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  1. In the Cold Kentucky... Fog

    A hearty, hearty second on it being a sandbox option.
  2. 6 Months later - How to distract zombies?

    I pretty much only play six months after now. Or slight variations. Peak day is day 5. Zombies hearing range is buffed to 300. You have to try to do as much as you can in the first couple of days. I typically spend the first couple of days looting houses. It's tough though. Eventually, you have to take some risks. I abuse the doors. They are all unlocked so I'll gather a mob and run into a house, closing the door behind me. Usually I try to check the utility closet downstairs (if the house has one) for tools and the straight to the kitchen. I loot the kitchen until I have to leave out a window. If you are quick, you can almost get through the kitchen most of the time. This gets a little more hectic when there are zombies inside. If you have a knife weapon, you should be able to kill them quickly and start looting. But sometimes there are too many inside and you will just need to push your way to the back door to move on to the next house. Don't go upstairs with this method unless you have the tools and materials to make a sheet rope. I'll typically do this method until I have a decent amount of things or until the zombie population is making it too dangerous. This method is quite a rush. Very fun. Trowel and seeds are important. Some whiskey would be good for disinfecting. After the initial looting, I head to a planned base. The best spot in my mind, hands down, is the two warehouses at the lumber company. I build a small base in between them with walls basically joining the warehouses. This also allows you to expand to the roofs once you can build stairs. Very low zombie pop, relatively close to muldraugh, foraging to the north, lots of land for farming, tons of crates, some food in the other warehouses' breakrooms, and lots of prechopped wood in the warehouses with even more in the lumber yard. Honestly, it's an amazing base for six months after. Many other places can work as long as they are on the fringe of town. Once I'm there, I plant some crops. Then I usually go on killing sprees for bags and search the crates. Because of the number of zombies and them being buffed, I've found a stealth build to be quite effective. Unless you are using hydrocraft...then just make a strong athletic blunt melee quarterstaff character so you can just kill everything. Typically, I go a burglar with inconspicuous and graceful. At lower levels, stealth is just going to be used to get away from the mobs you collect. Running and yelling are a great way to start collecting them. Take them further than you think you need to take them before trying to lose them. As you noticed, you will be constantly running into more groups. As you start getting closer to where you want to lose them, stop yelling and running. You might have to sprint a little if you get in a tight spot, but try to not. Going through the woods is often mentioned, but I like going through houses more. Abuse those unlocked doors. I feel this works better because the immediately lose sight of you and they will start banging on the door which will focus the attention away from you. You can lose the bulk this way and then lose the rest with another building or the forest, etc. So that's a quick and dirty way of clearing an area. You can use gun, but you need to be careful with that because the zombies will start coming towards you from all directions. If you are in a safe area or just walking around mindfully, this works amazingly. Just position yourself several blocks away from the area you want to clear and shoot. You can pretty much just walk around the groups of zombies, with a little running, to be safe. After a bit move two block or so away from your target away and shoot again. Maybe once more? Then lose them while taking a long circle back to the area you cleared. That should make the number manageable for looting. You could also use a car. Put it in a spot and leave it running while you retreat to a safer spot, but still with range to keep that car loaded in game. Hopefully that will give some things to try.