is to be reworked, I'd hope that a quiet way of disposing zombies would still be available for those of us that like to play with increased zombie hearing (or even just vanilla 6 months after.)
  5. PZ Cycle 2018

    You will never get an answer to that because it hasn't happened. I love the complete disconnect from reality... "At least a dozen... same team size... much more complex than pz... fully released." There are valid criticisms, but ridiculous obviously false statements like this waste everyone's time. I think it's a product of an outrage culture. I know this is an international community so please understand I can and am only speaking for the US. Here outrage is a product that sells very well from the AM radio talk shows to the cable news networks and many things in between. It feeds a false narrative of angry and self-righteousness as substitutes for adult conversations and/or arguments. Logic is thrown to the side as it feels better to angrily throw repetitious claims to the air and run away or just double down on the original claims.
  6. Zombie AI

    The nocturnal zombies mod does something similar. Your chosen type of zombies during the day. Right now it's set up to give them a speed boost between midnight and two am. He gives the file name where you can delete this line. You should be able to just change that line more hours. I know it's not a true shift at night and day, but it could whet your appetite as you push for more options in sandbox.
  7. Back when I first started playing, I was filling out the second floor of the northern warehouse in muldraugh. We didn't have a sledgehammer yet, so I built stairs to fill in that back section. I wasn't used to the view yet and ended up walking off of the stairs. I broke my leg very badly and my health started dropping. This was before I learn to carry around a minimum set of medical supplies. My buddy sewed me up and put on a splint, but I ended dying from blood loss. Still not sure what was wrong. Perhaps something was stuck in the wound? It's a frustrating feeling watching your character's health drop knowing you are going to die because you stupidly walked off stairs into open air. I also remember before the action key was change to not allow you to crawl over a fence if it was on the second level or higher. Lots of broken legs in our group from being slightly turned too far from the sheet rope and watching, in horror, your character jump over a fence into open air. Good times... Good times.
  8. Lol. I took restless sleeper and sleepyhead for a solo game a long time ago because I figure I'd just sleep more so it was free points. You are right, it sucked. After that game, I have never taken those again. If I can fit it in, I try to grab wakeful now as I'm scarred by the experience of taking both the negative sleeping traits.
  9. Cool. That's what I figured. It might just be a minor effect that doesn't change too much unless you have other mitigating qualities (low strength, exhaustion, low blunt/blade skill...hmm, actually I don't even know if that affects knockdown/back chances.)
  10. Looking for clarification here. Knockdown and knockback are different things. Knockdown where they fall down on the ground crying for an afterlifelong relationship with my boots where knockback is when they stumble back from a hit or push. You said knockdown is minimal because you are getting knockback while panicked. (What was your character's strength?) Just curious for some clarification.
  11. Yes, but you have to keep stuffing your face with food. I did I one time until I just gave up because I was eating all my food. Hmm can't seem to delete that first quote box with my limited mobile skills... Oh well.